A Lovely Start To The Day

For today’s prompt of breakfast, I decided to share my more grown up favorite. Many of you who read my posts know that I’m a big kid at heart and will happily chomp through a stack of pancakes or waffles, but I do often enjoy the simplicity of a coffee and a croissant. When we visit family in Paris, most mornings consist of just a fresh baguette and some jam, but when I can, I’ll try to sneak in a croissant instead. Honestly, I just really, really love food so nearly anything delicious will send me out the door smiling in the morning. But a buttery pastry has a way of making me smile just a little more. Of course, it’s not everyday, so that just makes it even more special. Life would be terribly dull if I could have every little thing I ever wanted whenever I wished for it. For me, the wishing is much of the fun. So now, after painting this little fantasy, I’ll certainly be heading off to sleep with a smile, still dreaming of croissants. 

Actually, I”m not sure why, but I’m been having rather bizarre dreams lately. There’s a lot on my mind and it seems to all come clashing together when I sleep. I can’t remember the dreams precisely, but in one portion of last night’s dream, I do remember rushing to some meeting in an auditorium that I was horribly late in attending. While running through the front doors someone told me I was to be speaking there on some topic of which nobody informed me. Thankfully, I wasn’t naked or anything awkward like that known to happen in dreams, but for some reason I was indeed barefoot. I know I had shoes prior to entering the building, so this was concerning. Interestingly, the distraction of this was so consuming that a moment later I found myself on stage behind a podium ready to begin my speech. I sputtered into the microphone, “One should never skip breakfast, even if it means not having time to put on shoes.” This was met with applause for its absurd profoundness and I was then jostled awake by thunder and could only guess what came next.

I guess, in many ways, these posts are not dissimilar. They’re a riot of thought that zooms in whatever direction my fevered mind takes me. But now, as I think more about my impromptu beginning of that dream speech, surely meant to distract from my strange state upon arriving there, it does have a bit of truth to it. How we begin our day can guide all the events after that. If doing something we feel we have to do takes precedent over something we might enjoy more, then it sets the tone for the entire day. Or perhaps, I’m just reading too much into a bit of weird mind babble. But either way, I think I’m going to try to sneak in a little more fun in the mornings. I’m not sure what that entails yet, but I want to try something new and fresh to begin each day with a bit of childlike enthusiasm. No idea if it will make a difference, but one thing is certain. It will definitely be a lovely start to the day.

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24 thoughts on “A Lovely Start To The Day

  1. One should never make excuses for being oneself. There is nothing wrong with eating a croissant or going barefoot. Be true to yourself. Oh and by the way I love your doodles and stories. They always make me smile.

  2. I want that tea set! I’ve managed to break almost all of my Queen’s Golden Jubilee cups that I brought home from my visit to England, so it’s about time to buy new. But in the spirit of your post, maybe I shouldn’t use teacups. I’ve heard the term ‘a dish of tea’ so maybe I should pour my morning tea onto a plate. Trying to keep it from spilling while getting it to my lips would certainly wake me up!

    1. hehe… tea on a plate would be definitely wake me up! lol It would be all over me!! And I actually used a reference for the cup as I want this set too!! 😃💕 I keep hinting when I see something while Philippe and I are out!

  3. Your croissant and coffee look temptatious (yes, I made it up) and now I want a croissant. Fortunately that would require more activity (get in car, go to store) than lazy me will agree to do at the moment.

    I hope you are all safe from the crazy weather we’ve been hearing is raging through your neck of the country.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 All safe here… the really bad weather tends to miss the city and hit the suburbs instead. And I LOVE the new word… I’m going to use “temptatious” every chance I get now! hehe

  4. Hey, have you met my friend, Peter Pan? 😂 Seriously, keep the kidlike wonder going! I think it is healthy! And your croissant looks flaky and buttery and delish!

  5. Such a lovely croissant and cup of tea! Perfect breakfast for me too – and incidentally also what I chose for yesterday´s prompt! LOL! 😀 And I´m glad you hadn’t one of those naked in front of people dreams – they always drive me crazy but luckily don’t happen too often. 💕

  6. A lovely start to the day, at 4 in the afternoon in this instance – I love a croissant! I usually have crumpets for breakfast – they’re good, but not quite as special. Such a treat!

    I love bizarre dreams, and thinking about what they might mean. According to the dream dictionary, giving a speech is ‘a sign that you need to vocalise your feelings and communicate something important’. Hm? I was on a game show with trapdoors and snakes a couple of nights ago – not to mention impossible questions! – interesting was one word for it. A game show apparently means I need to ’embrace uncertainty and change an aspect of my life’. Get a pet snake, perhaps? Or perhaps it’s all utter poppycock! 😛 But fascinating, nonetheless…

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 That’s SO fascinating… hmmm… I tend to vocalize on this blog every day, but perhaps I need to shout something audibly as well. hehe And I think a pet snake would certainly qualify as a change in an aspect of your life! The real question is what to name it??

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