So, today is one of those lightning speed days where I’m watching the clock while trying to figure out how to paint and write about a rock, our art challenge prompt today. Or in the case of where I ended up, a fox among rocks because I thought the rocks needed a little company. There used to be red foxes that would roam the cemetery that is next to our row home. I loved seeing them wander about and sometimes the more curious ones would come right up to the gate to inspect us. After a few years of always being there, one last little fox was found up the street, cowering and sick from something or another. Animal control was called and the fox disappeared. Today, there are no more foxes to be found roaming next to our house and I really miss seeing them each day. We still have rabbits and raccoons, but the beautiful red fur of foxes like these make them rather impressive and impossible to miss. Unfortunately, living around humans isn’t always the easiest place to be for these animals. Humans aren’t always good at sharing the planet.

But for me, my animal neighbors can often be more enjoyable than the human ones. Well, at least some of the human ones. We can’t really choose our neighbors, they’re just who we happen to end up living next to. Thankfully, most of ours are rather wonderful, making me feel quite lucky. As a kid, we knew most of our neighbors, but there was always that odd house we never visited. The one with the shutters pulled and people my parents referred to as odd. This always intrigued me and I would invent whole stories for these neighbors that weren’t quite so neighborly. I’d peer out my bedroom window in hopes of catching a glimpse of them. In many ways, I worry that Philippe and I have become these neighbors in our own neighborhood. We’re extremely introverted and tire almost immediately when faced with a crowd of people. So we tend to miss almost all of our neighborhood gatherings.

Yesterday, Philippe mentioned that we should go down and join our neighbors when we hear them laughing in the garden again. They always welcome us, so it’s silly to not at least make an effort. Even that curious red fox would come over to say hello, so what shouldn’t we every now and then? If nothing else, to prove that we’re not completely hermits and those strange creepy neighbors living at the end of the row. But we do rather love living in our own bubble, either together, or separately, doing our own thing. Even Phineas can only handle so much interaction before he grows weary and wanders off upstairs to find his own space. Usually under one of our pillows. Don’t get me wrong, I adore people and talking with them, but you’ll often catch me only talking one on one when possible. Group conversations rattle me and I don’t often understand what’s even being said. So maybe, in a way, I’m not much different than that curious little neighbor we used to have. Many times, you’ll find me just watching from the sidelines, simply being a fox on the rocks.

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 Day 12 - A Fox On The Rocks - #doodlewashJune2018 Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “A Fox On The Rocks

  1. Your fox rocks! Hubby and I are definitely the odd folks out in our suburban neighborhood. I’m definitely not into the group thing. I can do it if I have to, but I don’t enjoy it so I can’t see much reason to endulge if I don’t have to.

  2. Actually, a fox on the rocks – I thought it was going to be some new kind of drink. Gimme a Fox on the Rocks – you know, one of them red bourbon potions mixed with rum and tequila over ice.

    But it’s a furry fox on some rocks! And very well painted, Charlie. This is a more complete painting than you usually create, and I like it very much. Can’t believe you painted it so fast.

    I’m also a bit leery of big groups, but I love being with smaller groups of people I know well. Some of us just prefer the corner at the end of the room rather than the spotlight.

    Though I love seeing whoever is in the spotlight in the theater. Live performances – musicals, drama, rock bands, folk groups. ballet – oh my heart, love them all.

    1. haha! I now want to invent that drink! Give me time and I’ll come back with the recipe! 😃💕 And thanks! I tried to add a bit more environment in my squiggling about. Glad you liked it! And you really did just describe ME as well… are we actually certain that we’re not related?? LOL I’m exactly the same!

  3. Your fox reminds me of Reynard. Good memories, those stories shared on summer evenings when it was not quite dark, and the crickets were singing in the background.
    Thanks for bringing them to mind.

  4. That fox has an appropriately sly expression! I’m sorry they disappeared from your neighborhood. We live in a canyon on the outer edge of L.A. 20 years ago, we had deer, coyote, rabbits, bobcats, and even the occasional bear and mountain lion in our neighborhood. Now, with lots of development, only rabbits and coyote. I especially miss the deer.

  5. We have such lovely neighbors! Both the human and animal ones. We are probably the odd ones just because hubs has no inclination at all that he must keep up with the yard work in a timely manner. But they all forgive him because they like me so much and we are a package deal! 😂😂😂 😉😉

    1. hehe! Love that! 😃💕 Yeah, if we actually had a yard, our neighbors would not be pleased. It’s just not a priority. But cheers to a lovely package deal. We always make our better half even better. 😉

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