For our optional World Watercolor Month prompt of “Alone,” my mind leapt to those little moments that I spend all by myself. Not lonely moments, but lovely moments where I can hear only my own breath and focus on my own thoughts. Here to demonstrate this today, we have a lone baby beagle stopping to admire a single rose. Certainly my little sketching break each day is a perfect example of this wonderful alone time. I can get really lost in my sketches and sometimes lose track of time. Well, for a little while anyway, since there’s always some buzzing calendar alert that breaks me out of my spell. But, even just a few moments of doing something I truly love is a rejuvenating experience. For me, drawing and painting is my daily meditation. A chance to reset and recharge so I can face down all of those other deadlines with fresh energy and a positive attitude. Though, yes, my penchant for sketching happy moments also enhances that fabulous feeling. I just love sketching hope!

While this isn’t my own dog Phineas in this particular sketch, he was still the inspiration. There’s a rose bush at the end of our block and he’ll often make a quick stop there. Indeed, he’s smelling the area so he can find just the perfect spot to pee, but at a glance it looks like he’s stopping to the smell the roses. So, that’s what Philippe and I always chuckle about and say is happening. Our imaginations move beyond this, of course, and we next picture him slowing blowing all of the seeds off a dandelion while making a wish. I think legend has it that if you blow them all off with just one breathe you’ll have confirmation that the person you love, loves you right back. But, I’ll bet money that Phineas is simply wishing for a big bowl filled with pork. I can’t fault him, as lately I’ve just been wishing for dessert. The key lime pie I sometimes sneak into our grocery order wasn’t in stock this time around so I’ve been mourning its loss all week.

I’ve thought about taking a few days off from work in August to have a little more time to sketch and paint. World Watercolor Month is always so exciting and makes me remember just how important this daily practice really is. But sometimes, when I have all the time in the world, I’ll just get a bit lost in thinking about things and won’t really use that time wisely. Though getting lost in my own imagination and thoughts is a really fun way to spend the day, albeit not immediately productive. I often get my best ideas during those moments. Having time to myself allows my brain to spin with its own crazy and unique way. It’s not really about concentration as that only works when you know where you’re heading. For me, it’s about getting lost on purpose. Finding that path less traveled and seeing where those ideas will take me. If a rose happens to appear along that path, I’ll take a moment to stop and enjoy it. And then, I’ll keep right on skipping ahead, down that wonderful trail of happiness that comes from a bit of alone time.

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Puppy Dog Smelling The Roses Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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26 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. We had a lot of beagles when I was little. When I was a teenager my best friend’s family had beagles too. There is nothing like beagle puppies. Their puppy breath is so devastating!

  2. Wonderful sketch Charlie, puppies are always a great choice! I hear you about not being as productive when you have too much time. Today too much time was spent on the computer and not in the studio. Although to my defense it was mostly art or art business related. My unfinished paintings and blank watercolor paints are not happy so tomorrow I will paint.😉

  3. Your beagle is just as cute as a real one! 😉 It’s a lovely sketch, beautiful rose and background. During these trying times, I revert to some creative project. Right now I have 4 different projects going on and my craft room looks it!

  4. Oh, Charlie! My little boy Monster was a beagle. I showed your painting to my mom and we both had an “awww” moment. My eyes filled with tears and my mom said, “Chato!” That was her nickname for him. I will give you 3 guesses why he got the name Monster as a baby. He was hell on wheels! haha We never walked him out on the street ( too many scary stray dogs), but he had a major thing for smelling the dryer vent. He would bask in the warm, perfumed air. He would do circles in front of the vent. If he found a used dryer sheet on the floor, he would paw it and roll in it. Only he knew or understood why. I like to think that it smelled like mama and grandma. It smelled like home, it smelled like the people who loved him. It smelled like his Mama that still cries for him.

    1. That puppy has the softest look! I want to rub that cute little face…sheesh Charlie! if I get a puppy this week…!😁😄😆

  5. By coincidence, last weekend I had such a desire for key lime pie, my trip to the market Monday came up short for pie as well. So I bought key lime yogurt. Those darn containers are so small, but, nevertheless, it did the trick.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    That rose looks thrilled to see that puppy looking so lovingly at it. It looks proud of itself basking in that attention. Im so glad to know that you plan on taking a break from work in August. Maybe you’ll get inspired to start on your picture book. Fingers crossed! 🙂


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