For our prompt of “Limes” today my mind wandered to one of my absolute favorite desserts. That yummy awesomeness that is key lime pie. I didn’t have an actual reference, as I wasn’t able to procure one today, but when it’s something you love, the memory is always there. Philippe and I actually had a slice a few weeks ago when we were still able to get a delivery from the grocery store. It wasn’t on the list, of course, but I was in charge of the ordering so a few extra items magically snuck into the mix. When the groceries arrived, Philippe kept looking at me as he pulled out various surprise products while unpacking the bags. Suffice it say, I’m no longer allowed to shop online without adult supervision. But thankfully, before that, I was able to sneak in a whole key lime pie and a much needed treat. And, even if I now only have the memory, it still makes me smile.

Today, Philippe and I went to the actual grocery store, which is a rather eerie thing to experience these days. But, it was nice to see everyone social distancing, even while we saw the sadly empty shelves there. We’re planning on doing pick up after this, but needed to see what everyone was hoarding so we could order online appropriately in the future. I actually felt very safe since Philippe had worked in a science lab for years and gave me clear instructions on how to proceed. But to say it was surreal would be an understatement. Happily, we were able to get everything we needed so it was a successful adventure. I wasn’t able to sneak in a pre-made dessert, but we were able to get some gluten-free flour and I made sure Philippe noticed the cookie recipes on the back. We’ve never gotten this kind of flour before, but everything else was sold out.

We don’t have dessert very often, so it always feels special when one appears. And sketching one is always super fun! I was equally happy that I could sketch this from memory. I decided to just go for it and see what came out and was pleased that I could imagine it clearly. Though these are indeed trying times, I decided I would redefine what that means. I’m going to “try” sketching from memory more and see what I can come up with. I’m going to keep right on trying new things and having fun! After all of this time drawing and painting things every single day, I know how to make far more than I typically give myself credit for being able to sketch properly. Self-doubt is something that never quite goes away, but the best way I know to beat it into submission is to just keep right on trying and experimenting! Things might not always work out as planned, but that’s okay. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you’ll get a rare treat!

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Key Lime Pie And Fork Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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24 thoughts on “A Rare Treat

  1. Oh my mouth is watering right now Charlie! I too sneak dessert in one in a while. My husband is a diabetic so they really aren’t allowed here. With him working at home my sneaking the in has stopped. 😒 On a different happier note watercolor color paint arrived today! I had to have it for my class, 😇😁

  2. Oh yum! Key Lime Pie is a favorite. I snuck in some blueberry glazed donuts on our last order. I’m not really a big donut eater, but for some reason they were just waving lasciviously at me and I succumbed to their allure. And they were good. So good.

  3. Oh that looks yummy! I also went to the grocery store at 6:30a.m. for a 7:00 a.m opening. Our store was pretty organized. They only let in a small group at a time, sort of in waves so everyone would be dispersed well. I felt pretty good after leaving. However, I stumbled across a video this afternoon that talked about disinfecting your groceries when you got home. By this time all freezer and fridge stuff was put away. – unsanitized. Hubby had told me to put the non-parishables in a tote and set it outside. So long story short… matter how careful we think we are being, we have to do more. I am not leaving my house……ever. :< Stay happy!

  4. Key lime pie is a favorite of mine too. I love graham cracker crust. And whipped cream.

    I made oatmeal cookies today. A double batch so I could share with neighbors who came outside for the exchange. Life is so weird.

  5. What a wonderful key lime pie and congratulations on your sneaky shopping treats! As to the gluten-free flour, the main thing to know about baking without gluten is that the dough will be very very very soft and sticky. (Philippe will know why – the gluten adds structure to the mix) I’ve had to be gluten free for more than a decade and am happy that more and more pre-made products are available but I still do a bit of baking. Have fun!

  6. Awesome lime pie! I wish i could just take it frome the screen.
    here in Belgium big “stay at home” campaign. We just come out for shopping and work. Working with mouthmasks now in frozen food factory (veggies for all over the world fi button sprouts for Tesco)
    On a brighter note: just saw your video for sketchbook revival. You are just great !!!You make watercolour look so easy. thanks for the free gift . I will enjoy it and consider to buy one of your books.

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 Aww I’m sending you much love my friend! These are crazy times indeed… stay safe! I’m so happy you enjoyed my session on Sketchbook Revival session! And if you do get one of my books, I DO hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

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