Certainly any good nature hike wouldn’t be complete without stopping to have a healthy snack. Or, at least that’s what I’ve told myself so I could paint a bit of glass and prepared food for today’s prompt of berries. This prompt has appeared before, and each time it’s a bit of a trick question. As it turns out, many things we call berries aren’t berries at all while things we wouldn’t dream of calling a berry are exactly that. For example, bananas, eggplant and avocados are actually berries. And regarding the two fruits I’ve illustrated here today, only one is actually a berry, the kiwi, not the strawberry which bears the name. It’s perfectly confounding and that’s what makes food so fun. Speaking of food, for anyone interested in the illustrated cookbook I mentioned we were putting together, it’s now available on Amazon! This is the 6×9″ trade paperback version, though the original square limited edition premium hard cover and soft cover editions are still available on Blurb. Clocking in at just 40 pages, it’s a small book, but it’s full-color throughout and filled with lots of food illustrations, brand new writing, and 10 delicious recipes by Philippe. And, as with everything sold on Doodlewash, this helps keep our community alive and a portion also goes to help underprivileged kids get art supplies, so I DO hope you’ll help support both causes by buying a copy today!  

It was super fun to put a book together, and we hope to produce another one in the future, but only if anyone bothers to buy this one. Though we hoped to get the cost of the trade paperback even lower, it turns out full color books aren’t easy to produce cheaply without being picked up by an actual publisher. But, we’re pleased with all versions as they turned out beautifully and we hope you’ll enjoy them as well. There aren’t any recipes for smoothies in the book, however, which looking back, may have been an oversight as they’re really delicious. It’s amazing the wonderful tastes you can get from a bit of blended fruit, even if you can’t discern whether or not you’ve included a true berry. Classifications in food have always been a bit odd as the botanical classification doesn’t always jive with the culinary one. For my part, I’m far more of an eater than a cook, so I’m quite content as long as the outcome tastes yummy. Which is always the case when Philippe cooks things, but never the case when I make an attempt. I’m far better off simply painting food.

Actually, the berries I remember most fondly are gooseberries. These could be found on a bush in the field on my grandparent’s farm. We would often go together to pick them and then transform them into a gooseberry cobbler, which is still one of my favorite desserts today. Knowing how they tasted in cobbler, I did attempt to eat one right off the bush once. It was terrifying. Bitter to the point of making my eyes instantly fill up with tears. I remember my grandmother sort of shrugging when I said I wanted to try one, no doubt, allowing one of those passive teaching moments to happen naturally. Once was all it took to learn that lesson. Perhaps it was also a lesson in patience as I was suddenly more than happy to wait for the cobbler to arrive and enjoy them properly. My grandparents aren’t with us anymore, but those moments keep them with me forever. For my part, I’ll stick to the cobbler version, though, and I don’t think gooseberries would be a very wise ingredient for a smoothie break!

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22 thoughts on “A Smoothie Break!

  1. I knew some of the berry interesting information you included here but not all of it, so tonight I learned something. I’ve also ordered the book and can’t wait for it to arrive! Your smoothies look yummy. Now I want one!

    1. Aww yay!! Thank you SO much for buying one! 😃💕 You got one of the cool ones!! hehe I’ve made them limited edition now. The book is definitely like coming over for dinner at our place, which you’re invited to DO, if you’re ever in the neighborhood! ❤️

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