Today was a gray day outside, with a slow and steady rain combined with endless clouds casting a dark pallor over the entire city. When I looked out of my office window, I searched for something of interest to sketch in the all of the grayness. There were the usual cars in the parking lot and walls of buildings covered in graffiti, but nothing inspired me. Then, for just a moment, a glint of sun appeared and I noticed a pigeon, calmly standing alone in the middle of a puddle. The light caught a tapestry of colors that I’d never really noticed before in this city bird. I stared at it and studied the lines, and while I did, it almost seemed to be staring right back at me. I read somewhere that pigeons are much smarter than we might think. They did after all, manage to carry messages for the US Army during the World Wars and they have better eyesight than humans, making them a huge help to US Coast guards in spotting orange life jackets at sea. This pigeon, however, just seemed perfectly happy to be standing in a pool of rainwater. Though I was cranky about the gray day, I immediately had to smile.

As a kid, I wouldn’t have just been standing in that puddle, I would have been gleefully jumping up and down in it. I’d watch each time as I displaced the reflections and would then stand still for a moment to watch everything magically come back into focus. It was amazing! I doubt this bird was really all that interested in me, but for just a moment, it felt a bit like he was trying to tell me something. Whether or not that was the case, I was once again happy for the reminder to ignore my cranky adult mind and just enjoy the day. It’s funny how tough that is to DO some days. Even though I’m admittedly a big kid at heart, my heart has to scream at me sometimes to be heard over my mind. And my fat little friend in the puddle was just the sign I needed to purge those thoughts and follow my heart instead. Though the rain continued and the day got even grayer, I found myself happy again. It’s wonderful to take a moment and look at the shadows to see all of the wonderful colors that are hidden there. It’s proof that no day is ever really gray and also a good reminder when painting to always add some more colors to those darks to bring them back to life a bit.

It strikes me that as impossibly optimistic as I am, I can still find myself succumbing to the effects of a gray day. This, to me, is simply once again proof that growing up is totally overrated. Thank you Little Charlie for getting me through these days and showing me how much fun life can be if you simply always look for for the fun. Though I feel horribly behind in every project I’m currently working on, that little kid I once was wouldn’t ever let it bother him. I had to stop and wonder why, but then realized that as ever my thinking was entirely backward. I was focusing on what I didn’t DO, and a little kid only focuses on what they actually DO. So, today, I managed to show up once more with another little doodlewash and post. And I’m thrilled and proud that I was able to do so. There, Little Charlie, isn’t that better? I have to giggle when I think that most of the time, whenever I’m feeling stressed or even like a perfect failure, the solution is simply the opposite approach. That’s the kind of wildly simplest solution that my little self would cheer on with glee. And the very solution that I’m going to constantly remind my older self to choose more often. Like today, when the only thing sparkling was the unexpected appearance of a pigeon in a puddle.

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Pigeon In A Puddle Watercolor - Doodlewash

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29 thoughts on “A Pigeon In A Puddle

  1. I love the way the ripples in the puddle echo the flow of the feathers! It really is difficult to stay positive and energetic in the dark days of winter. I was watching Caesar Millan’s show once, and he was working with a dog with PTSD (an ex-service dog if I remember correctly). The dog had his tail tucked firmly between his legs, and Caesar pulled it up and held it out, explaining that if the tail was held in the position that a happy dog would hold it, the dog would feel happier. It definitely seemed to work (you might ask Phineas about that), and I thought it was a life lesson for people too. Thank you for the daily reminders that sometimes all we need to do is DO happy things and we’re halfway to a brighter day.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕Yes, the dark days of winter seem to go on just a bit too long. And that’s a wonderful life lesson indeed! We can so often find ourselves with our tail between our legs, but if we could just hold it out there, we’d immediately see how much better everything could be!

  2. Aren’t they something? City pigeons get a bad rap. They really are quite beautiful in the right light. The ones here are country pigeons and as such get to show off flying skills, and cooing in empty silos which are even better than bathtubs for making singers sound good. We had some sun today, so hopefully you’re going to get it tomorrow. And ho boy, Phineas sure got some blog love yesterday. He may have to write more often!

  3. Kudos to you for looking for that ray of sunshine in that little bird. They do wear some beautiful colors. Your painting is beautiful. So many lovely colors. I’ve said it before, I love rainy days. I get depressed when the sun returns….yardword, dirty windows, clothes that probably won’t fit because I’ve enjoyed the holidays too much! Lol

    1. haha! I love that reasoning, Lori! 😃💕 I too feel that way when the sun comes back. I’m like… I’m not ready!! I NEED my sweaters! Please don’t make me resort to a t-shirt just now. lol The holidays always get a bit too joyful in my case. But, I know the salads in my future will come with another holiday reward this fall!

  4. Charlie says, ” It’s wonderful to take a moment and look at the shadows to see all of the wonderful colors that are hidden there. ”

    beautiful thinking!!

    and the pigeon looks so real, I think he might fly away at any moment,

    the alliterative title makes my poet’s heart sing.

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