One of my favorite things to paint are shiny or reflective surfaces, so this month makes me extra happy. For today’s prompt, we have a bit of tinsel and some ornaments. As kid, I remember silver tinsel dripping off every branch of our Christmas tree. While the glittery effect was certainly festive, it would often overshadowed the ornaments. I remember seeing a tree of my neighbor’s that was literally drowning in silver tinsel. It was definitely sparkly and looked like it was alive and moving with a nearly blinding glow of silver reflection. Rather than portraying a holiday feel, though, it looked more like twenty cheerleaders had somehow gotten stuck in the branches and were trying to climb out. These days, a simple rope of tinsel winding down the tree is more what you’ll find in our house. Just enough sparkle to provide a lovely backdrop while the ornaments take certain stage.

Each day, I grow more and more excited for the coming holiday! While I’ve gotten all the gifts for Philippe, they were all purchased online, so now comes the first part of the surprise which is waiting to see if they all arrive in time. This happens every year, since neither of us like being in a crowded shopping centers, wait a bit until the last moment, and then often end up with a bonus gift or two after Christmas. There’s never actually a bad time to receive a gift, so that still works out just fine. While on Amazon today, I saw an ad for Oprah’s Favorite Things. Oprah was wearing a shiny couture dress while gleefully standing on a sleigh full of gifts pulled by six dogs. While I remember enjoying The Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 80’s and 90’s, her lists always fail to sway me. I just have trouble connecting to someone with whom I share so little in common. Namely, I’m not a multi-billionaire and I’m more than a little jealous to now learn that she also has her own sleigh.

When I do go in search of gift recommendations, I choose to get them from people much more average like myself and my friends. Regular folk who understand that budgets aren’t optional and anything over $100 is actually something that needs to be considered very closely. And though I wouldn’t mind being a billionaire, the reality is that it simply wasn’t in the cards for me. My riches came in other, equally wonderful forms that include a lovely community of watercolor friends, a nice little home, a surly yet lovable basenji, and a French spouse who cooks like a 5-star chef. In truth, getting anything more for Christmas almost feels like an embarrassment of riches. But I won’t be turning down any gifts this season. That’s just crazy talk! Instead, I’m going to revel in the simple joys of my life, full of thankfulness for everything I do have. Even if you’re not rich, when you’re surrounded by close friends and family, all that glitters is always gold.

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40 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. You definitely have your priorities straight. I don’t know any billionaires, but I know a few people who have more money than anyone should have – it doesn’t make them happy and it causes as many problems as it solves. You have a great community, a loving family, and the ability to paint killer metallic shiny objects! Now that’s something to be envious of!

  2. This is definitly a beautiful piece of tinsel with the balls shining so bright. I love your humbleness Charlie. The siimple things in life are truly the best things for sure if you embrace them. All the money in the world couldn’t buy that kind of happiness.

  3. Now that’s glitter and shine! Fabulous tinsel and ornaments, Charlie. Happiness and joy are not found in things, but in surrounding ourselves with those we love, and being thankful for the many blessings we have. Nicely written.

  4. Such an intricate work, so delicate, beautifully made.
    Every painting of an ornament that you create looks prettier and prettier. you make me wish that we would have celebrated Christmas in Israel as well. 😉

  5. I’ve always liked the humility which is at your core,Charlie. You take such pleasure in simple things, especially if they remind you of your childhood or something else that’s close to your heart.

    But the cheerleaders climbing out of your tree – no one has ever described a Christmas tree like this, I’m Jewish and no expert on Christmas trees, but I’m still certain your perception is exceptionally unique. And really hilarious. I’m going to have a very hard time looking at everyone’s tree this year and not imagining cheerleaders exploding from the needles. I’ll never be able to explain.

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