APRIL 2018 ART CHALLENGE: Like A Kid Again!

This month we’re trying something brand new and opening the art challenge up a bit. Since drawing is fundamental to watercolor painting, even if you’re an abstract artist, this month’s challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate with simply pencil or pen & ink sketches as well!*

Yes, bring us your doodles, your wash or a lovely combination of both. If you’re participating in the April Art Challenge use the hashtag #doodlewashApril2018 when you post on all your social networks, and if you also use lovely watercolor add the #WorldWatercolorGroup hashtag as well!

Our World Watercolor Group will always be a “paint whatever you like” collective, so even if you’re not participating in this challenge, simply continue to tag your works that contain watercolor with #WorldWatercolorGroup on all social networks so we can find you and link to your lovely watercolors in real time!

*NOTE: World Watercolor Group on Facebook and the associated hashtag is still only for works that contain watercolor, so be sure to join us here in Doodlewash Club to post your drawings! Simply log in to Doodlewash.com with your chosen social network. It’s free! 


Rubber Duckie Watercolor - DoodlewashThis month, it’s time to unleash your inner child and have some fun exploring all those things we loved as kids and hopefully still enjoy as adults. I mean, art supplies, am I right? Some things never change! It’s time to lose your inhibitions and sketch and paint with glee while going back to the beginning when all the fun first began. From bubble gum to unicorns, this is the month to forget about being a grown up and indulge all of your childish joys and most wonderful memories!

30 Things To Paint And Sketch This Month

If you’d like some daily prompts for what to paint and/or sketch for this challenge, then here you go! (these are just to spark creativity and get you painting! Seriously… just have fun and always choose to paint and sketch whatever you like most!)

Doodlewash April 2018 Art Challenge Prompts