A Yellow Rose Doodlewash and watercolor sketch of rose and leaves color means friendship

A Yellow Rose For Friends

So I decided to break away from bugs and actually attempt to doodlewash a bug-free flower for the first time on this journey. Passing a bush of roses yesterday, I thought for tonight’s #NatureDoodlewash I’d share this yellow one with you. This particular color of rose is a traditional symbol of friendship, so I’d like to say thank you to all my wonderful fellow doodlewasher friends out there who I’ve met on this amazing journey. The beauty you share with us each and every day truly makes the world a better place. And your constant inspiration is helping me on my path to be a better artist.

Roses are such interesting flowers because they, more than any other, seem to be loaded with so much meaning when you’re giving them to someone. There are entire charts to help you navigate which rose color to choose in order to send the right message. Most men just know that red means “I love you” so you’d better be super sure before handing one of those out. But white is associated with marriage and new starts, so that’s also a dicey one. Ironically, white is also associated with the end of life and used as a gesture of remembrance. Orange is all about passion and enthusiasm, and pink is still love, but of a friendlier less romantic sort.

That much symbolism is enough to make a person’s head explode to be sure, but roses are a beautiful gift so they’re worth the extra effort. Unfortunately, though I love to give flowers, I’ve always felt awkward receiving them. I’ve no idea why. Perhaps it’s their showy nature and the way that anyone in your proximity immediately begins to stare or worse, flock to your side to see who sent them. No, I much prefer giving, so tonight I’m giving this one to all of you. I hope you’re enjoying the hike and I wish you love, which is apparently of the more joyful, friendly, and peaceful sort, according to those who claim to know.

Join me throughout the month of June on a virtual nature hike! Show everyone what you love most in nature with a watercolor sketch or painting and tag your images #NatureDoodlewash so we can all enjoy it with you! I’ll create a featured artist gallery of our global hike at the end of the month! 

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Azo Yellow, Sap Green, Cobalt Teal, Permanent Green Pale, Ultramarine Blue, Perylene Maroon, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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53 thoughts on “A Yellow Rose For Friends

  1. Much appreciate the gesture of, joyful, peaceful, love of the friendly kind! 🙂 such a beautiful yellow rose Charlie. You really should paint flowers more often! Fantabulous and wowzers! 🙂

  2. Thank you sweet Charlie – and your doodlewashed yellow rose is even more beautiful than a real one. I don’t know how you do it – so easily and beautifully draw and paint everything in your amazing style. Peace and love to you wonderful friend!

  3. Awww Charlie yellow roses are one of my favorites! This rose that you created is gorgeous! Very beautiful! <3 Thank you so much for such kindness and gesture in name of the beautiful friendship! Thank you! 😉

  4. Ooh! Do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever been given flowers before, so this is doubly wonderful – thanks ever so much, Charlie! And what a fabulous specimen it is too – beautifully executed all round. If you fancy sending any more, I’d be thrilled! 😉

          1. Oh, for sure! And with doodlewash fever only heightening around the world, perhaps it’s not long before you’ve enough sway to demand Citrus Polos return! 😉

  5. Awww! Charlie you are a darling…..did you know that in Mexico giving a yellow rose is the opposite of what the giver usually is trying to say….in other words, “I don’t like you, go away”. I happen to know this because of my daughter and her now husband, who was a Mexican National. It was a running joke because she loves yellow roses but he had to get over the fact that it means the opposite in Mexico. Anyway, I always seem to want to offer up stories but I can’t help it. I am hoping to contribute more to our little hike, more coming. 😉

      1. yep, of course, definitely meant it in a good way. Just thought it was some interesting info….and from what I remember, it isn’t just roses but any yellow flower, I need to find out for sure, just to get my story right. 😉

  6. Thank you, Charlie for your friendship and your beautiful yellow rose. 💛🌹 I immediately put it your rose in water so I could enjoy it! 😍 Roses are not easy to draw but your doodlewash looks perfect! 💐

  7. Thank you for the flower, Charlie, I love all roses – how did you know? A good day effort, if I may say so. Btw, did you get my guest post and photos? My email has been acting up lately…

  8. Charlie, you picked the perfect color…. and created a wonderful doodle wash painting for all of us to enjoy. THANK YOU for the info on the rose!! I love how you write in your posts, you always have such good humor. You make us smile & laugh.
    Don’t be compelled to force yourself to paint something you don’t enjoy. Life, is just way too short for that!! Paint what lights your eyes. not ours.

    1. Thanks so much Debi! So pleased you liked this and like my posts! 😃💕 yeah, I had to challenge myself to try a flower at least, but I just don’t like sketching and painting them. When is weird because I loved to take macro photos of them! Hehe… turns out, people seem to like my bugs better and so do I! Lol So win, win!

      1. paint what you love;
        it trumps every time! I do love your insects. I loved those wacky creatures so much too!! Still think they could be ‘dolls.’
        Strangely, I loathe painting buildings and painting people. yet…. get me behind the camera & I love Them!!
        the manipulation of the lens provides me just the right effects.

          1. I’d love to see your dolls lined up along your office…. as you are working! clients come in… and do a double take LOL too funny. but, hey – they might like those and buy them too.

  9. Beautiful rose and I just love your commentary Charlie! The part about “or worse,flock to see who sent them” was the laugh I needed this morning, bro! You’re the best, guy. Thanks for sharing your friendship and encouragement and artistic awesomeness with us!

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