For our prompt of “Coconut” today, I couldn’t decide between a mature coconut and a young one, so I just doodled both and threw in an orchid for a touch more color. I actually have the day off from work tomorrow, so this is equally how I’m kicking off my mini vacation. Okay, well, staycation as I can’t really go anywhere. In truth, getting a day off when you’re home all of the time anyway isn’t quite as remarkable. But, I’m determined to make it feel different and special, even if that just means sleeping in a little bit longer tomorrow morning. Truly, there’s something wonderful about not having to worry about what time you wake up. That said, my internal clock is well trained so no matter what time I go to sleep these days, I’m always awake at the exact same time. Yet, not having to actually get out of bed right away is the real treat. I can sit and read or just stare at the ceiling marveling at how wonderfully lazy I am. It’s really a wonderful way to start the day!

The reality of these current times is that routine has become even more of a routine. The truth is, there’s not that much that’s actually new happening around me these days. Philippe and I can’t go anywhere or see anyone so there’s really just the things we’re watching on television to report. In this moment, we’re watching episodes of How It’s Made. They’re currently talking about how coffee filters are made which is actually quite fascinating. Of course, getting one’s hands on a coffee filter these days might prove difficult since it’s a key ingredient for homemade masks. While it’s an interesting show in part, it swings wildly from everyday things people actually know exist to things most people have never heard of before. Instead of telling us about these new wonders that the majority of us had no clue ever needed to be made, they just jump right in and tell us how they are made anyway. I try to watch and care, but I just don’t have an emotional connection, so it’s hard to stay focused.

Philippe, however, doesn’t seem to need that and is fascinated by every little thing they’re showing us. He’s a scientist after all. Seeing his delight, I attempted to jump back in with interest, but without a that emotional context, I was still just left at a loss. I’ve never loved the technical aspects of things in general, but I do love learning about things that effect us on an emotional level. If it’s just something that serves a functional purpose, I quickly begin to lose interest. But if that function truly connects with an emotional human response, I’m all in! Perhaps that’s why I tend to love nature most. I love the natural world and how each little thing is so necessary on a visceral level. So many times, we simply can’t live without a piece of nature. As ever, I’ve no idea where I’m going with all of this and just thinking out loud. But, watching machines that man makes, always just makes me appreciate nature even more. And I’m going to be taking a break from the topical world this weekend, and instead, spend it dreaming of a tropical break.

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24 thoughts on “A Tropical Break

  1. Fantastic bit of the tropics Charlie! We missed getting snow by a few miles today and just got heavy rain thank you! The northern half of New Hampshire and all of Maine got heavy wet snow. I managed to get home from the grocery store before the rain began but that meant leaving my house about 6:30 am. I hope not to go back for a week. I did not know that glasses fogged up when you try to breath with a facemask on. I have a new appreciation for those that have to wear them all the time. Enjoy your day off from working at home. 😉

  2. Tropical break..nice idea! Love it! Beautiful food and flower sketching! Some of the trees in India have a grand place in Hindu and Buddhist iconography and folk art. Yes, the coconut tree is one of them

  3. Every Sunday I exchange emails with an old friend of mine. She still works, and I’m retired. She writes these long notes about things going on with her, and her job, and kids. As for me, especially in winter, I’m lucky to get down a paragraph because nothing ever happens here in the winter at my house. She assures me that she dreams of leading a life as boring as mine.😂😂

  4. Well if this doesn’t take one to a tropical place, then they do need help. I went straight to a lovely beach in Hawaii. A gentle breeze as I watched the Palm trees swoon. Bam! That’s how my ltitle brain works. Thanks for the trip Charlie! I’ve limited myself to news shows these days. Even commercials are a constant reminder. That’s were recording show is great! Seems if I don’t watch it, i am able to have a normal day for me. 😉 Enjoy your day off!

  5. I’m the same way about most mechanical things. I connect far more to things that breathe and move and think. And dreaming about such things while enjoying tropical sun and drinks sounds real good about now!

  6. Yeah, you totally misunderstood! Sorry about that! I was simply referring to the show we were watching… they were discussing rolling hangar doors and I don’t actually have a deep emotional connection to them! I guess I should have added that bit. I of course care about humans deeply, and the plight we’re all facing now. (that’s why I said “connects with an emotional human response, I’m all in!”) I’m so sorry to hear about your young cousin. Sending you much love! ❤️I just don’t write directly about what’s happening in the world every day or it would make me go completely crazy. I have to still talk about everyday life to keep myself sane during these times.

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