For our Doodlewash prompt of “Broomstick,” paired with the Inktober prompt of “Ride,” I ended up having a bit of fun. When I was kid in the 70’s, there was a book that came out called The Worst Witch. Though I really did enjoy it, the only thing I remembered was that the little witch was the only one at witch school that didn’t have a black cat. Instead, it was just an ordinary tabby cat who didn’t really belong there. That just made me giggle to think of a witch’s cat that was perfectly terrified to fly on a broomstick. As it turns out, I grew up to have a fear of heights myself. So this cat and I have much in common. Fear is an interesting thing indeed, and what we’re afraid of seems to change throughout our lives. As kids, we might fear a monster under the bed, but as adults we know they don’t exist, at least not under the bed anyway. As a kid, I loved to draw anything that came to mind. I never once stopped to wonder if I could DO it. As an adult, I just skipped trying the things that I feared most. During this Halloween month, I’ve faced down every one of those fears and tried things I’ve never done before. I hope, if you have been watching this month, you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Today’s doodle was made after studying a bunch of scared tabby cats online and then creating something from my imagination. The very idea of trying to create a scene or characters that were only in my head had been perfectly terrifying to me before this month. Now, while I certainly need lots more practice, I have no fear at all of at least trying to doodle anything that comes to mind.

Little Worst Witch Tabby Cat Inktober 2019 Illustration

That’s the thing about fear, when it comes to art. It’s perfectly easy to overcome. The cure, as ever, is to simply DO it! Whatever you are terrified of most, that’s exactly the thing you should try next. Though, I’ve always been a cheerleader of this approach, I have to admit that I hadn’t fully embraced the concept. After this month, I can happily conclude that it truly works!

I have to write this very quickly as tonight is a rather big night. A few months back, I bought Philippe tickets to Celine Dion, and the night has finally arrived! So, we’ve got to have a quick bite to eat and then we’re off to the concert. It’s also just a big night in general because we haven’t been to a large concert like this one in a couple of years. And for the past few days, Philippe has been singing Celine Dion songs while he’s been cooking. I’ve made requests for him to sing my favorites, which are all of the French ones. The English songs have truly silly lyrics, but that doesn’t stop them from being insanely catchy. In truth, I’d always find myself humming along with him. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of large gatherings of people, so this is another move outside of my comfort zone. But as I continue to push myself to try new things, I keep finding that my comfort zone has expanded to something quite large and comfortable. That’s the beautiful thing about trying, each time I DO it, I realize how perfectly silly I was to have been a little scaredy-cat.

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Little Worst Witch Tabby Cat Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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26 thoughts on “A Little Scaredy-Cat

  1. Great sketch, Charlie! Good for you for all of your “out of your comfort zone” activities! I hope you both thoroughly enjoy the concert tonight! It has been fun watching your journey through the November prompts! Great DOing!

  2. Ah, Charlie…another glimpse into the pool of fears we all carry–art, for me, is the biggie.

    I was unable to sketch, draw, illustrate, paint, youtube videos, etc., for well over a week. As a new watercolorist, I am greatly affected by those artists far better than I. While I love to read and view the DW guest artists, I must admit, many intimidate me with their ease of painting, and so well so quickly. One recent artist who paints like I want. I threw my hands up, citing I’ve not gotten better with painting one iota so I need to quit. I boycotted anything that had any connection to art. And I was miserable.

    Not sure how it happened, but while on youtube, I got connected to “TedXPortland.” There was a young man, Colin O’Brady, who had the most incredible life story that not only made me cry, it reignited my pilot light of belief in all things. An hour later, I painted a sunflower so lovely and unusual, that I recognized and accepted the level of talent I currently possess. I am self-taught, though youtube has made me scads better with the plethora of artists. I learn from every artist I meet, and yes Charlie, you as well. Probably the most because you take your art for granted and wake up every day and create without hesitation. And that helps people like me. And my “Barbies,” the name my husband gives to my muses.

    I have the sweetest orange tabby named “Buster,” and I imagined him on your broomstick. He barely tolerates being loved on while in my arms, so it’s a quick kiss and back down to the floor he goes. He would do well in your story, but not on your broomstick.

    Thank you for always being a source of inspiration to all of us, Charlie, and a kind man who ALWAYS responds to your DW crowd. As an Aries, I wish I had your organizational abilities, but alas, do not. Another terrific post that spoke to me. I hope you and Philippe had a marvelous time with Celine.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Thank YOU for encouraging me as well. You have no idea how helpful your comments are for my own motivation. Creating art is never easy, it’s just enjoyable! lol We all struggle and wonder if we’re getting any better at all on this crazy ride. But, the answer is always a resounding YES!! All we need DO is show up and create. Glad you hear you’ve been inspired again!

      And a huge hug to Buster!! hehe… tell him I promise never to make him ride on a broomstick. 😉

  3. Hope you had a great time! The last one I went to was Bonnie Raitt. I had a wheelchair seat so my friends took turns changing into the seat beside me. Best seats in the house!😂 Well, hubs just informed me that our microwave died. Time to spend money on something that isn’t art supplies. I hate that!

  4. Great sketch, with the eyes wide with terror. And you have hit upon the one key to getting things done, to bypass procrastination: do the difficult tasks first! Dive in and attack the job you fear the most, which will be so small when you look back at it in time’s rear mirror and see it completed.

  5. Your witch and her scaredy-cat are both marvelous! I think you really get the hand-brain conversation going when you create from your memory and imagination and in this case, I’ll bet the conversation was hilarious as well as creative. Have fun at the concert!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 The concert was soooo awesome!! And yeah, I think my brain talks better to my head when there’s not a specific reference to get in the middle of the conversation. I’m learning a lot about myself this month. 😉

    1. Yesssss! hehe… that’s exactly what that means, Laura! 😃💕 Actually… trying in my mind means “playing.” Simply “experiencing” something before trying to “learn” all the technical bits that scare the hell out of most people. So, I definitely recommend playing with watercolor… there’s never anything to be scared of when it comes to that! 😉

  6. I love that scaredy cat. The expression is a feat of excellence.
    The article radiates your grand esprit. I’m on my cell phone using a keypad that I can’t see. So,this is necessarily short.

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