For our prompt of “Mushroom” today, the first thing that happened was that Philippe questioned me about the word itself. In French, the word is “champignon” which is a rather lovely word. He then asked about the English word saying, “so, it’s a room…made of mush?” which was truly an interesting thing to consider. As it turns out, the word comes from Latin, then old French, and ended up what it is today as far as I can tell, simply due to a bit of mispronunciation. While a room made of mush, sounds a little weird, a mushy room also sounds quite relaxing. So anyway, that’s how we ended up with a little mouse reading a book under the cover of colorful mushrooms. I assumed the mouse would enjoy a tiny hammock and thus we have my answer to a mush-room. Though it’s more of an outdoor situation, and one that I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. It would be lovely to rest in a hammock for awhile, and enjoy a little escape from things.

In truth, it was actually warmer here today, so if I indeed had a hammock and time to rest, that might have worked out. As it turns out, I was quite busy and only had time to break and make a little sketch. Though proportionally, a mouse works best for an idea like this, the main reason I chose one is that I just sketched one yesterday so it was the easiest thing to recall from imagination. And I’ve made this type of mushroom many times before so I could make up a sketch rather quickly. Just sitting down to a blank page with no references at all is still something rather new for me so it was good to practice. The thing I love about practicing things is that the more I DO it, the less trepidation and outright fear that I feel. Though I really shouldn’t worry as if you’re even in the habit of reading these rambles, you’re likely up for anything!

Though I don’t have a hammock, I did take the next couple of days off work. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a break and so it was a bit overdue. I have a habit of pushing myself to the limit and then wondering why I feel a little exhausted. It’s as though I have to relearn each time that doing a thousand things at once and going a mile a minute at all times is truly tiring. As many of you know, my dog Phineas would find such behavior perfectly ludicrous. Nobody has to remind him to take a moment to do nothing at all as he’s made quite an art of it. Currently, I’m listening to the sounds of his little snores and it’s a rather lovely thing to hear. Every so often there’s a big, unruly snore that’s a little less cute, but overall, it’s quite nice to sit and listen to him enjoy the afternoon. And, it’s another wonderful reminder that no matter how crazy life gets, it’s always good to have a place to relax.

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31 thoughts on “A Place To Relax

  1. Finding that middle ground is so important, because doing nothing is as tiring as doing a 1000 things at once. I tend to be someone with vast plans but finds it hard to get going. Once I get started I’m okay, but more often than I like, I think I’ll finally get started and realize it’s almost time for bed!

  2. Charlie in Italian we say fongi (mushrooms) which would resonate with fungus and which those are. Phillippe is right, English is confusing and irrational at times. I had in my time with college and university students whom I helped with their written assignments (teachers hated me, I could do it and they couldn’t, cackle cackle), I found no worse scenario than those who came internationally. They could not understand English let alone those stupid little rules they had pushed on them. So what, Just learn the language, I would tell them and add that I don’t know those rules either. I am a published author so that tells you something about those rules.

  3. I have had the same type of conversations with my Mexico born mother about English words. Of course, she sometimes does something curious: she asks ME how you say so-and-so word in Spanish. Wait–what? You’re asking ME if I know a word in Spanish? Words like “island” don’t make sense to her. Why isn’t it pronounced ISland? It has an S; why spell it with an S, if it’s silent?? Good question.
    Funny story: One day she was bickering with me about something. She said something that I have never said or heard of so, I said, “No, it wasn’t. You big fat liar!” That comment stopped her in her tracks and her mouth dropped open. She just stared at me with an offended look on her face. I laughed out loud because she says, “Not only did you call me a liar, but you even called me BIG AND FAT.” I corrected her that I said “big,fat” liar, not big AND fat. She says, “That’s the same thing!” The look of disgust was PRICELESS! 😂😂 I tried to explain the saying, but she was too offended.
    There is something odd about my mother using “air quotes,” too. haha haha Anyway, great painting, Charlie. So cute. 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I agree with your mom… silent letters are so confusing! And in French, they’re almost all silent it seems. hehe… I thought Spanish was much easier as everything was pronounced. And too funny on that story. Yeah, I bet you’d never be able to explain that saying! lol

      1. I ‘ll be honest, sometimes I think better in Spanish. Somethings in English just don’t make sense or sound weird. The word “toast” is weird to me. It sounds incomplete. We say “pan tostado,” which is toasted bread. So, we say “toast bread.” I don’t think it’s weird, but I had a very annoying person point it out to me. I don’t feel so bad about it. Chef Lydia Bastianich says “toast bread” also. It’s the Latin in the language. 😀 Yeah, Spanish pronounces everything. Salmon and isla (island) take a weird turn in English. haha haha It is fun to learn about languages and how we use it. There are some words in French that are identical to Spanish. My friend in France, loves libelule, which is dragonfly. In Spanish, it’s libelula. Then, there are words that stump me. Aubergine in French and in Spanish, it’s verejena. So frustrating! haha haha Joie de vie! 😀

  4. Hello Charlie,

    You are slowly but surely becoming a dream interpreter! So many people must be dreaming of being able to enjoy an afternoon with a book, in a hammock. And so many times I dream of becoming as tiny as a mouse so its easier to hide from the world. That mouse looks completely content and given those lovely mushrooms, he may well find that he is going to be visited by fairies soon. I do hope that happens. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I think that’s why I love mice so much. It does seem like it would be easier to hide away from the world when needed. And yes! I do hope the mouse gets a visit from fairies. If I sketched, them they’d be animals, not people, of course! 😉hehe

  5. I love this community! You comments make me enjoy this even more! I am so happy to hear some self care for Charlie! Yay! The sound of my pup snoring in a warm spot in the low Fall light is a priceless memory. I like when he chased cats (or maybe something smaller, he only weighed in at 4lbs tops) in his sleep😄 When he’d wake himself up abruptly, I’d laugh at him and say, “what would you do with one if you caught it!” He’d just look embarrassed and curl back up with his back to me. Anyway, you know I cherish mouse art. They’re like a whole world in my pocket! (Or maybe an ear🐭😆)

    1. Aww thanks so much, Nellie! 😃💕 And I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying our lovely community! And pups sleeping and chasing things is so priceless! Love that! Yeah, there will be lots more mice coming… they’re the easiest and quickest thing for me to make and they can go anyplace my mind goes!

  6. Hey! Thank you a lot for your blog – i silently follow since i don’t know… years? your images very often put a smile on my face – thank you a lot for that!

    btw – the middle mushroom floats in the air … 😀

    1. Thanks so much, Pixel! 😃💕 Thrilled you’re enjoying these! Yep… I extended the mushroom in my doodle and it was too busy… I mean to add a bit more background so it look farther away, but ran out of time! So that one is truly a magic mushroom! lol

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