For Day Eighteen of World Watercolor Month, and our optional prompt of “Entwined,” I first accidentally sketched something for tomorrow’s prompt instead. So, I did a lightening quick little sketch of a couple of flamingos instead and I’ll share the other one with you tomorrow. Something about the weekend sort of boils my brain in the best way possible. It’s the one time of the week that I get to relax a little. I take this relaxation quite seriously and sort of lose track of things. It’s a wonderful feeling. I often have so much happening at once that I can barely keep up with things, so the weekend becomes a time to recharge my battery. Actually, doing a 15 minute sketch of flamingos was super fun too! It’s a good reminder that even taking a moment of time to doodle in a sketchbook is always an awesome thing. Now, I’m ready to enjoy the last few minutes of a lovely weekend, and I hope that all of you have had a beautiful weekend as well!

I was actually beginning my post with the other sketch when I decided to double-check the prompt for the day. I think I’d started to look at what’s on the slate for the work day tomorrow and had the 19th in my head. Philippe had just started making a quiche when I told him what had happened. He just looked at me as if he already knew what I was going to do. I said, “I’ll just make a quick doodle of a couple of flamingos, and write my post after dinner tonight.” He just chuckled and walked back into the living room to finish watching a show on how candy is made. While I could have gone out of order, I sort of loved the mini challenge of having to come up with something in a really short amount of time. I think that’s a wonderful exercise to remember and even try on purpose from time to time. It’s always even more unexpected as there’s no time to overthink anything in the process.

I’m now writing this post quickly after we’ve just had a wonderful salmon quiche. Now there’s a show on about how commercial cookies are made and they’re currently talking about fortune cookies. I always get the weirdest messages in those and half of them aren’t really predictions at all, but simply some odd sentence that barely makes sense. Likely what occurs in many of my posts as I rapidly drain my brain of whatever is happening there in the moment. While my brain is filled with tons of things lately, my heart is perfectly happy. I’ve had a lovely break with my little family and last night our dog Phineas thoroughly enjoyed popcorn night. Of course, now he’s being a little beast that can’t be contained because he’s miffed that popcorn night isn’t a regular evening event. And that’s how things are here as the weekend slowly burns to a close. And, I’m enjoying it immensely, even if if I’m all mixed up.

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14 thoughts on “All Mixed Up

  1. What gorgeous flamingos, Charlie! They are so beautiful! Sometimes things done under pressure bring about great results. A chunk of carbon under extreme pressure makes a diamond. That’s what I heard someone say.
    Poor Phineas. He wants popcorn! Or maybe he really IS a Scooby Doo fan. haha haha

  2. Hello Charlie,

    What a lovely Doodlewash! I like how the flamingos are all mised up too. 🙂 It’s lovely to know you had a good weekend – that means the week will be great too. Looking forward to what’s in store this coming week, specially in terms of your sketches and posts. Hopefully there’s a unicorn somewhere…


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I hope this will be a wonderful week as well. Not sure if a unicorn will make the list, but I usually just glance and prompts and start sketching so I’ve no clue what will come out! hehe

  3. I was a bit mixed up last night, too. A friend gifted us with a small bottle of Patron tequila and so, of course, we had to make margueritas. I don’t drink very often, so I felt quite mellow and sort of let the evening drift away.

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