Abbaye Bénédictine Notre-Dame

Abbaye bénédictine Notre-Dame, Lonlay-L'Abbaye Watercolor by Charlie O'Shields

This doodlewash is of the Abbaye bénédictine Notre-Dame in Lonlay-L’Abbaye, France. I decided to go ahead and doodlewash a previous sketch I did for #DrawingAugust yesterday. The sketch was petty complex so I wasn’t sure how it would come out in the wash, but I rather like the effect.

I’ve never been here and hadn’t even heard of the place before, but Philippe and I found a lone box of French butter cookies at HomeGoods that we wanted to try and they were awesome! Turns out they were imported from Biscuiterie d’Abbaye which is another famous feature in this small town in lower Normandy, along with the scene above I Googled and ultimately chose to draw. It was the last box so I guess we’ll need to visit soon and get more!

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  1. Nice job, Charlie! Roll on! :)))

    • Author

      Thanks so much my friend!! Appreciate the support!! :-))

      • You’re so welcome, Charlie! We newbies have to stick together!

        • Author

          Agreed!! So happy to have “met” you on here!! 🙂

          • Me too, Charlie! I’m tempted to change your blog name to drawingwash even though it doesn’t sound as cute, because your work is the opposite of a doodle to me! It’s very detailed and intricate. I think you’re doing great. It’s always fun to see what you’ve been up to over there.

          • Author

            Lol…yeah…not as catchy. But I really do just doodle…swirl my fountain pen around randomly and see what comes out. Turns out the more you swirl the more detail you can create! My goal now is trying fewer doodle marks, but once I start I can’t seem to stop in time for that to happen! 😊hehe

          • lol, I’d like to see it, you should think about posting a video maybe! Then your name would be more… understandable, I think?

          • Author

            I should! Have videos in the plan for the future! Hehe…I think the name works great! It’s already being used as a verb on Instagram. Always a good sign! 😉

          • haha no doubt. It’s got a great ring to it!

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