We’ve reached the end of another month and, yes, it’s also the final day of my birthday month since I celebrate all month long. That’s the only proper way to approach these things. So for our final prompt of “Party” I doodled a dog in a little party hat. Thanks so much to everyone who kept each other company this month, as we all sketched from our respective places of quarantine. And, I DO hope you’ll continue to sketch right along with me for the May art challenge as we have some fun with color and continue to spread hope and happiness around the globe! Though I sketch every day, the end of a month always feels like a little victory. Another month of daily sketches are complete. That’s actually been my secret to show up each and every day for almost 5 years now. I just take things one little month at a time, and in no time at all, I have a stack of filled sketchbooks!

And, even though it was an entire month spent social distancing and I was not able to have a party of any kind, I still enjoyed every minute. It will certainly rank as one of the most memorable birthday months ever. I didn’t get any gifts to unwrap either, but that was simply because I couldn’t come up with a single tangible thing I wanted this year. I told Philippe that if I do come up with something he’s still on the hook to purchase and wrap it for me. Assuming I can do so before it’s time for Christmas, of course. My greatest gift this month was getting to sketch together with other artists virtually. Sure, it’s what I do each and every month, but doing it during a month when we’re all trapped at home in a second shared experience made this month rather exceptional. And truly, making art is the best thing I can possibly imagine doing when one finds themselves at home all of the time, or any time really.

Currently my own dog Phineas is adopting the same pose as the dog I sketched. He’s trying desperately to be patient while he waits for dinner, but it’s really all he can do to contain himself. He keeps glancing upstairs willing Philippe to come down and start the evening’s festivities. Each night is like a celebration for him and it’s makes me equally excited to start our little routines as well. And soon we’ll spend the entire evening doing very much the same sort of things that we did last night. For Phineas, it’s like the first time again. Even when we were allowed to go out in the world and visit people, I always found myself excited to be home once again. Back in the shelter and comfort of our little everyday world. Sometimes, the best moments in life come after the party.

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Dog Wearing Party Hat Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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29 thoughts on “After The Party

  1. You’re so right, Charlie. The best moments come after the party. Assuming of course, you didn’t eat that ‘just one more’ cookie or drink that ‘one more for the road’ drink, in which case you are sicker than a dog (sorry, Phineas) and wishing desperately that parties would be forever more banned. Of course, I have no personal experience of such a thing myself.

  2. I’m not sure that your dog is enjoying the hat Charlie! 😉🙃 I’m glad that we all got to sketch together for another month. He is wishing us all a safe and healthy month of May as the country starts to open up.

  3. Why is party dog wearing a lion’s mane? I have laughed many times at a poor dog’s cone of silence, but this poor pup looks like he’s wearing an upside down cone of shame. It’s the hangdog expression I think.

  4. One hour before midnight…one more Happy Birthday until next year.

    You do so much to keep people connected in a happy way. That is
    more than a mission…it is a way of life. A wonderful way of life.

  5. Great doodle. I love the dogs expression. I’m glad you’ve had a good birthday month. My wife and I have celebrated a birthday each and our wedding anniversary but, could only celebrate with the family over video message. That’s heartbreaking for us. Here’s to the next month of challenges, the doodle challenge and life’s challenge.

  6. Wonderful doodle, Charlie! Looks like your party dog may have partied hard and is looking for a bit of a rest. Sweet!! Looking forward to another month of doodling with friends!

  7. Oh my gosh! He’s darling. I normally celebrate my birthday all month too. Luckily for me this year, I had a great birthday and there was no need to continue for the rest of the month. On the positive side, after this is over, I will have mini celebrations with friends. I think you should play the pomp & circumstance song one night when Phillippe comes down to make dinner. Tee Hee!

  8. Aww…why is he so sad have all the people gone home from the party…u can still go rocking with him Charlie and tell look my birthday is still going on😀👍…Very nice painting Charlie…keep going!😍

  9. That is just so cute! Phineas must be the most painted/sketched dog ever to exist. I know that one’s not him, but he has that Phineas character of expression! Happy birthday, Charlie🎂

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