For Day 10 of World Watercolor Month, our optional prompt of “Hushed” could really be a million things. I wasn’t quite sure what to sketch at first. Then, what came to mind was that moment when a parent finally gets their little kid to fall asleep. Indeed, a last kiss from someone you love before drifting off to dreamland is a wonderful thing indeed. When I was a kid, I would often have trouble getting to sleep as I was always excited about something that I discovered that day. I wanted to keep thinking about it and exploring whatever it was and it was tough to shut my mind off for the night. Today, as ever, not much has changed and I still end up lying awake in bed while various thoughts and ideas bounce around in my mind. I still get so excited when thinking about ideas and new discoveries. Thankfully, I do end up drifting off to sleep eventually, but not before dreaming while wide awake about a life filled with infinite possibilities.

This afternoon I was working on a new project and got super excited as I figured out new things to try. The time sped by and before I knew it the day had nearly come to a close and I hadn’t made a sketch or a post yet. Besides being productive and actually getting things done, including all of the laundry, which was quite unusual for me, I still managed to get distracted. Laundry is something that still happens at the very last possible moment out of sheer necessity. Philippe pulled up the live action Aladdin movie on our new large television to test the picture and before we knew it, we had watched the entire thing… again. For a moment, I felt like I’d wasted time. After all, I was supposed to be doing something else. But then I had to remind myself that taking time to just relax and enjoy something is also productive. Sometimes, like when it comes to a creative project or making art, it’s the best thing one can do!

So, although I’m typing like a madman now trying to complete this post, I’m in a wonderful mood. I feel like I’ve recharged and I’m more excited than ever to tackle those projects again. And, going into my lovely zone for a quick little watercolor sketch was the icing on a sweet and delicious cake. Now, I’m super excited to enjoy a lovely evening with Philippe. And yes, our dog Phineas, but he’s just snoring on the floor behind me waiting until we have our first little snack of the evening. Then he’ll burst to life suddenly and start demanding to be included. Though days seem far too short, especially when they’re of the weekend variety, I’m happy that I made the most of this one. There’s always tomorrow to start again with a fresh perspective. And then there’s tonight when in the final hours of a blissful day, everything ends just as it should, with a goodnight kiss.

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14 thoughts on “A Goodnight Kiss

  1. Charlie I can just see you getting out of bed at 1 AM and Philippe demanding to know what is wrong with you painting at this hour and get back into bed. Hahahahah you’ll get Phineas all confused too.

  2. Such a sweet painting, Charlie. I LOVE giraffes! Yup, sometimes you need to kick back and enjoy the moment. Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

  3. Hello Charlie,

    I love the cozy Doodlewash and here’s wishing you many more Rest n Relax days, and nights of exciting ideas – anything but some irritating song that’s entered your head. Have a super duper delicious week ahead. 🙂


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