For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you’re having a fabulous day filled with family, friends, and lots of wonderful food! In our house, we don’t eat the big meal until dinner time, so Philippe is still preparing things and I’m about to open a glass of wine for us. He’s got quite a menu planned and since nobody else will be joining us this evening, it looks like we’ll have enough leftovers to last through the weekend. A bag of cranberries was sitting out early and I asked him what he was going to do with them. He just looked at me and shrugged. It had seemed like something we should buy when we were at Trader Joe’s early this week, as it’s normally on the list of Thanksgiving treats. But, after buying the cranberries and getting them home, we realized we had no real plan for them. I’ve still no idea whether they’ll make an appearance this evening or just sit there like a bit of decoration. Either way, they’re a wonderful part of what has been a festive and glorious day!

I have a habit of getting things that just feel right for an occasion, when I’m excited and in the mood to celebrate. A few years ago, I saw a large styrofoam polar bear head that you could hang on the wall. He was wearing a festive red scarf and was a bit glittery so he charmed me thoroughly. We often forget to take him down after the season, however, so he’s often accidentally left up all year. He’s become a bit of mascot and now I feel a bit bad about shoving him into a closet. One year we managed to leave the Christmas tree up into February. It was a real tree, which Philippe lovingly watered daily, and it was so content in the house that it actually began to break bud and grow. These are likely things one would attribute to eccentric people, but I like to think we’re just laid back. We like to take each day as it comes and enjoy life without all the fuss of having to live it in a horribly scheduled fashion. Those with a Type A personality are likely shocked beyond belief, but the Type B folks know what I’m talking about.

And as the evening comes closer, and I’m about to enjoy a wonderful dinner, I’m so thankful for everything. Life doesn’t always turn out perfectly, but perfection is equally an impossible thing to judge. What happens more often is that the thing we thought would occur turns out quite differently. This perfectly imperfect aspect of life is what makes it so darn interesting and keeps me coming back for more. It would be terribly boring if everything turned out exactly as I had planned. I love the crazy surprises that life brings and I love the people that I’ve met along the journey. I’m thankful for each of you in this wonderful watercolor community. Thanks so much for sharing your vision and your passion and making the world such an exceptionally beautiful place. Together, we’ve built something amazing and without any real recipe or plan of attack. That’s the beauty of just letting things happen as they should. It’s a definitely something worthy of thankfulness. Even if, in the end, you’re still left wondering what the heck to do with that spoonful of cranberries.

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45 thoughts on “A Spoonful Of Cranberries

  1. Your cranberries are berry wonderful (ah! I’ve been using that joke all day). Our Thanksgiving got canceled due to illness but I’m thankful that the Doodlewash community was here to keep me company instead!

  2. Although I am not an artist in any sense of the word, I still wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! I am a dedicated follower of Doodlewash, because I love your doodlewashes and I love your writing! It seemed the perfect day to tell you this, again. Thank-you for the pleasure you give to me everyday.

  3. Oh Charlie O – your Type B life sounds just divine and wonderful! I hope you opened a bottle of wine and not just a glass 🙂 – I made an amazing fresh cranberry appetizer I must share with all soon. It was sooooo yummy! Happy Thanksgiving! so thankful for you!

  4. I don’t remember what we did to make cranberry jam last year for our holliday, we did something but darned if I can remember, lol. But how about sticking them in the freezer to freeze then using them as gorgeous ice cubes in your champagne or spritzer. :o) Maybe someone else has a cranberry sauce recipe. Enjoy all that wonderful food Charlie, I’m a little envious up here in cold Canada. ;o)

  5. The bear head story is sooo good! Sounds just like me!

    Best cranberry sauce
    1 bag cranberries
    2/3 cup sugar
    2/3 cup fresh orange juice and zest from one orange

    Toss all in a pot. Bring to boil. Berries will start to pop. Summer for 5 minutes till thick. Cool and eat. Easy peasy.

  6. Ok, when the cookbook is done, and then the collection of essays is published, how about a book of O’Shields’ One Liners with Illustrations.

    “so content in the house that it actually began to break bud and grow”

    That wonderful line is as joyfully poetic as anything I have ever read.

    As for the cranberries…they make me feel good just looking at their happy redness.

  7. I don’t know what you ended up doing with your cranberries, but my mother in law cooks raw cranberries with a cup of orange juice and a cup of sugar until the berries split. They are so yummy. Giggle, she makes them for me every year. 🙂

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