For our Doodlewash prompt of “Dog,” paired with the Inktober prompt of “Husky,” I opted for a little Siberian Husky puppy. I’ve never had a dog like this, but I think they’re rather adorable, especially in the puppy form. When I was a puppy, or child rather, I too was a bit husky, which was the same name given to clothing worn by the chubbier boys. What I lacked as a child in physical prowess, I feel I made up for in personality and smarts. In truth, the latter two qualities are certainly the most important and useful in life. Today, beyond walks and taking the stairs, I still spend my free time pursuing more cerebral endeavors. That’s just a nice way to say I’m nerdy. I’ve always been a nerd, and have always been very proud of that fact. While other guys boasted they could bench press their own weight, I knew I could calculate their weight into metric in my head. This seemed like a far more valuable skill. Though being able to actually lift oneself sounds cool in conversation, it’s quite physically impossible, and therefore, not particularly useful. For me, a real skill to brag about is something that actually involves another person, and includes a bit more than vanity.

This weekend we went to the wedding of one of my best friends. I was so happy for her, but equally worried about being in a crowd, which is something I don’t typically enjoy. But, I had promised myself that I would DO things out of my comfort zone this month, so I stretched out and mingled a bit. Here’s that husky pup in only ink, for reference, displaying the same look of the watercolor version and the exact way that I felt during the evening.

Siberian Husky Puppy Drawing Inktober 2019

I had nothing to worry about, of course, because my friend is an incredibly thoughtful and creative person. Every little detail was thought through, and the evening was absolutely fantastic. As it turned out, it wasn’t a gigantic wedding, but a very carefully curated selection of people she and the groom loved most. So, even if I didn’t know everyone present, we all started with one exceptional thing in common. Though the conversations still started with questions like “How do you know, Amy?” the context we heard in our minds was more like “How do you love Amy?” We already shared a beautifully unique common bond.

So, this was indeed quite a magical weekend. Philippe is very much like me, so he approached the evening with the same amount of trepidation. And though, yes, we were still among the first to leave, he left saying, “that was so awesome!” What I loved most was that he was even more impressed by my beautiful friend. I have to admit that I was as well. She was everything I want to be when I grow up. Poised, beautiful, and caring. Even as the bride, she wasn’t the star of the show, but simply a gracious host. And, I for one had that most amazing feeling when one discovers the love they have for someone is much more than a label. Instead, it’s that uniquely precious love I will cherish until the day I die. Though, after the event, and when the photos were shared, I realized I looked a tad chubby in some of them. I just had to giggle. That’s not something that actually matters at all. What truly matters is the act of being there for the people you love. And, though some of the photos weren’t personally flattering, they were somehow comforting at the same time. It’s nice to know that I’m just that little boy enamored by the joy of life, even if in some moments, I’m still a little husky.

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Siberian Husky Puppy Inktober Watercolor 2019 Sketchbook Detail

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34 thoughts on “A Little Husky

  1. I glad you enjoyed the wedding. I try not to fret if I’m going to something like that, but it’s hard not to. If I could have all the time I spent fretting back to be used for something else, I’d be able to accomplish wonders (but would probably end up wasting most of it again, lol).

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕 hehe… so true… we spent the afternoon like that and then had the most amazing time in the end, which is more often the case! But, that won’t stop us from fretting when the time comes again! lol

  2. Oh, Charlie, what a wonderful post! We are true Siberian husky lovers, having owned 7 different ones over a period of 35 years! Your sketch looks a lot like our Elle, who also has blue eyes. I would attach a photo, but I don’t see how to do that here.

  3. What a cute pup! And I’m glad you guys had fun at the wedding. It makes all of the pre-wedding jitters seem silly. But I get it. I do that too. I worry things to death that turn out to be fine and fun. I think that’s built into certain personalities.

  4. Gorgeous! Blue eyes and purple nails, I love to be… Hihi, Charlie 😊. If you’ve met someone always smiles with wide open eyes, please believing that : you’ve just had a good conversation 😘, because I always do like that if I cannot find any words though having a bunch in my mind.
    I got a little funny in this article, I just remembered watercolor prompt is about dog and forgotting ink prompt is Husky. Hence I wondered which dog I want (if I want a wolf again, I will do with A3 painting), I did a fun quiz about ‘if I were dog, which dog I am he he’, the final answer was Siberian Husky.
    Yub, I saw many fb friend painted Husky while I wondered that why everyone love drawing Husky a lot (I’m crazy, because that’s prompt of ink ) . Time pass, I remembered a sweet scene from past, took brush , ah ha, still Husky ha ha . So fun. Something in my life has driven like that, so 500 words still there on my desk and I has still being thought 😝.

    1. Thanks so much, Loan! 😃💕Yeah, just listening with one’s eyes is equally a way to have a great conversation. Hehe… and yes, I sort of set up the prompts this month so people doing Inktober could do both at once, but still have watercolor-only folks doing just my prompts as well! hehe So, it’s a crazy fun month! Love seeing what everyone comes up with!

  5. Adorable. Yay for huskies! It’s been a while since I attended a wedding, but I’m the same, worrying about people. I nearly didn’t go to one, but I did and it was so fun and nice that it was a shame when the taxi arrived. I’m glad your outing turned out to be another one of those happy examples – if only we could get that into our heads and actually look forward to something!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 So true!! More times than not, it’s actually quite a lovely affair! But, yeah, we’ll still get a bit stressed heading into a crowd and the unknown each time. But, pleasant surprises are a nice bonus, at least! hehe

  6. Charlie says, “…a real skill to brag about is something that actually involves another person, and includes a bit more than vanity.”

    Hear! Hear!!
    The wisest of wise!

    and that precious puppy…once again it is the eyes that draw me back again and again.
    Gorgeous little fur ball, and the expression makes you know he just peed on the carpet
    or chewed your best shoe!

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕Yeah, I do think we only get bragging rights when we can talk about how we did something wonderful for someone else. But, then again, it’s never polite to brag. 😉 And glad you enjoyed my little pup!

  7. Awesome way to look at things – How do you know and LOVE this person? I will remember that! I, too, shopped in the husky section as a kid, which always seemed degrading to me as a girl, and I grew up painfully shy. Although I am still “husky,” I’ve grown to love myself as I am. I laughed when you said you looked chubby in a photo, but I sure know that feeling and sometimes still shy away from the camera. I’m glad they don’t call larger sizes husky anymore, especially for children, as this word should be used only for adorable dogs like you created; he looks so lovable!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post! 😃💕 Yeah, I was definitely husky as a kid, and have been skinny as an adult. These days, I’m just a touch husky, but it also makes me feel like a kid again! Though I agree… labels shouldn’t exist at all. And husky is a name best left to adorable little pups!

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