Day 1 - A Cold Summer Drink - watercolor Glass - #doodlewash

A Cold Summer Drink

As we begin the month of June, it’s time for a brand new Doodlewash adventure! This month is all about Sunny Days, those times in the sun that make for beautiful memories. To kick things off, I’ve made a cold beverage of some kind. I’m sticking with my ink-free style that I’ve been experimenting with and attempting glass, something I’ve only ever done with ink. The fun of painting in this fashion is that I get to jump right in with watercolor almost immediately. The challenge is getting the contrast that I love, but by using a bit less water for some strokes and my tiny, pointy #2 Escoda brush I’m trying to find a happy medium. I’m not entirely sure yet where I’m going with this new style, but it’s fun to try new things. And when it comes to the heat of summer, I can assure you I’ll have plenty of cold drinks on hand to get through it. I’m not a fan of the extreme heat we get here in the Midwest, but I do love the sun! My little basenji, Phineas, is a huge fan of the summer months, preferring to spend the day outside soaking up the rays of the sun on the terrace. I tend to run a bit warm, so I can’t join him for all of that sun worshipping, for fear of melting, but it’s still a lovely time of year.

So many changes lately and lots of new things happening here on Doodlewash. If you experience anything odd or confusing, please send me a note and let me know. I would be forever in your debt. It’s just me doing all these crazy new things and it’s entirely possible I’ve broken a little something here and there. Your feedback is incredibly helpful so I can find any little bugs and squash them in my journey to make this a super fabulous destination for artists.  As I begin to roll out many of the new features over the next week, my hope is that you’ll help me along the way and we can build these new ideas together. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I pretty much just do the next thing that comes to mind and I always prefer the fun of having others join in.  Art can sometimes feel like a lonely journey, so connecting and sharing with other artists is such an important part of the path.

When I was young, I would spend hours lying around in the sun trying to get a lovely bronze tan. My coloring made the bronze a bit redder than I imagined in my head and if I stayed too long, I’d end up the color of a cooked lobster. This was not sexy and sometimes perfectly terrifying. Philippe, being the scientist in the family, now pulls me into the shade at all times. When I am allowed outdoors, I have to wear sunblock at levels that could stop the rays of a microwave. Being coated like a glazed donut is not particularly awesome, so I’ve just accepted more time in the shade. But, I have such wonderful memories of being out in the sun without any care at all when I was a kid. Those are the memories that I’m wanting to relive this month. Even if, in reality, you’ll find me hiding under an umbrella, I’ll still very likely be enjoying a cold summer drink.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Gamboge, Pyrrol Red, Permanent Green Pale, Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. Alvin Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 1 - A Cold Summer Drink - watercolor Glass - #doodlewash

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6 thoughts on “A Cold Summer Drink

  1. I’m laughing out loud again, Charlie. You do find your way around the odd views sometimes. Coated like a glazed donut – that’s hilarious to imagine. I burn pretty easily too, and never get enough sun block on the tops of my feet. Since I wear nothing but sandals all summer, and since they have two straps across them, my feet look like I stole them from a zebra. So if in fixing things around your blog, you should find a zebra searching for her stripes, you know who’s wearing them.

    1. Good grief, I just realize the idiotic thing I wrote – I wear plenty of clothing but only sandals on my feet. I am so embarrassed right now that the heat emanating from my face is melting the polar cap. Apologies to you and anyone else who read my first dumb dumb dumb comment.

    2. hehe… awww thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 I was wondering about this image as it wasn’t as well received as my other glass offerings. hehe But I love the idea of a zebra searching for her stripes. She’s welcome at all times on my blog!! hehe

  2. Your inkless doodlewashes are looking great, Charlie. And today’s drink is a great way to welcome summer. I, too, remember years of sun worshipping, aided by baby oil. Sun frying, I suppose. Now I use SPF 50 at a minimum. But hats and umbrellas are wonderful accessories for the summer!

    1. Aww thanks, Ellie! 😃💕 So happy you’re liking this style! It’s fun to try new things. hehe… yeah… those sun worshipping days are long gone now. It’s just not the same sun that we grew up with!

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