Søens magi watercolor by Annisette Falk-Jensen

GUEST ARTIST: “When Imperfect Becomes Perfect” by Annisette Falk-Jensen

Hi everyone, my name is Annisette Falk-Jensen and I was born on the 2nd of December, 1970 in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. I have always sought challenges in the creative and special circumstances that made me try out watercolor in 2016. It was more specifically a book about watercolor that I was attracted to and curious about how I wonder?

I flipped through the big book with the fantastic pictures of watercolor painting and thought “I can do that, it’s just water and colors” I can laugh at that thought today, because it has been a very long and exciting journey I have been on with many disappointments and probably just as many successes. I am self-taught and have sat for many hours studying videos and then trying out the techniques.

Vindruer fra watercolor by Annisette Falk-Jensen

I experienced a sense of finding my place of peace, the world outside stands still and I disappear into a magical world of watercolor. I liked being there, it was a kind of therapeutic experience, which was good for me as I have emotional borderline and Complex PTSD.

What fascinates me most about watercolor is that it is magical, self-determining and difficult to control, and that is exactly the part I strive to accept. It’s not me who works with the watercolor, it’s the watercolor who works with me. There I discovered that the imperfect becomes the perfect and I use it as a motto.

Søde ærter watercolour by Annisette Falk-Jensen

Now I was very curious about the many expressions and techniques that abound in the various media and I just wanted to learn it. So I started learning negative technique and it took me a year and a half then I wanted to learn portrait painting and I practiced and practiced until I thought one day in 2019 now I will paint my father-in-law and did it. I think I prove time and time again to myself and others that everyone can learn to paint watercolor. If willpower and patience are at the top of the list, then there is a beautiful and magical world of watercolor to explore.

I developed my own style, my personal brush strokes and favorite colors. I prefer Canson Heritage and Arches watercolor paper, Daniel Smith and Meimeri-Blu watercolor paints and the brushes are varied but are a mix of squirrel and synthetic hair.

I start with wet in wet, loose and sporadic strokes where I look at the motif where light the incidence comes from and if there is a little color where there should not be, then I lift the color with a clean brush. Many times I have sketched the motif with graphite paper (tracing paper) as my abilities are not in that area and I chose that it is the watercolor I want to focus on and not the pencil.

Bordure bleue watercolour by Annisette Falk-Jensen

There I also found out if I sketch it out easily I have a greater freedom to work with the watercolor. Once the first layer is dried, I call it the foundation of the painting. Then I continue with the bright tones, I continuously study my motif and ensure that I retain the bright areas. Little by little the painting emerges .. a cup … a smile …. a church. It’s magical.

I work with the light tones for a long time, building up the painting by working light tones, light tones and again light tones and then moving on in the process of medium tones and again medium tones and finishing with the dark tones which in reality is the crucial point to create contrast and depth. There I have also immersed myself in how to get a beautiful and harmonious contrast and depth. I have principles like cold and warm contrast, complimentary colors and last but not least the light which I prioritize most when I paint.

kokosnød watercolor by Annisette Falk-Jensen

I am incredibly privileged because I started with watercolor in 2016 and subsequently in 2018 got a job as a teacher of watercolor technique. It gives me incredible joy when I see the participants on the team, discover the magic and go home with a sense of success.

Margueritpigen watercolor by Annisette Falk-Jensen

Now I have nothing more to tell about me and my watercolor and hope you enjoyed the journey in my narrative and my paintings. Thank you for your time you spent on my story.

Annisette Falk-Jensen


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15 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “When Imperfect Becomes Perfect” by Annisette Falk-Jensen

  1. Annisette, thank you for sharing your images, and a little of the story on how you paint them. I was especially intrigued when you said you build up slowly and spend a lot of time on the light values before moving on to mediums and darks. That must be why your images are so glowing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your work. I think the swan is my favorite – the disappearing soft edges, simplicity of gesture. Brilliant; I could gaze at it all day!

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