For our prompt of “Blue Jay” today, I sketched one sitting in a tree, enjoying a little break. I adore sketching birds and I’m always a bit envious of their view, high in the treetops, even though I’m afraid of heights. The ability to fly has always intrigued me as well, so perhaps that why I always enjoy making them in my sketchbook. Also, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying seeing what everyone else has made for the challenge this month. Your work is so wonderful and inspiring! Keep going! And, I’m equally excited for a little break this weekend as Monday is a holiday here and that means three full days off! Philippe and I have no plans as gatherings are all cancelled these days, but I’m thrilled for a bit of time to relax. And, of course, a few extra minutes for sketching stuff. Though, I often realize I’m rather good at killing time as well, doing nothing much at all. That’s just fine, as it’s really the best way to truly relax and rejuvenate.

There were some days this month when I found it tough to find motivation to sketch and write. I wasn’t sure what to make, much less what to ramble on about after making it. It was a frustrating feeling, to be sure, and it’s the same feeling that all creative folk have at times. But then, the same beautiful thing happened that always happens in these moments. Our fabulous community inspired me right out of my funk and I was happily jumping back in again. I hope if you’re sketching and painting along with me that you’ve found the same to be true. No matter what, when I just step back and simply watch the lovely art scroll by, inspiration is always just a click or swipe away. Soon, I’ve flung open my sketchbook and I’m giddily doodling away and splashing watercolor around. And not too long after that, a blank page has been transformed into what you see appear here. It’s so much fun!

Speaking of fun, tonight is always one of my favorite nights of the week, since it’s pizza night. Though my child inside loves the food, of course, it’s also a chance to go offline and enjoy quality time with my little family. We’ll always watch something or other on television. Possibly even a movie as it’s the one of the few nights where Philippe and I seem to have the attention span for one. Our dog Phineas doesn’t get any of the pizza, of course, but Philippe gives him some extra treats. Just like when Philippe indulges me, the treats are all very low-calorie. Phineas has a current addiction to green vegetables and so Philippe makes little thin slices for him and puts a tiny treat on top. So, while we’re enjoying our pizza and salad, the dog’s meal is somewhat more elevated as he enjoys tiny bites of zucchini carpaccio. Yet, the whole scene always makes my heart smile. Sometimes, the best moments in life happen when you’re just admiring the view.

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Blue Jay Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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30 thoughts on “Admiring The View

  1. A fantastic sketch, Charlie! Indeed, it’s inspiring to see the works of others and do our own, no matter what. This platform has been helping me personally to keep sane during these times.

  2. You are so right, Charlie! It’s always perspective that’s important. Whether it’s an aerial view or simply that way you look at what’s happening, it always makes a difference. Enjoy your pizza!

  3. Our blue jay learned a new sound recently. I was outside doing something and I heard a strange sound coming from the maple tree. Then I saw the blue jay and figured out he was making the odd noise. They are funny creatures.

  4. Nice BlueJay! We have a pair around here that nests here every year. A few weeks ago we had a pair of Stellar’s Jays (solid blue with solid black heads). Normally we only see them while camping or higher up in the woods. So that was fun to see.

  5. We have a lot of Blue Jays around here, in fact so many that our only MLB Team is called the Toronto Blue Jays. My dad feeds the Blue Jay Birds in the backyard, and when sports is back on the air I will be watching some Jays games with my dad. I really like how you got the grey colours in the undercoat, and the beautiful blue colours.

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