A Real Life Doodlewash Dinner!

Various doodlewashes from a real life Doodlewash Dinner Party
Doodlewashers First Column: Jeromey Bell, Courtney Pesek, Charlie O’Shields; Second Column: Aesha Beattle, Philippe Noguera, Robb Murry

Last night a group of us gathered for a real life Doodlewash Dinner! It was getting dark, so the sun had gone down by the time we painted and I didn’t get great photos… plus there was wine… but wanted to share the results of the evening above. This is a super fun and easy idea to try that I highly recommend. It really couldn’t be simpler, just gather together people you enjoy, feed them, ply them with drinks, and then pull out the paints at the end of the evening. You don’t even have to be an artist or have ever painted before (it was Robb’s first time ever!).

The best part for a group of adults like us, is that it’s like we get to be kids again. No attempt to make serious art or worry about the result. Just grab a brush, some paper, some paint and go for it and celebrate whatever happens. Though admittedly, this is sort how I always recommend approaching painting. Last night, everything felt like a masterpiece and we just had fun spending time together. Kind of like kids and moms sitting at a kitchen table, which is a wonderful thing indeed. And I hope every mom is having a fantastic Mother’s Day!

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