I started this blog with no real idea of where it might go and what would happen. In just a few short weeks I’ve enjoyed daily doodlewash fun with my partner and friends (still a no-go on getting our dog involved). And best of all, I’ve “met” lovely doodlewashers from all over the world! I just wanted to thank all the amazing sketchers and watercolorists out there who I’ve yet to meet for showing us the world through new eyes.

I also wanted to take a break and give a special shout out to the very first Guest Doodlewashers who’ve helped me add a bit of variety to this humble little blog. Thanks to my doodlewash.com partner in crime and partner in life, Philippe (@Phinomet), our wonderful friend Sandrine in Paris, who we miss like crazy, and our dearest pal, Aesha (MissAesha).

And an extra special shoutout to our new friends, Julia Milner (@milner_julia) from Lincolnshire, UK, Aggie Lim (aggie.lim) from Australia, and Sari Atika Sundari (sari_atika) from Jakarta, Indonesia. You are all so inspiring and we love your work!

If you’re interested in being one of the next Guest Doodlewash posts, click here and introduce yourself! I’d love to “meet” you too!

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