Despite the incredibly cold temperatures here in Paris, we braved them for a trip to the zoo with family. Since, our prompt today is “hats,” I chose the one worn by my nice Alice today. It was a warm striped hat with a pompon on top and another on a string. A puffy coat and fur collar completed the outfit as we walked hand in hand through the zoo. We stopped for quite some time to enjoy watching the seals. She would peer through the glass at them as they swam around and when they swam too close, she’s let out a little cry and jump away. I got the entire experience on video, so I figured I’d also capture it in a loose little doodlewash as well. During the first hour in the zoo, we were the only ones there, and it was awesome. It was like we had the entire place to ourselves. As the day went on, we were only joined by another 15 people, so that feeling never really went away. Sure, it was bitter cold, so we were the only ones crazy enough to be there, but sometimes being a little crazy can make for the best day ever!

I adore animals and adoring them together with a little one is the best experience in the world. Throughout the day I would hear Alice shout “Tonton Charlie!” as she discovered something wonderful and wanted me to see it. Though there wasn’t a single animal present that I’d not seen at least once before in my life, each one felt new to me in that moment and like I was viewing it for the first time. Life’s never more beautiful than when you view it through the eyes of a child. She also wanted to race a bit so when the path was clear, which was quite often since we were practically the only ones in the zoo, we’d run to the next exhibit together. It was incredibly fun, and though I get very little sport back home, all of the walking had conditioned me well so I wasn’t even out of breath at the end. When we finished our visit, we visited the gift shop and Alice chose a plush zebra to take home with her. While we were having a coffee afterwards at a nearby café, Philippe suggested she name him “Zouzou,” which she liked, and so that became his name. We each then had to have our photo taken with Zouzou, of course, who was, by that point, something of a celebrity.

Next, we headed back underground to hop on the Metro together. We were only going the same direction for a few stops and then had to change to a different line. At this one, we were each going in the opposite direction, and so this was the very last moment on this trip that we would see Alice and her mother again. We said our goodbyes with bisous (kisses) and, upon my usual insistence, “big American hugs,” and then turned to journey down a completely different path. In that moment, my heart broke a little, as I found myself suddenly walking without that little hand in mine. I’d only held it throughout a single day, but it felt like something precious had suddenly gone missing. Family is one of the most amazing things in the world. There’s a mysteriously wonderful connection there, and with all of the words I tend to pen, in these moments, I realize I lack the words to truly describe it properly. What I do know is that there’s a love that’s warming my heart right now that will carry me through another year. A magical time when, once again, I’ll find myself racing past zebras with my lovely little niece, enjoying a day at the Paris Zoo.

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Day 24 - Seals Zoo Little Girl Watercolor - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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33 thoughts on “A Day At The Paris Zoo

  1. Your little Alice is wonderful! She looks all warm snug in her coat and hat. The only thing missing is Zouzou! I love that name. It’s sad that you won’t be able to see Alice again before you go, but at least you’ll have a great memory to carry you over until next year!

  2. I love when little kids focus all of their love and attention on you! Being her crush for the day sounds great! We have no kids of our own, so it’s fun to be aunt and spoil the !kid like crazy.Enjoy!

  3. My heart hurts for you. That is one of the downsides of traveling, it has to come to an end. You have had a wonderful visit with family and friends, I am sad for you that it is ending. This is such a sweet sketch. A forever memory of the wonderful day! That’s one way to sketch people… faces! (my nemesis).

  4. The painting perfectly encompasses the affection in your words. I loved being an aunt myself. Still do in fact, even though all those little hands are the same size as mine now. (K)

    1. Thanks so much, Kerfe! 😃💕 Yeah, being an uncle is the best! I love it! Though yes, each year we come her hand will be larger and she’ll be another year older. I hope we stay this fascinating for a few more years. 😉

  5. Charlie says, “Life’s never more beautiful than when you view it through the eyes of a child”

    No truer words were ever spoke!

    I had to stop and dry my eyes after your comment, “as I found myself suddenly walking without that little hand in mine. I’d only held it throughout a single day, but it felt like something precious had suddenly gone missing. ” I am terrible at ‘goodbyes’ even when
    I know they are only ‘so long for now’. Your writing captures this reader completely.
    (your painting too…both seal and cotton candy girl are adorable.)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 Yeah, I’m not sure there’s ever really a great way to say goodbye to someone you love. Usually it’s the hug that says all that needs to be said. I really miss them, but we’ll be back next year for new adventures and wonderful memories.

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