For our prompt of “Rain” today, I chose the moment just after it stops, when all of the leaves sparkle with raindrops that look like little jewels. It’s also the time when snails like to come out to play. Or, perhaps they are simply enjoying the beauty of the scene as well. There’s something wonderful about these moments. The world seems just a bit brighter and happier, just like my own shower fresh moments when I’m ready to conquer a new day. At least that’s how it always starts. Sometimes as the day moves on things can get a bit crazy and so busy that I wonder how I’m going to make it to the end. Today, was one of those days, so it was lovely to come home and get to start things all over again with a fresh new sketch.  Of course, just before making this, I worried that I didn’t have the time and couldn’t manage to make something at all today. So, I did what I always DO in those situations. I just took the time and did it anyway. And, again, I was reminded of how refreshed I felt! It’s such an amazing thing to make that time to create each day.

Snails have always been so weird and fascinating to me. They move so slowly that it’s like they aren’t really moving at all. But, with all of my rushing around today, I have to wonder if they don’t have a beautiful secret they’re not sharing. Though I had a lot to get done, I found myself a touch frantic in certain moments. This is rather rare for me as I’m typically really calm and take everything in stride. But, today, I tried to start with a bit of a rare plan and then the day had other ideas. Suddenly my plan was in jeopardy and I was left trying to juggle way too many things at once. It was then I realized once again that I’m not a planner by nature. It was a lovely idea to try, but for me, going with the flow always works best. I often try things I think I should be doing to see if maybe they will work out for me. I never say never and always give things multiple chances. What I discovered today was that I was trying to plan in the way that I’ve seen others do this particular feat. While some of the ideas were wonderful, the actual execution just didn’t fit my style. So it didn’t work well at all.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to improve my productivity lately, so like most people, I checked out the Internet for inspiration. What I’ve learned is that I’m far better off when I listen to the concepts and skip through the bits about specific step-by-step execution. I love to learn “why” people do things and the concept of it all. That inspires me so much! But, many times, the precise way in which they actually do it, doesn’t quite work out for me. Though I do have to often re-learn this idea, it’s a rather awesome epiphany each time I rediscover it. Sometimes, when learning something new, I have to listen for the “why” and embrace it, just in case the “how” doesn’t quite work out for me. There are so ways to DO the same thing! But, everyone has something wonderful to teach me! The Internet is a virtual smorgasbord of ideas and there’s so much out there to discover. And, I know that even when I fail a particular “how-to,” I’ve still made huge strides on my path by learning someone else’s “why-to.” There are diamonds to be found in all of these concepts and ideas, that sometimes, can only be truly seen after it rains.

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39 thoughts on “After It Rains

  1. I didn’t use to be a planner but working for a health insurance company – they insisted you give them a plan (without giving you anything but the sketchiest of information), report on where you were on the plan each day, and explanations as to why the plan wasn’t working. Because they seldom did, having been made with almost no information or demands that were not possible to meet. I always felt half of my work day was just wasted on this but that was the job. Now I find it hard not to fall into that planning mode even though there is no reason for it.

    1. Yeah, plans are quite popular in jobs… hehe… I used to have to make them as well. So, I’ll slip back into it and think… well, this never works. At my last job I changed things up and starting doing storytelling presentations. It made people feel like they actually understood an idea rather than having to wonder what all those tasks might add up to! hehe

  2. I love snails! Yours are great!

    Your way of doing things is interesting. I used to teach employees new stuff by insisting they learn step by step what went into getting a task done. Once they had that under their belt, I let them have at it if they had a better, or more efficient way of getting to the same end point. The how and why of it. It works very well.

  3. Charlie says, “There are diamonds to be found in all of these concepts and ideas, that sometimes, can only be truly seen after it rains.”

    Beautiful thought and language and so very true…
    I love that top snail especially. He has a perky little face that is adorable.

  4. You made one of my least favorite creatures look adorable. When we moved to this house in 1985, we faced several very rainy winters. A thick patch of ground cover abutted the sidewalk and every raindrop drew its own snail to clog up the sidewalk. It was nearly impossible to walk without squishing a half dozen or so. But yours sliding along the fresh green leaf are charmers.

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