I have a friend in from out-of-town today so I’m sneaking in this quick little 15 minute doodlewash of some sort of fruit-infused water. Today’s prompt of “transparency” is something I paint quite often and truly what makes watercolor so cool. That and the fact that you can get something that looks rather pleasing even in the world’s shortest amount of time. At least I hope that’s the case here, as this is probably my fastest doodlewash yet! With no time to worry over the details, it was a fun exercise. I hoped to have time to complete a full post as well before I leave for the evening, but I have to head out the door immediately, so I’ll be back in couple hours to finish… (time passes) Okay… I’m back. Did you miss me? I just went to a fresh and oyster bar and sampled the happy hour menu. Actually, I think I might have oversampled the happy hour menu and now feel like a tick on a deer. This was a restaurant I’ve never been to before and I always get way too excited to try all the little small bites that they offer. Gluttony at its finest. I’m not proud.

I was nearly certain that I wasn’t going to be able to make a post today at all, but then I thought, nope, I’m going to make it happen. It felt good as it’s proof that daily painting is always a possibility even on the days when there’s absolutely no time available at all. Or perhaps, it just reveals that I have a rather serious addiction. But as addictions go, this is one I wear with pride. It’s true, I literally “have to paint something” in order to get through my day. Perhaps that’s why I founded World Watercolor Group, a sort of support group for people like me who can’t seem to avoid grabbing a brush each day. No, it was really just a space for artists to inspire each other, but still, it’s fun to have such a large group of artists to paint with each day. Not every artists paints daily, but I truly believe that the power of daily practice is an important part of learning. I’m still learning each and every day and that makes it really fun.

I would have typically taken this doodlewash up a notch and added more crazy detail, but I wanted to see if all this practice with painting glass meant I could produce the effect more quickly. And now, since I ate my weight in seafood, I’m particularly happy that I managed to complete this before I left. And now, as I look at this solitary glass of fruity water, the irony of it isn’t lost on me. This is the opposite of what happened next. Now I’ll be heading off to lounge on the couch when I should be going for a run or something. I don’t run, unless chased, it’s not something I’ve ever found fun to do. But there’s always tomorrow, when I can make up for my eating travesties of today and make better decisions. The point was, I had a blast, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to focus on for a day. When the sun comes up tomorrow, I’ll have no regrets, though I will likely be craving a quick drink of water.

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About the Doodlewash

Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Indian Yellow, Phthalo. Green Pale, Red Orange, Phthalocyanine Blue, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
Day 23 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - A Quick Drink of Water - 15 minute sketch of a glass of fruit-infused water - #doodlewash

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11 thoughts on “A Quick Drink Of Water

  1. I admire your determination to paint something everyday. Myself, I must do better at that. Love today’s painting as it reminds me I should have had that glass of fruit infused water too instead of the excessive dinner I had😄

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 So glad you liked this one… hehe… it was soooo quick! But that’s part of the fun! Definitely more fun to paint a little something super fast than to skip a day! My dinner was embarrassingly excessive… hehe… I’ll be on a food detox today. 😊

  2. I’m so glad for your fun and friend visit! Glad you splurged but still found time to paint. An admirable example. I’ve been so busy at work and using that for my excuse – but no excuses for you – you little show off! lol! xo

  3. That tall glass of water with lime wedges looks sooooo tempting but oysters only work for me in literature. Now had you gone out for chocolate, I’d probably also be heading out the door for chocolate – power of suggestion very strong around here.

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