Recently, Philippe and I were chatting about the fact that we should really make an effort to visit a beach, our art challenge prompt for today, very soon. Though we have been to the cold Pacific Ocean twice in the last year, it would be lovely to visit a beach with warmer waters. The kind you can actually swim in rather than simply admire from the edge. I’ve no idea if we’ll actually go through the effort of truly planning a trip yet or simply continue to daydream about it. But spending any amount of time on the beach always makes me smile. What’s more, the sound of the ocean, the breeze, and the unique smells, are all so incredible that even in my daydream, it can feel like I’m actually back there. Once, while in Mexico, I spent the entire time body boarding, which was incredibly fun. A few years before that, I spent time snorkeling off the coast of an island near Puerto Rico. Sadly, this was all more than a decade ago now. I remember standing on those beaches making a silent wish to myself to return one day, but that day never actually came. Somewhere, there’s a beach chair out there still waiting for me.

There were other events that happened on those early trips that were a bit less fun. Being caught out in the sun too long and turning the color of a cooked lobster, for example. Or gliding over something that stings and leaves a rash while snorkeling. But anything less than amazing has been quickly washed over by the waves of the experience as a whole. It exists now as of bit of personal lore, enhanced each time I pause to remember it. At this point, the actual trip would have much to live up to and might pale in comparison to my imagined memories. But, it’s certainly a risk I’m willing to take and I’ll definitely be pushing Philippe to plan that trip with me soon. Life can often get in the way of dreams, so it’s up to us to push through to the other side. If something amazing needs to be enjoyed for the first time or indeed revisited, I think it’s worth making an extra effort to make it happen.

So, yes, we’ll find our way back to a warm beach and jump into that impossibly blue water one day. Creating new memories to even surpass the previous ones as they grow and morph over time. That’s the wonderful thing about memories. They always get better with age, like a fine wine. Facts begin to slide to the corners and are replaced by truths that exist only in our imaginations and our hearts. The result is actually the truest version of the experience. Something so ephemeral and incredible, drenched in so much feeling it can scarcely be put into words. And each time I think about those moments, my heart warms in a way that always makes me smile. There are so many things I must do each day. I have have so many obligations that it feels like I might actually lose track of them all. But, nothing is ever so important or pressing that it should interrupt a moment to dream. I, for one, will now be drifting off in a blissful memory of times gone by. A glint of bright sun, a scent of the ocean, and a crashing wave of memories of those amazing times I enjoyed a day at the beach.

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 Day 11 - A Day At The Beach - Chair Ocean - #doodlewashMay2018 Doodlewash

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22 thoughts on “A Day At The Beach

  1. “That’s the wonderful thing about memories. They always get better with age, like a fine wine”

    We used to have beach chairs of wood and canvas ( ours had hunter green stripes and we even had an umbrella to match)

    Looking back on my working days, I would say to you…take that trip, make those memories. It will recharge all those creative cells and keep you and Philippe forever young.

    I love the painting and the thoughts that accompany it.

  2. I’ve been thinking about memories lately myself. Certainly the joy of a life well lived, but also a bit of melancholy swirled in remembering first times of doing things that can never be a first again. And that’s okay because our memories make us who we are, but it would be awesome to have the first ever taste of some special food again just for the swoon of it.

  3. This sling chair is an icon of days spent at the beach. Sadly, my memory is of never being able to get out of them gracefully – not a pretty picture at all. Be here in California in summer, you’ll appreciate a dip in cool water.

    You’ve written another post that shines, Charlie. Memories sustain us when we’re going through rough periods.

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! 😃💕 I’m so happy you liked this one. And oh my goodness… see? I totally forgot that bit about getting stuck in the chair. See how the bad bits can just get washed over by the better ones? lol

  4. I really like what you said about how memories age over time. It’s so true and I find your colorful beach chair incredibly enticing! I’m really wishing I was beside the ocean right now.

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