Day 26 - Always Wear Comfortable Shoes Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers - Doodlewash

Always Wear Comfortable Shoes

There was once a time while traveling that I would wear sneakers on the plane and pack an extra pair of dressier shoes. These days, I don’t bother and instead just choose the most comfortable pair of shoes from the start and stick with those the entire trip. In truth, as I get older, my life has rapidly morphed into a fashion-free sort of proposition. I used to be much more in the “dress to impress” camp and actually tried to keep up with the latest styles. Then, I forgot who I was actually trying to impress in the first place and simply gave up. A little less than a decade ago, I even wore skinny jeans, which is a style that can only be worn by those very skinny without looking like a cupcake pop. I was actually very skinny at the time, but after seeing one photo taken of me in New York where, to my eye, I seemed to have acquired the shape of Dr. Seuss character, I decided never to wear them again after that. Today, I tried on a pair of regular fitting jeans at Target that actually made it look like I have a butt, so that was my fashion triumph for the year. Whether its shoes, clothes, or anything at all really in life. It’s always best to be comfortable.

The shoes pictured here today, are indeed in my typical style, but I changed the color, as I’m prone to do to something I would like to have. Was thinking something a bit Seafoam Green would be a nice addition to my collection, and it was also a good excuse as any to change up my paint colors a bit. It’s funny now, looking back, that I used to be so concerned about what I was wearing. I worried that falling out of a fashion trend would make me seem, well old-fashioned, or simply old. As I actually got older, I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. Life feels much more settled and less chaotic now, and I’ve already learned the lesson of how futile it is to try and impress anyone else. I can’t, in the end, really make someone admire me. Sure, they might be impressed by my outfit and choice of style in the moment, but that’s all on the surface. To make a true connection, people have to know and like the real me. That ridiculous soul who stumbles into the bathroom each morning annoyed by the light, wishing he could just crawl back in bed for a few hours. The same soul who squints into the mirror as if the image there might suddenly become more attractive simply by the act of doing so.

The real me is totally full of flaws and bits of silliness. And after all of these years, I’ve learned one very important thing. I rather like the real me best. That guy who is so ridiculously earnest that he just wants to bring artists together for a bit of sharing, learning and fun. An act completely devoid of any real grand design or indeed any sort of well-thought planning. A guy who likes to tell stories about his life in hopes others might be inspired to tell theirs. It’s a joy to hear the stories of others as they’re the pieces of life that made us the awesome folks we grew into today. Fashion can repeat itself, but our personal stories stay forever exclusive and singular. No matter how much they may resemble and remind us of our own, each person’s story is steeped in nuances that make it entirely unique. And yet, a good story, can bring us closer together and connect us in a way that material things can’t hope to achieve. And as we set out on our own personal creative journeys, there’s so much to learn and experience. But nothing along the path should ever shake us from the core of who we are and the beautiful style we exhibit naturally. When it comes to art and life in general, it’s best to always wear comfortable shoes.

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Day 26 - Always Wear Comfortable Shoes Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers - Doodlewash

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38 thoughts on “Always Wear Comfortable Shoes

  1. I’ve have always had a ‘comfortable’ shape, which is how I explain the fact that I’ve always looked horrible in whatever the latest fashion is. After stressing about that through my 20’s, I realized I’d far rather spend my money on art supplies. I’d wear those tennis shoes you painted though, any time!

    1. I think, in the end, that’s why I love painting shoes! No matter who shape the other fashion inflicts on us, shoes are still usually shaped roughly like feet. 😉 At least the comfortable kind and mainly mostly men’s shoes. Some women’s shoes are perfectly scary! 😳

  2. When I was in college (mid 60s) I set the trends – or at least I thought I did. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a hippie or a Mod, so one day it was one style and the other style the next. I had a beautiful print skirt with lime green and turquoise pattern (Mod) that I wore with a lime green blouse. To make this outfit complete, I bought a pair of lime green tights and another of turquoise. I cut the tights in half and sewed them back together, with one lime green leg and one turquoise in each pair. We are talking fashion statement now. I could have used your gorgeous shoes here. Thank heaven no one took a photo of me – I think. Too young to know I was dumb.

    1. I LOVE your story and sense of style, Sharon! 😃💕 hehe… I’m sure you did set a trend or two! And yay for boldly being you and forging your own fashion. And I agree, yay for not living in a YouTube and Facebook era where all of our youth is captured and shared! 😉

  3. I have told hubs on many occasions that my funeral is to be a casual affair and I want to be dressed in shorts and a tank top. That’s taking casual to its limit I suppose.

  4. Amen! Isn’t it wonderful when we reach the point in life when we are comfortable with ourselves and let our “real” selves shine!

  5. Those all star sneakers are the coolest color! Kind of reminds me of the color of a “cupcake pop!” Ha ha. That is the funniest
    way to describe a pair of ill fitting skinny jeans. We all have to adjust with the age thing. One never knows where the next “cupcake pop” will appear.

  6. Love the real you Charlie! I had to be a rebel a lot of times to be the real me and not conform to what society and my family expected from me. I’m glad that I ruled and that my real self attracts very few but genuine people. Love those sneakers. I would totally go for a pair like these any old day!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Zertab! 😃💕 I have this horrible habit of only being exactly myself… hehe… Most of the crazy things I do, like this very site, would probably be far more popular if I followed all of the “rules” and made it like all the others. But, I like that it’s just a bit different. Makes it so much more fun that way!

  7. I am all about comfort. Plus at the work place, people need to actually be doing work and not concerning themselves with what I am wearing. The best part about comfortable shoes is being able to run out of the building when the work day is over. Yehaw.

  8. This is a very timely post Charlie. I start a new adventure on Monday 3rd and have been buying new clothes and worrying about.what to wear the first day. Unfortunately, the real me has got very scruffy over the last few years, so need a slightly tidier version. That said I may print this out to remind me I’m me.

    1. You’re beautiful YOU, Sue! 😃💕 And don’t let anyone, including yourself, think anything else! We’re so much cooler to others when we show up as our true selves. If you want to impress, that’s always the best way! 😉

  9. When I turned 50, I gave way to worrying about what others were thinking. I am a much happier person and life is so much easier. I always love looking at the beautiful converse, unfortunately they are too narrow for my shoebox shaped feet. You nailed another great sketch!

  10. Ha ha, I just went through my closets and sorted out all of the clothes that no longer look good on me (did they ever?!) for donations. Love the Dr. Seuss reference! Some wise professor once said, “What is personal is universal.” Our stories and experiences are unique to us, but you’re right, sharing them does link us together. And in what better vehicle than the arts 😉

    1. Aww yes to that!! 😃💕 Stories are the link that binds us all together. I know I always ramble on with mine, but my hope is that people can find bits of themselves there as well. We’re all living one big story and so it’s far more fun and insightful if we stick together! 😉

  11. I’m still curtailed to 15 min. a day screen time, but when I come to doodlewash, I forget the time.

    This article is so fine and the shoes make me hungry for the sea foam candy I used to make.
    I love the color and the comfort of those shoes. This article is the dessert with my morning coffee.
    Thank you again!

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