Tonight’s post is a super quick little sketch of a gingerbread house that I made earlier while chatting with my sister. It was a choppy flight to Texas, but we arrived safe and sound. My great nephew, who’s not quite five, also named Charlie, met Philippe and I at the airport. He was excited to see us, but rather disappointed to learn that he wasn’t going to get to go on an airplane himself. Apparently, this wasn’t made clear and the little outing felt a bit like a bait and switch. But, he quickly got over it and was eager to tell us about his upcoming birthday party plans as we rode back to my mom’s house. It’s apparently something about ice pirates, though I wasn’t quite sure what kind of pirates those were. No matter, as it still sounded fun and the gleam in his eyes assured me that it would be amazing. It feels good to be back with family again!

It’s getting late and already time for bed, so I’ll have to make this post short. Also, I’m attempting to post via my phone and I’ve no idea if it will turn out properly, but figured I’d show up to say hello and share a doodle. I’m feeling a bit sluggish as our dinner was at Red Lobster and came with those too-large portion sizes. This shouldn’t be an issue for anyone with self-control, but I have none at all when it comes to food so I happily ate too much. I think even my fingers feel a bit thicker as I type this. The food was actually yummy, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Well, my sister didn’t eat her broccoli as she said she thought it tasted “dirty,” which is an alarming adjective to apply to food.

We came back to my mom’s house and chatted in the rec room, which is a giant room with a wooden vauted ceiling and tiki bar. It’s an odd room that was added onto the back of a tiny house, nearly doubling its size. A Christmas Tree sits in the corner now, covered in teddy bears wearing knitted sweaters and stuffed unicorns with horns made out of seashells. Lights, garland, and icicle ornamants are draped around the wooden hut that is the bar and a long shelf on the nearby wall is covered in an endless array of nutcrackers. Christmas puzzles from previous years have been glued and mounted to cardboard and are adorning the walls with bright candy colors. It’s in this moment that my heart smiles at just how beautifully fun it all is. And, as I stare up at that reddish brown slanted ceiling, I happily realize that I now know exactly what it feels like to live inside a gingerbread house.

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Gingerbread House Watercolor Sketchbook - Doodlewash

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24 thoughts on “A Gingerbread House

  1. Fun! Home for me was always sitting around the living room with dad on the floor leaning against the couch telling funny stories. I loved that cosy feeling, drowsy as it got late, but not wanting it to end.

  2. What! You’ve never watched the Ice Pirates movie? I have to admit that it made quite an impression on me – I remember nothing about it, save how bad it was, lol. I’m glad you made it to your Mom’s safe and sound as well as here to Doodlewash!

    1. Haha! I haven’t watched that movie! And I don’t think my nephew had either. His parents weren’t around and so I could only quiz him about it. He just kept looking at me sadly describing pirates as though I didn’t know. I don’t think he knows what Ice Pirates are either! Lol 😉

  3. Nothing like being home for the holidays. I was at an estate sale yesterday and the person had bags of small teddy bears in Christmas sweaters……now I know what they were for. No horn carrying unicorns however. Have fun!!

  4. Well, my jet setting busy friend, you prove that your paintings and your writings are just as spectacular when posted from a cell phone. You have given all of us a moment of living in a gingerbread house and it is a lovely moment. Thank you!

    You made the perfect assessment of that moment with your ‘Charlie says for today’:

    Charlie says “It’s in this moment that my heart smiles at just how beautifully fun it all is.”

    You make all our hearts smile.

  5. Your gingerbread house looks great! You have quite a talent. I enjoy family get together around the holidays! I trust you had a wonderful holiday season.

    Matt –

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