For today, I’m bringing something rather meager to the #DoodlewashDinner in this single pink glazed donut. Entirely sure it’s not enough to feed a group of people, but simply imagine several more sitting on a plate to create the proper offering. I did a quick pencil contour with this one and jumped right in with watercolor to try something a little different. I’d love to say this was an inspired choice, but I was sitting outside and was too lazy to walk back in and get my Lamy pen that I’d forgotten. Something about Saturdays make me lazy in that wonderful way that comes with no regrets.

When I was a kid, there was a little donut shop that my mother would take me to on Saturdays. Unlike many of the chain donut shops today, this one was tiny and run by a single person who would get up at an ungodly hour each day to prepare them. Though baking solo, the selection was incredible. Even with all the choices, I would always chose the same thing. A little pink donut and a chocolate Long John. Though I’ve been able to find a comparable Long John, filled with an insanely white “fluff” that seems as if it were imported from another planet, the little pink donut remains elusive.

Every time I’m visiting various cities and pass a donut shop I usually duck inside to see if they might have something like that pink donut. But sadly, I’ve never found one that was exactly the same. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong as memories have a way of turning into dreams over the years. But I’d rather believe that what I remember in that amazing treat was real and it’s still out there. Somewhere, in some little bake shop, a person is waking up way to early to lovingly create fresh donuts. And one day, we’ll meet. Until then, I’ll hang on to my childhood memories and keep the search alive. Each day, one hopeful step closer to that little pink donut.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and Neutral Tint with Sennelier: Opera Rose in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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67 thoughts on “A Little Pink Donut

  1. Awww…..I love it when I read posts about childhood memories, especially connected with mothers and food! My heart felt a pitter patter reading this one. For me it is salt rising bread…..I have been on a search for it and bakeries have told me “what’s that?” when asked if they have it, oh my I feel old. I hope that you find that donut and I can find salt rising bread. I keep threatening to make it myself, I just might have to! Great post by the way and your pink donut is all alone but looks yummy.

    1. Awww thanks Magaret! 😃💕Glad you liked this! Hmmm…I haven’t heard of salt rising bread, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere! Sounds delicious. It’s probably sitting next to my donut in the same magical bakery. We’ll find it one day! 😉

  2. Sir Charles–methinks you should gather all of these tantalizing doodlewash tidbits and compile them into a book of sorts–love the art, love the storytelling… <3

  3. Okay. now you’ve done it. zeppole, donut, profiterol. Call it what you like. I would fly the world twice for them. They are my ultimate weakness and in fact, 5 minutes ago I finished off 5 zeppole ( with extra powedered sugar of course!) snagged from a local carnival. Your precious pink doughnut, just makes me want more! ugh!!

  4. Precious and poignant…I have never gotten teary eyed over a doughnut until now. Beautifully painted, you did not need the pen, this glows and looks scrumptious. As always your posts are delightful reads, hang on to that dream Charlie, the pink doughnut is out there somewhere. Peace.

  5. I really enjoy your watercolours, this one in particular reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud’s work, it has a pop art vibe to it! Thanks for visiting my blog too 🙂

  6. “Memories have a way of turning into dreams over the years” – yes they do ! But sometimes we’re lucky and get reconnected with that “pink donut” we remember having on Saturdays with our moms , and it tastes just the way we dream it 😉 Keep searching Charles 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

  7. That’s very sweet story, Charlie, and I don’t mean it as a goofy pun. Your little pink donut is charming as is the baker story.

    Don’t we all have dreams of recapturing something wonderful but elusive from our childhoods? For me it is the petit four, a tiny, elaborately decorated cake. Somehow this treat, no bigger than a walnut, is a 3 or 4 layered cake, painted with a shiny fondant glaze, and decorated with miniature flowers and leaves. Two bites at most, and maybe two only because I was small (then.)
    Elegant and sweet, rich with dreams of ballerinas and princesses, I would love to have a petit four.

        1. Sharon, You can always ask your local baker to make them! Find a recipe and give it to them; I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige, especially if it brings more business for them, and makes you happy.

  8. Your pink donut reminds me of the homemade maple bars we used to be able to buy in the summer at a lake resort near us. Some memories bring such happiness, I agree Charlie! 💕💖😊 Your doodlewash looks extra sweet! 🍩💕🌟

    1. Awww thanks Rebecca! 😃💕 Glad you liked the pen free doodlewash! I’ll probably return to the pen as it goes much faster that way. Hehe…just had a little more time this weekend so I took advantage of it! And your daughter has wonderful taste then! Hehe

          1. Yes it was a great review, I had a little play last night, but not enough time to create a piece of art. I did try out my new kuretake paints, more impressed than I had thought they would be. I only painted a card for a 70 th birthday, so not a full on painting….more painting today/ this evening.

  9. Charlie your pink donut looks lovely also if you haven’t used the Lamy pen 😉 what a lovely doodlewash for our dinner! I loved to read your story and memories, and you will find that pink donut sometime, somewhere 😉

  10. Ok. Pizza and now a donut?! Could this be any more gluten-y?! But I read the story and you’re forgiven for painting a completely irresistible donut! Love it Charlie, you are really incredible with food paintings, I think this has been the best month for you as a whole since I’ve been seeing your stuff. It’s like you really connect with these food items! Beautifully done and I hope you find your pink donut someday. 💕

    1. Haha! Gluttony isn’t all bad!! Donuts are amazing! Just wish I could metabolize them like a child! Lol 😊 And thanks so much, Laura! 💕💕 I really do love food so it’s been a fun month. And feels like I’ve improved more this month while doing this subject. Still no idea where I’ll head next! Hehe

      1. I meant gluten-y, lol. Pizza, donut, gluten! Lol I guess I’m a little obsessed. I agree I definitely think your stuff has gotten much better this month. I guess we grow as long as we keep going but sometimes I see more progress. I think I was growing when I was doing faces and so I may go back. I just don’t think paint and faces for me is meant to be. 💜

  11. Oh I have dreams of a pink donut too…it might not have been pink but it was delicious. A treat brought home back in the day. I love your pink donut and the sweet memories!

  12. What a perfect donut! I am kinda boring when it comes to donut because I only like glazed.. well, I also like D&D;s bavarian creme donut too. lol. Yummy!

  13. I must admit, Charlie, to me your sketch looks like a flattish cheeseburger with pink icing…hahaha…not sure what was on your mind when you drew this, but it was probably lunch-time! My love of donuts is more European, of course, and I’m a huge fan of what JFK called himself, ein Berliner…we all had a laugh when we saw that on the news! It is a crispy doughball infused with a spurt of plum jam and one side with a light crunchy icing on it…yummy! Yeah…there is a bakery in St Kilda where I know I can get these and it will always be available as it’s so popular.

      1. LOL…I guess how it looks doesn’t really matter as long as it’s tasty! The Berliner is very delicious and goes well with a Vienna coffee (black coffee with a huge dollop of whipped cream).

  14. Oh I LOVE this! Perfect follow-up to the pizza, what a great lunch! The glaze on the icing is dangerous (doughs pretty good, too!!). What is it about pink frosting? Irresistible. My fingers are growing sticky at the thought. 😉

    Aww, it is a great shame when childhood treats vanish – ISN’T IT, POLO!?! – I hope you find your special pink doughnut someday. Hey, at least you’ll always enjoy searching!

    1. I KNEW you’d understand, Jacob, having undergone something similar in the loss of Citrus Polos. It’s terrible! I want that donut and also still really want to try the polos. But yeah… searching is fun as I will always opt for a lesser donut instead. I’m not totally disappointed. 😊

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