For Day 28 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Time,” I sketched a little hamster watching time pass via the sands of an hourglass. The only time I’ve personally used an hourglass is for different games I used to play when I was younger. My mom and I liked to play the game Boggle, where you try to find as many words as possible before the time runs out. It’s all a bit stressful, but in that gleeful way that makes you want to try harder rather than give up. That made me think about this month and how there were moments where I felt like I was rushed for time. Whenever that happened, my initial stress would be replaced with that same sort of excitement I had while playing that game as a kid. Could I come up with just one more watercolor illustration? Sure I could! And, this month has certainly been a hodgepodge of thoughts and ideas for me. I’ve been surprised more than once with what manifested itself on the pages of my sketchbook!

This is one of those posts that I had to write in advance. I will have spent many hours driving today and I’ll no doubt have a glass of wine in my hand by the time this appears. I’ll have to fill you in on the details when I return as I plan to focus on relaxation, friendship, and fun these next few days. I will also be in rather remote part of Kansas, but should still have a high speed internet connection for posting. Though, I’m super excited to be somewhere off the beaten path and well outside the city. It’s going to be a wonderful chance to read, sketch, and enjoy nature. But wow time is zooming by this month, so today’s little doodlewash is quite apt. I can’t believe there are only three more days of World Watercolor Month left. I hope if you’ve been painting along with me this month, that you’ve created lots of beautiful watercolors that made you proud!

As my own time moves by and I get older, I think about all of the things on my bucket list that I’d like to do next. The funny thing is, I’ve done many of them already. And though there are definitely places I’d love to travel and see someday, most of my current list involves making time for experiences like I’m enjoying at this very moment. It often takes so much effort to plan a trip that Philippe and I find ourselves never quite getting around to doing so. Thankfully, we have wonderful friends who encourage us to do things that we might not do if left to our own devices. It’s always so much fun to be somewhere new and so I’m still holding out hope that affordable teleportation happens in my lifetime. My Inner Child gets a bit impatient with the actual traveling part. I’ve no doubt asked Philippe, “are we there yet?” multiple times today, or asked him to pull over so I can see some roadside attraction. There’s no real plan in place for this trip, which makes me even happier. It’s simply about arriving at a new destination, and getting a chance to unwind as time goes by.

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Hamster Looking At Hourglass Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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9 thoughts on “As Time Goes By

  1. I love your little hamster and so happy that you are not just watching time go back but grabbing it instead with all of you 🙂 . Its the best kind of adventure to have – one where there is not necessarily a predetermined end. Those have the most fun and the most surprises :). It is wonderful that you have already achieved most of your bucket list because that means that you can put more things on it :). Is this a little trip where Elliott gets to enjoy his puppy camp? Enjoy your weekend Charlie and Philippe! Have a super awesome time and lots of adventures. <3

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