While donning a fresh pair socks is certainly a wonderful thing, I’m sure the same could be said for many other clean bits of apparel. A fresh t-shirt is lovely and, most definitely, one should probably never leave the house without fresh underwear. At least that’s what mothers everywhere warned us, should you find yourself in the unfortunate event of getting into an accident. Apparently being rushed to the ER wearing dingy unmentionables would be an embarrassing occurrence. But, if one is rushed to the ER, I’m pretty sure that’s probably the last thing they’re worrying about in the end, so it’s rather odd sage advice. Fresh sheets are particularly pleasing because you get to bury yourself in the smell of fresh laundered cotton and not simply admire it from above on your feet. Since I’m a few inches over six feet, that’s a particularly long way down. But simply knowing that you’ve covered your feet in something fresh and new is still a good feeling indeed. Second only, of course, to fresh underwear. Thanks, Mom.

Actually, my mother doesn’t like to wear shoes, much less socks. I’ve no idea why, but that’s always how it’s been. I know many people sleep in socks, which to me, would be a terrifying thing. I tend to run incredibly warm and my feet would be melted off by morning. When you’re sleeping with another person, and their feet get a bit cold, socks are definitely appreciated. Feeling the icy chill of cold feet brushing against you can be an alarming thing indeed. But no matter what kind of shoes I’m wearing I do prefer to wear socks as it just seems a bit more sanitary that way. I’ve no idea really, where I’m going with all this, except to say that when it comes to socks and other accessories in life, we each have our own opinions. Truly, we can all agree that oxygen is a rather important thing, but from there it all devolves into our personal preferences. We’re beautifully unique in that way.

But the thrill of something new is a truly incredible and alluring thing. I think that’s why I love making a little doodlewash each day in my sketchbook and writing a little story to accompany it here. Well, story is likely elevating all of this as I really just type as I go, so it’s more of a lively ramble. But, stopping for a little moment to create is one of the most amazing things we can do each day. So many tasks that we regularly perform simply have the effect of making the day move forward. A creative task is one that has the ability to transform it. Taking a rather ordinary day and making it rather extraordinary for just a brief moment in time. A moment that lasts far longer than the act itself. Not creating a masterpiece, but just making a little something that surprised even you when it appeared there on paper. A moment that felt transformative and amazing. And even if nobody else can sense the exact feeling you felt when you painted it, it doesn’t matter in the end. It’s the simplest of life’s pleasures. The kind that matters simply because, in that singular moment, you felt something amazing. Like putting on a fresh pair of socks.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Yellow Ochre, Red Rose Deep, Da Vinci Red, Cobalt Blue, and Payne’s Gray.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 19 - A Fresh Pair Of Socks - Red Sneakers - Doodlewash

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31 thoughts on “A Fresh Pair Of Socks

  1. My mother bought my husband a package of new socks every Xmas. Now that she has passed away there are a lot of holes in his dresser drawer. I think I know what to get him for Xmas this year!

  2. Your post made me giggle tonight! 🤣😂 Thanks Charlie! ❤️ Yes, I do believe we are going to be thinking of something besides our undies IF we have to go to the ER! Lol! 😊 I like what you said about a “creative task has a way to transform our day,” so true!! My house may not be in perfect order but my undies are clean and I had fun creating today in art! Cheers Charlie! 😁🍷

  3. A morning jig! Thanks Charlie, just what I needed to start my day.
    I must say clean sheets rank high in life’s pleasures for me. (the changing of the sheets and washing them not so much though…) (K)

  4. Lol, I don’t even own a pair of socks. Like your mom, shoes are not my favorite and adding in socks is just too much. 🙂 But you are right, personal preferences are what makes us who we are. If we were all the same the world would be a boring place indeed. 🙂

  5. I love your paintings. They are wonderful. I love your ‘fireside chats’ even more.
    You have a light that won’t be kept inside. It shines over all who are blessed to
    cross paths with you. I’m sure I’ll make you blush, but I just have to say, you are
    the kind of person any mother would be proud to call ‘Son’.

    1. You totally made me blush… and tear up a bit… that’s one of the most amazing compliments I’ve ever received. That anyone could receive. Thank you so much! 😃💕 It’s exceedingly tough to show up and make these posts each day. Knowing that you enjoy them, makes my heart smile. 😊

  6. This doodlewash makes me smile. I really get the sense of large feet (you’ve admitted to being tall), and I like the socks kind of falling down. As for the underwear, not only would it not be on my mind while being rushed to the hospital, but I doubt paramedics, nurses and doctors notice either – their focus would be on the patient’s condition. So as for being good advice, well, I can think of better motivators for wearing clean underwear. Of course, I’m not sure a parent would want to go there.

  7. Have folks vote on their favorites, maybe? (You’re using buddypress, right? There are some poll plugins that are supereasy, if your pack doesn’t already have the functionality.)

    That’d take the pressure off you a little, and you could whip out an introduction/wrap up in a couple hours, I’m sure.

    /technerd moment

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