There’s just something adorable and sweet about alpacas. Although alpacas may or may not seem exotic depending on where you’re located, but I only get to see them on farms and zoos so they’re quite exotic to me. They have an adorable face and I’m told they are quite curious and sweet animals. You won’t find any alpacas in the wild as this breed has been domesticated for over 6,000 years now. They’re shorn once a year for their prized soft and wondrous fleece, that’s naturally water-repellent, flame resistant, and available in 22 different colors of over 300 varying shades. So, alpacas are just really cool! Yeah, they do spit a bit like their camelid kin, but it’s much more rare and only when in true distress. Basically the same truly bad situations where spitting would seem entirely appropriate to any creature really. Their docile and social nature makes alpacas rather intriguing role models. They stay true to their friends and remember them even after years of being apart. So, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for alpacas.

What I constantly see in animals are traits that are not only sweet, but rather admirable. Sure, I don’t want to be exactly like an alpaca as they also poop in the exact same spot as a group, but I do have to admire their sense of community. Perhaps the most intriguing fact about alpacas is that they don’t ever want to be truly alone. In fact, if separated from their tribe and left in isolation, they will often grow ill and even die of loneliness. As an introvert who tends to avoid crowds, I can still appreciate that feeling of needing to be loved. Not by just anyone who happens to be around me, but by my own tribe and family. That group of people who know everything about me and love me both because of it, and in spite of it all. No wonder an alpaca would grow ill without that feeling. It’s the very force that keeps us all alive each and every day. While I do often like to be alone, I can’t imagine a world where I might ever feel lonely. Just having a husband and a dog in my life is more than enough to make life wonderful. But having friends and family is what makes life truly amazing.

As I journey through wildly different topics while sketching stuff each and every day, I’m always learning new things. Not simply about the subject matter I’ve chosen, but about myself and what makes me tick. And though I’ll continue to poop in private, thank you very much, I love being reminded by an alpaca that I should reach out to those old friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years. Following these prompts each and every day for me is much more than continuing a daily art habit. It’s a chance to stop and reflect on something I might not have stopped to contemplate. That’s why I adore painting with prompts each day. Each one inspires a new bit of thinking and new story. I never feel limited as I can happily interpret them in any way that I like. Or, like most days, simply let the idea wash over me and wait to see what appears on paper. Little bits of life that taken singular are nothing more than an exercise in sketching, but when folded together, create a patchwork of wonderful memories. Whether it’s a trip back to childhood while painting a favorite toy or simply pausing a moment to appreciate the wisdom of alpacas.

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28 thoughts on “The Wisdom Of Alpacas

  1. Oh, you had me with the title of this one! I love alpacas. And I have to admit that I love the internet too – I can be surrounded by friends and family when I need them … and then I can have my complete privacy whenever I want by simply closing my laptop. The best of both worlds!

  2. One of these months I hope to participate in “your” daily prompts. I am thinking of incorporating it into my Disney group challenges. I may even use this month’s for my next turn. 🙂

    1. Awesome! Incorporate away! I just like the prompts so I keep myself sketching each day and hope it does the same for others. They’re fun to interpret though… I would imagine there are a million possibilities or more per prompt! 😉

  3. Handsome portrait of an admirable animal! I’ve always loved them but did not know all the facts you presented. That’s one of the benefits of reading your blog – always something new to learn.

  4. He sure is cute. I got into weaving a number of years ago, and one fun thing some friends and I did was go to a llama farm and learn how to shear them. I also went to an alpaca farm and fell in love with the little guys. Since hubs objects to my having chickens, you can guess what he thought about an alpaca ranch. Lol He’s no fun when it comes to exotic pets.

  5. Ah, I love your sweet alpaca, especially as he’s decorated his ears with tassels. It’s kinda interesting that you relate to alpacas for your social shyness as I find them skittish in person. Well, around people, anyway.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah… I think I relate because they are a bit shy and awkward around people. I can put on a good show for a bit, but get a little antsy and want to be put back in my stable soon enough. hehe

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕That’s such a sweet compliment. I always think you have to get the eyes just right, or the rest doesn’t matter. I usually make them first and so the animal is just staring at me, willing me to not mess up the rest! hehe

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