When I saw that I added a prompt of “Toiletries” for today, I had to giggle as I barely remembered including this one. Though there are lots of things one needs when they travel, a toothbrush and toothpaste are at the top of my list. When I traveled for business, this was always something that you could easily get from your hotel if you happened to forget these most important items. Over the past few years, Philippe and I have opted for AirBnb accommodations and though they’re fun and full of character, they lack a front desk that can help you if you forgot something. When we take the long flight to and from Paris, a toothbrush is my best friend. After sampling various bits of airline food and strong yet unbalanced coffee, we arrive in both directions with what I can only describe as “travel mouth.” So, brushing my teeth is the first memory I always have when traveling. Beyond just having good breathe, of course, I have a tendency to smile much of the time. It’s a side effect of being an optimist and a humorist who finds the world far too ludicrous to ever let it bring me down. There’s really nothing a smile can’t make better.

This afternoon, Philippe and Aesha were canning things in the kitchen, so I was relegated to the dining room table to sketch. I thought they were only making pickles, but after they were done, there were jars with lots of different pickled things from asparagus to cauliflower. It was a beautiful sight to see as it reminded me of being at my grandmother’s house on the farm. Seeing rows of those signature Ball jars, that I’ve sketched many times before, made me smile. I wasn’t involved in the actual pickling event, but more of a bystander just eavesdropping on the experience. They were so focused, intent, and having a blast! Music was playing in the background and Philippe burst into song while singing along with a Céline Dion French album called D’eux, which is actually really fantastic. Both the album and Philippe’s performance, of course. I’ve told Philippe and Aesha they should start their own YouTube cooking channel as I think it would be a big hit. They discussed it, up to and including titles for their show, but in the end, no account has been created. So, for the time being you’ll have to rely on my brief and meager descriptions. But, I can assure you, it’s a wonderful show!

Truly, blogging each and every day is quite a challenge, though one I absolutely adore. In the end, like everything in life, you have to enjoy something passionately in order to be successful in doing it each and every day. There are lots of things in life that we enjoy doing, but very few that capture our hearts enough to revisit them daily. I hope, in my own heart, that I’ve helped many of you see the joy that can come from daily sketching. It’s quite true that I also hope you’ll become just as hooked as I am, because, seriously, it’s way more fun to sketch and paint with others! I love seeing what you’ll come up with, even if I don’t often get a chance to comment as much these days. I’ve managed to created a rather extended ecosystem across this site and social that takes a lot of time to tend to each day. Also, a bit of an update, the changes I wanted to make to enhance this site didn’t work out as planned, so the redesign for our community section has been shelved for the time being. There’s a little thing called bandwidth and Doodlewash tends to max this out much of the time, which can be frustrating, but also makes me very happy. It’s wonderful to know we’ve created such a large and excited community together! And, when it comes to doing anything you’d like to try next, I’m quite sure the best advice I could ever give would be to always start with a smile.

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17 thoughts on “Always Start With A Smile

  1. Tooth brush is my must have too Charlie. I thought of you as I was sharing three flavors of gelato with my husband and sipping a cup of cappuccino while watching the fog roll into the harbor off the Atlantic. I hope that you can get away soon too.

  2. I am a major smiler. I had a patron at the library where I worked who called me smiley. He wasn’t wrong. I think it’s a good thing. In my line of work, you want to be approachable.

    1. hahaha!! You and me both, my friend! 😃💕 Yeah, I think they’ve watched me try to keep a blog running and realized it’s actually a ton of work! lol But I keep telling this is SO FUN! And Ohhhh I wish I could show up for a visit. We’d have a fabulous time together! 😉

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