While I’ve written previously that I’m not much of a fan when it comes to “roughing it” and camping in a tent, I do love nature so I think I might just enjoy it if the experience came with an Airstream trailer. I’ve never even been inside one of these, but I think they look amazingly cool. A metallic capsule to not only protect you from the elements, but also add a lovely reflection of the nature all around you. When I was a kid, the only camping that happened was during fishing trips with my grandparents. They had a camper with a proper bed and my cousin and I had to sleep just outside it in a tent on the ground. Though it was fun when I was young, I realized precisely why they no longer slept in a tent as they got older. It simply wasn’t fun anymore and all of the allure was quickly replaced with a startling realization of everything that was missing. So, I think I might just feel differently about camping if I had a cool silver bullet to hang out in when I was done enjoying nature. Not sure if this will ever actually happen, but it’s fun to imagine, at least.

I often imagine myself doing things or owning things that will probably never manifest themselves in real life. For a time, I was obsessed with “tiny houses” and thought it would be wildly interesting to live in one after watching a show on the subject. In the show, they made it all seem perfectly wonderful, quaint, and even fun. When Philippe and I visit Paris, we end up living in a small apartment during the time and it’s rarely more than 400 square feet (37 m2). So, I figured it would work out just fine. But, a fun treat while traveling is probably not the same when having to endure it in everyday life. In regular life, Philippe would prefer it if our kitchen were that size. Then I discovered they had tiny houses on wheels, which would be even more amazing! To have all of the comforts of home still in place, with only the scenery around you changing, would be absolutely fantastic! Of course, those comforts would be a fraction of the size most typically enjoy, since the entire home itself is still smaller than an elephant.

In the end, these whims fade and are replaced with new ones. In fact, most of the time, Philippe simply nods in agreement, knowing it’s perfectly safe to do so as time itself will heal the crazy and I eventually won’t bring it up again. But I do love the idea of being able to leave home without leaving my home behind. As much as I adore travel, being away from my routine comforts and my little dog Phineas can make me homesick. I think it’s a good sign, though, when you actually love being in your home. Were I constantly wanting to escape it, that would probably be a sure signal its time to move somewhere else. Instead, I love our little nest and am quite happy simply being there and enjoying our daily rituals. My imagination takes me to places all the time, so it’s not like I’m never traveling. It’s a cheaper form of travel, to be sure, but one that I still enjoy. Thinking about what it might be like to do something, while relaxing in my favorite chair, near my favorite person, drinking a bit of tea out of my favorite mug. Happy and content to be exactly where I am in the moment, where everything is as it should be, while I simply enjoy a dream about camping.

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Day 5 - A Dream About Camping Airstream Trailer - Doodlewash

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39 thoughts on “A Dream About Camping

  1. My parent’s had Airstreams and lived in there’s Oct to April in Florida. It was “fun” when I was a kid, but I felt like I was in a tin can as an adult!

  2. Love that Airstream. My husband and I did the travel trailer/art show thing 20 some years ago….let’s just say…it was an adventure. We’ve even talked about a tiny house….it would just have to come with two very large studios…and, at least 10 acres. 🙂 You have company when it comes to whims and dreams. One should never stop dreaming…you just never know where it will lead.

  3. “The size of an elephant” ha ha ha still laughing!! Those “wee” houses are truly amazing. And…they do look like a lot of fun but, I agree, there is no place like home. Where would you put your stacks of journals? Your “silver bullet” is amazing too. I really like the reflectons of the landscape you added and the colors you used….SO MUCH TALENT!!!

  4. If you have never seen a Scamp camper, check it out. https://www.scamptrailers.com !! Adorable!! My grandparents used to visit us with their trailer which they would park in the yard and stay for a week or two. It was great fun to sit around the little table playing cards and listening to back when stories. And no one had to give up a bed, or feel the need to entertain company.

    And my new catch phrase is going to be, time itself will heal the crazy. It took hubs a while to understand that the Xmas gift I wanted desperately in June was not even on the radar in December. 😂😂😂

  5. Boy, that’s one reflective trailer – it can only be yours! Much as I love the outdoors, I was never sold on camping and actually refused to do it as a kid, but trailers and camper vans make the experience sound rather more fun.

    1. hehe! Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 Yeah, I have never owned one of these, but I think I just “might” enjoy camping if one were involved. Well see… I’ve no idea if it will ever actually happen. Perhaps it would sweeten the pot if it were a zonkey safari tour. 😉

  6. An Airstream camper! My husband’s dream! And you painted this one so beautifully. I loved hiking with my sons when they were in scouts, but hated sleeping in a tent. I’m with your grandparents on this one – park a Motel 6 along the trail for me – or let me haul an Airstream. (For the longest time, my husband also wanted to live in a Quonset hut – I think he was a turtle in a past life.)

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 Your and husband and I both! hehe… I think these are SO cool! Yeah, I’m all about having the regular comforts along with my nature though. Don’t think I would survive in a Quonset hut! lol

  7. “I think I might just feel differently about camping if I had a cool silver bullet to hang out in when I was done enjoying nature.”

    That is so you!!! Beautiful!

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