For today’s prompt I decided to take nature indoors, as I’m often prone to do, since I like showing evidence of human life, while usually avoiding ever actually painting a human. This still life is something one might find when visiting grandmother’s house, or perhaps, as Philippe remarked, a hat that Carmen Miranda might wear. This was from a reference as we don’t have a proper fruit bowl. Our fruits are simply flung at the end of the table in whatever bag they came in and not meticulously displayed. Often, they end up next to a bag of potatoes that normally fits in a drawer in the kitchen, but loses its spot because I failed to put pans away in the Tetris-style method required to house them properly. When I was growing up, I remember visiting houses with fake fruit in a bowl as a form of décor. Most of it looked as perfectly inedible as it was when you got too close so there wasn’t any real threat of accidentally ingesting plastic. Created, I can only assume to preserve the beautiful and brief moment of a lovely full fruit display before it’s devoured, leaving only a graveyard of stems and peels.

We went to see a play this afternoon based on one of my favorite books, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. An unusual and intriguing story of a young boy with autism who sets out on a detective journey after the suspicious death of a neighborhood dog. With his inability to tell lies, this book is rife with so many wonderful and revealing truths. I was equally curious how this story might translate to stage, but was not disappointed at all as it was incredibly captivating and awesome. The protagonist seems to have no understanding of human emotions, yet perfectly manages to make us feel all of them. And his fear of the cacophony of the world around him, reveals just how chaotic our world has really become. This has nothing at all to do with fruit, of course, but it’s what just happened so I thought I’d share it. But strangely, it equally seems fitting when met with an image that depicts the simplest bits of life.

As I show up and choose something to paint and write about each day, I fully realize that many of my posts are simply rambles. But that’s what life is after all. It’s just a series of events that sometimes don’t seem to add up to anything significant. In most cases, living consists of just another day with nothing particularly monumental happening at all.  But I adore each of those days. Those seconds where you can simply pause, take in the world around you, and be nothing more than a part of it. Not trying to affect change or make something insanely different happen, just being present. So many days I feel like I’m rushing around, barely knowing which way is up. But on the weekends, I like to take a little break. Enjoying things as they come, and not stressing about anything at all. Sure, there are thousands of things that I should be doing right now. But, in this moment, I’m more than content simply enjoying the benefits of living a still life.

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19 thoughts on “A Still Life

  1. When I was growing up in my Italian-American family, we always had a bowl full of fresh, seasonal (real) fruit on our table. We would often take from the bowl at dessert time. I carried the tradition into my own home – it’s a gracious way to live! I do love how you painted the shallow bowl and its shadow.

  2. It’s always fun to ramble along with you on whatever topic you pick, Charlie, as it comes around to be insightful no matter what. Your fruit bowl is luscious looking. We have a fruititarian in our family – our oldest granddaughter devours fruit so fast that if you don’t get your hand in the bowl to pick what you want, you’ll end up with the stems and the rinds. I sent her home the other night with a pomegranate and you’d have thought I’d given her a new puppy. Her brother got the pineapple so they were each satisfied. Carmen Miranda’s hat makes a suitable fruit bowl but you can always use a basket.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 hehe…. I’m playing around this month. A traditional still life is not really my style, so I thought I’d try it. Really does just look like Carmen Miranda’s hat though. lol And a fruitarian, eh? I guess a pomegranate would be a perfect gift indeed! hehe

  3. I love that book too! I wonder what kind of conversationalist you are in real life? Do you begin a story, segue into other things, and finally, a half hour later, get back to finish the story you started? And I am reminded, I must add bananas to the grocery list.😁

  4. Yes, many of your posts are rambles, but you always take us at a gentle stroll, show us interesting things and bring us back to where we started. A mindful exercise that I always look forward to. Love your fruit bowl!

  5. “there are thousands of things that I should be doing right now. But, in this moment, I’m more than content simply enjoying the benefits of living a still life”

    painting and words, absolutely delectable…
    once again you’ve stilled the world and made this space a haven.

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