Welcome to a brand new month and a new Doodlewash art challenge! For our first prompt of “Tulips,” I paired some with a little robin. The weather was beautiful here today, and though it’s not quite spring where I live, it felt like it had already begun. This is especially good news for our dog Phineas who was getting really tired of winter and a little bit stir crazy. Today marked the beginning of what Philippe and I call “door season,” so called because Phineas will sit by the door in our kitchen leading outside. We’ll walk over and let him out and he’ll sit on the terrace for a moment and then decide he wants to come back indoors. Though he can open the door and let himself back inside, he’s not learned how to close it so one of us has to walk over and do so. He returns to the door moments later, indignant that we didn’t realize he was just taking a break. It’s a bothersome game, but it always marks the beginning of wonderful days filled with sunshine.

All three of us went for a walk this afternoon to enjoy the lovely weather. Well, it’s not really a sustained walk as Phineas leads it and has to stop every few feet to sniff something intriguing. If it’s interesting enough, this always involves peeing on it as though he’s just claimed it as his own. He actually did this in front of one of the most lovely and extravagant homes in the neighborhood and then looked up at me as if smiling and thinking, “I just bought that. When do we move in?” I just smiled back as I didn’t have the heart to explain to him that’s not how real transactions actually work. As we kept walking, I spotted a girl walking a little farther ahead wearing headphones. She was just walking, she was skipping a bit and every so often breaking into something that looked like a bit of a dance. I was already in a wonderful mood, but in that moment my mood grew even a few shades brighter. And though I couldn’t hear the song, I found myself adding a bit of a skip to my walk as well.

There’s definitely something magical that happens when signs of spring start to appear. My mood starts to take on a new feeling of infinite possibilities. Something that may have seemed challenging just a day before is now just a fun problem to conquer next. And, I’m ready to charge ahead this week and take on any challenge that comes my way. Okay, I have to admit that I hope there’s nothing that’s too much trouble as I could also use another day of weekend fun. It feels like the weekends are zooming by lately. I think three days is a far more acceptable period of time for a proper weekend. Two simply feels like a horrible tease. Phineas is now back at the door waiting for me to let him back outside for a moment, for the hundredth time today. He’s currently staring me down as though trying to yell at me telepathically. And, as much as I should find this annoying, I just have to smile, excited to be reminded once more of the promise of spring and a lovely beginning.

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Tulips And Robin Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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32 thoughts on “A Lovely Beginning

  1. Sounds exactly like two of our cats. They want the door open so bad that they sit staring at the door most every season! Then when I do open it, one cat charges out, the other one stands in the doorway sniffing the edge of the door frame and the brick and if I close the door he looks at me as if I couldn’t possibly have anything more important to do than watch him sniff.

  2. So gorgeous!!! Phineas and my furbaby nephew Charlie both have a similar thing they love to do. Charlie loves to have the window opened for him and it does not matter how the weather is outdoors. And he may walk away but as soon as its closed he wants to breath the fresh air again lol so funny. Gotta love the furbabies. 🙂

  3. So bright and cheery! I do love the flowers of Spring. I’m a bit nervous about my Bleeding Hearts. They are about 4″ tall with some blooms. Way too early. I would hate to lose them.

  4. Charlie says, “There’s definitely something magical that happens when signs of spring start to appear.”

    Yes, yes and yes!!

    BTW, I love Phineas’ idea of how a real estate transaction should be transacted. Super grand!!

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