For our prompt of “Grin” today, I ended up with a little grinning cat pouncing on a grinning Halloween pumpkin. I had asked Philippe to carve a pumpkin for me, but he hasn’t done it yet. So, I used a pumpkin he carved a couple of years ago for a reference and then changed the eyes and squished it a bit. It’s the reaction I assume would happen if something were to land on one’s head suddenly. Not sure if the pumpkin appreciates the kitty’s pounce, but he’s still smiling so I’m assuming it’s all just good fun. I could have, of course, attempted to carve my own pumpkin for a reference, but I’m a bit clumsy when it comes to using knives or any sharp object. Instead, I’d rather just be the cat and enjoy the pumpkin after it’s been more studiously carved. It’s safer for everyone in the end. Yet, it’s fun to carve a pumpkin drawing using a bit of watercolor, so I still had a lot of fun in the end.

In truth, I had to look up the actual difference between a grin and simply a smile. As it turns out, a grin is defined as a “broad smile.” Yet, the verb of grinning is defined a bit more vividly and means to “smile broadly, especially in an unrestrained manner and with the mouth open.” Described like this it almost sounds like an insane person. Perhaps that’s why many villains in cartoons and movies are known to use an insidious grin. I actually grin and laugh quite a lot, but I don’t think it’s remotely foreboding in any fashion, just perhaps a touch crazy. I love to smile and giggle and will often find myself grinning like a madman. It’s how I know that an evening with friends is amazing. I can’t stand a dull evening, where everyone seems a bit poised or serious. I used to attend larger gatherings that would end up as such. My wild grin must have been perfectly terrifying for those serious folk.

Perhaps my penchant for having a simple smile always turn into a grin is that I find life perfectly silly much of the time. There are so many ridiculous things that happen and it’s very difficult to take it all seriously. Indeed I think humor is a wonderful defense mechanism when the world turns perfectly strange and less than ideal. So, I laugh it off and focus on spreading a little bit of happy instead. For me, that’s been my main contribution to this little green planet. I haven’t set out to change the world, as I’m not sure that I could even if I tried. Instead, I just want to make the world smile a bit more, remembering the joys of being a kid, when everything in life was built around hope. I’ve no idea where my journey will ultimately lead me in the end. But one thing is quite certain. No matter what happens in the world, you’ll still find me always grinning.

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18 thoughts on “Always Grinning

  1. You made me laugh, Charlie. Yeah, it does sound like someone insane grinning like that. The Bible says that laughter does good like medicine. I have a big grin also. Dimples to go with it, too. You know, it’s funny the big fuss that people make over dimples. I am a happy, bubbly, funny person. I laugh at stupid things and make fun of stupider things. Otherwise, we would be insane, Charlie. I just don’t know how sour puss people can survive like that. Anyway, great painting. Have you ever seen those people who make super fancy carved pumpkins? They look fabulous. I have never carved a pumpkin because, like you, I would cut off my finger (or fingers) and have a real horror show.
    May I share something funny, but maybe inappropriate with you? This was years back. My next door neighbor’s granddaughter and I grew up together. Same age. We were both in college by then and sitting on her grandparents’ front step. We had an elderly neighbor across the street, Aunt Tommie, who was a bit nosey. Okay, a lot nosey. So, Missy and I were chatting when the phone rang. Aunt Tommie asked what we were doing and what we were chatting about. This really peeved Missy. She then asked Missy if she was going to give out Tricks or Treats. Missy was bold even as a kid. She didn’t hold back. Me, I was raised to not talk back especially to elders no matter how old I was. Missy answered her,”Yes, Aunt Tommie, yes. I am going to be giving out tricks. I am going to lay here and turn out some tricks to everyone!” I am laughing out loud as I tell you, but I was shocked at how quickly Missy answered back. Aunt Tommie didn’t catch it, but Missy hung up and just said,”For crying out loud, Mari. Such questions.” It was so funny. Memories like that still make me laugh. Sorry if that was a bit off-colored. It’s just so funny to remember.

  2. Love this, Charlie! Love to see people smiling…it’s amazing how many people walk around without a smile on their face. I have this game that I play…see how many people I can get to smile at me when I’m out and about….especially at the grocery store because that seems to be about the only place I go at the moment. Some people smile back and some people look at me like I must have just left my strait jacket somewhere. Regardless, wearing a smile makes me feel good.

  3. I remember reading a Victorian romance when I was young where a young man was told that people of good breeding did not grin. I don’t think that’s exactly true, but I’m always a little susicious of someone who doesn’t grin.

  4. I am known for being smiley. When I was working, people would comment if they came to the reference desk and I wasn’t smiling at them. It was funny to me when it became a deal in the Me Too movement that women were insulted when men commented on them not smiling. I was just so used to it, it didn’t seem weird to me. I think my age was showing.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    That is such a cute friendship you have painted.The pumpkin and kitten look like they’re having loads of fun. Im so glad you’re the smiling, grinning, laughing person that you are. Being a serious unsmiling snob would make world look so dull. And don’t think for a moment that you can’t change the world. Take up the world of every person in the Doodlewash community and you’ll see that you haven’t changed one world but several thousands. You’re full of magic Charlie… and the world is a happier place thanks to people like you. Keep laughing and grinning. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 You’re too sweet! I hope I’m managed to inspire people to DO and follow their dreams! I think if we can all keep smiling and laughing and hoping, then life will just turn out beautifully!

  6. Tee hee, she looks like my old kitty. She used to sit with her mouth open occasionally and always looked silly. Smiling is one of the things I miss the most having to wear masks. I am a smiling fool. I like to make others smile or laugh. Lifes to short not too! Yep, Charlie, we would get along great!

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