For our prompt of “Pies” today, I got a little sidetracked looking at all of the various options in the world. Indeed, I’m now craving a slice of nearly every pie on the planet. I ended up choosing a sort of strawberry cream cheese pie, simply because I liked the colors and eventually had to stop fantasizing about pies and sit down to sketch one already. I think my mind went to strawberry shortcake as well for a moment, but that’s not really a pie so I ended up here. That said, I’ve simply proven to myself that when it comes to pie, I have no preference whatsoever and there’s not really pie in the world that I would turn down if presented to me. I was hoping all of my pie research would tempt Philippe who was sitting nearby, prompting him to jump up and make one immediately. This, sadly, is not what happened next.

Instead, Philippe was inspired to try to make a quick run to Costco to get some additional supplies. He was his usual lab technician safety-first self and went armed with alcohol spray and hand sanitizer. And there were very few people so social distancing was easy. Apparently he had to cue up in a strange line where they were ensuring people were always the proper distance while getting a cart before entering. He appreciated the extra steps for safety, but did describe the scene as feeling like he was “entering an apocalyptic amusement park.” Though he came home with everything he set out to get, he did say that there still wasn’t any toilet paper to be had. Here’s hoping that all of those sitting on stacks of toilet paper managed to actually get enough food to eat as well. Thankfully, we’ve enough toilet paper to get through more than an entire month so we’re not fretting about that one yet.

Though I didn’t see the ingredients for a dessert arrive, I’m still holding out hope. He did manage to get a couple of bottles of champagne so that was something festive. I noticed them as I was watching him diligently wipe each one down with alcohol wipes. There’s something extra comforting about living with a PhD biologist during these days. And something equally just super weird about this entire experience. But, we’ve simply adapted with new little routines to replace the old. For example, we’re apparently gluten-free bakers now as that’s the only flour we’ve managed to find. Yet, the waffles we had this morning were perfectly delicious! So, it’s not too bad. In truth, things are still wonderful, and we know that one day in the future life will return to normal again. In the meantime, though life might not be a piece of cake right now, I’m still just secretly hoping for a piece of pie.

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Strawberry Cheescake Pie Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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34 thoughts on “A Piece Of Pie

  1. It sounds like the situation in your part of the world is pretty much the same as over here…although I am avoiding Costco, I know that flour, yeast, toilet paper, some canned goods, pasta, have all been hard to get. It all feels a bit nightmarish, doesn’t it? I mean, as long as we stay in our own homes, we can almost forget what is happening out there, but step into any store, and right away, we are confronted with reality: our world has changed and may never be the same again. Stay safe Charlie and Philippe.

    1. Thanks, Louise! 😃💕 Hope you and yours are staying safe as well. Yes, the world is so different now, and will be that way until there’s a vaccine. But maybe we’ll be better prepared in the future at least!

  2. I had the same problem looking up pies for this prompt. I found something called a pithivier, that looks soooo good. And then I decided to go a totally different direction so I didn’t get it done for today. I pied instead of pie.

  3. So Elizabeth Gilbert didn’t write in her book Eat, pray and love about Indians not using the toilet paper but using a mug or a water jet ??? I thought she stayed in India for 4 months as per the movie version starring Julia Roberts. I need to listen to the audio book now to find out the exact details…😉

    1. I know all about hygienic method for not needing TP.
      Email me if you want more info. This is not any kind of sales pitch. I am just a fellow doodler with info about this.

  4. I’m in process of making a grocery list and suddenly I’m tempted to buy cream cheese and graham crackers to make this strawberry dessert. For no good reason I’ve jumped back on the sweets train after not making anything for many months. Some of the stress everyone is feeling must be rubbing off on me. My usual calm has a dessert shaped crack in it.

  5. Hello there,

    Thanks so much for such a delicious-looking sketch of strawberry cheesecake pie! I wish you luck in your secret pie desire coming to fruition. 🙂

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