For our prompt of “green as grass” today, I ended up with a quick little doodlewash of a little fox hiding in some. I’ve no idea why really, that’s just what leapt to mind at first. Though the fox often appears in fables as a bit of trickster, this one probably just wants a hug. At the start of each work week, I often feel like I can use one as well. The weekend was grand and full of fun plans, so it was tough to leave that all behind and go back to reality. Philippe and I went with friends to see not one, but two theatre shows this weekend. The first was about, well, it was difficult to tell really. It started out funny and then quickly just got weird, leaving all of us wondering what just happened. We never figured it out, so I can’t really share that here. But, the second, was a fun musical about two guys in a vaudeville act trying to make the tough transition into Hollywood and motion pictures. It was hilarious with fantastic acting and exquisite timing so we all adored it. In the end, the story was compelling because it was about fighting change. The kind that comes to disrupt our known world and push us into something new. It can often make us timid at first, but in the end, it’s the most wonderful kind of change one can experience.

This was only vaguely the theme of the show, of course, but it’s what stuck in my mind after watching it. I talk about the past quite a lot because it makes me nostalgic for all of the things that simply aren’t part of my reality anymore. But, the present is rather amazing as well. There’s an endless list of new things to experience in this ever-changing world. So many, in fact, that there’s not really time to try most of them, yet it’s nice those things are there should the opportunity present itself. That’s sort of how I feel while we browse Netflix for something to watch before going to bed. It’s lovely to know there’s lots of stories out there to enjoy, even if it would take a few hundred lifetimes in order to actually watch it all. Some days, I do find myself a bit overwhelmed with possibility. Whether on an art journey or simply the journey of life, there seems to be endless options as to what could take place next in my story. I admire people who seem to know exactly who they are and what they want to be when they grow up. I’ve always wanted to be like that, but I’ve instead found myself lost in a world of ideas.

Each thing I try becomes part of the story that I’m currently writing. It’s not one that I’ve riddled out entirely yet and one that keeps evolving with each little thing I DO! Though I’m sure those who know how to plan things out are gasping at this approach, the one benefit I can declare is that, for me at least, it’s ultimately a winning approach. Without a clearly defined path to success, there can be no failure. So, I just walk down the path instead, enjoying everything that it offers along the way. A very long time ago, a wise little boy told me that the experience was all of the fun. This boy was, of course, my younger self who was never afraid to try something new. While my older self tends to doubt things much of the time, that little kid had a lot of good ideas. Though it’s still so tough in life to approach anything with pure certainty. It’s like certainty doesn’t exist. While, doubt, the complete opposite, seems so real and tangible. But, if we stick to our dreams, we’ll always find a clever way to navigate all of that change, like a fox in the grass.

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Day 6 - Fox In The Grass Watercolor Illustration - Doodlewash

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34 thoughts on “A Fox In The Grass

  1. How were the tortillas and margaritas? I’m sorry the one theater show was weird, but that probably just made the other one seem even better. I do tend to plan, because I have to make a list or I would totally forget half of what I need to do. Putting them in the order of importance only seems natural. But something always comes up to knock things out of order, and then I feel kind of betrayed, lol.

    1. The tortillas were amazing! 😃💕 hehe.. and the single margarita was wonderful. At our age, one is enough. And yay to list making! I’ve tried it many times… hehe… it works out somewhat, but yeah, that something comes to mess it all up. And sometimes, that something is just way more interesting! 😉

  2. I have worked many jobs in my life. My favorite thing that I never was was a waitress. But I did work in a shoe factory once gluing lasts to uppers. It was piece work, but I don’t think I ever got a piece work goal. And that’s okay. It was kind of a hateful job. Give me white collar any day. There was a book out many years ago titled something like When the Russians Invade. It made predictions on what would happen to you based on the job you did. As a librarian I would have been killed in the first wave. We librarians just know too damn much stuff. That was the theory anyway. I had a whole plan worked out in my head on getting to Canada by taking to the woods. I think I saw Red Dawn too many times. If you have not seen it, you guys needs to. So where was i? Oh yeah, foxes and life stories. I’m still writing mine.

    1. Love your story, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, if knowledge were a crime, librarians would certainly be the first to go! I loved everyone of mine and they were always my role models growing up. They made me realize that real knowledge was the greatest gift in the world!

    1. Thanks, Jill! 😃💕 And same to you my beautiful friend! I’ve been way behind on commenting on posts, but I’m watching you like a hawk! hehe You’re the SAME! You always produce the most amazing things from your heart of art! And I adore every one of them!

  3. You do reminisce a lot, but you also live a great deal, doing all kinds of fun things with family and friends. You live a pretty healthy lifestyle, Charlie. And this little fox is pretty appealing as well.

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