Precious Things Momentos Watercolor Painting by Ashwini Rudrakshi

GUEST ARTIST: “Give An Ear To Your Inner Voice… It Ushers You!” by Ashwini Rudrakshi

Snowman Happy Little Girl watercolor painting by Ashwini Rudrakshi

Once upon a time there was a small girl full of ambitions.
Art is what resided in her tiny little heart.
Creativity is what she would breathe in
Passion, bursting with skills, was filled to the brim
The desire to move further and pursue her will was strong.
The dedication to acquire the same never went wrong
Nature is what she observed

Birds English Robin Berries Watercolor Painting by Ashwini Rudrakshi

As the days conceded, the art papers with flora and fauna were richly absorbed
To do or not to do would never arise
With utmost clarity her voyage was loaded with surprise.
Committed she was towards her aims in life
There is something called a right moment, which she was ever ready to strive toward.
To explore boundlessly is the path to achievement,

All she believed in was to keep going and keep painting until you gain attainment…

Hello everyone, I am Ashwini Rudrakshi from India, the country of cultural heritage. I am an Artist who likes to paint and explore.

The Creative Process I Believe In

Sit down, relax, get in touch with your inner voice and visualise to express yourself through art and imagine in that realm of creation. My creative process begins with recalling experiences from nature, my thoughts and everything around me.
I relish music and playing my Djembe right before I start my painting, which rejuvenates me to splash jovial colours.

Christmas Snowman Candy Watercolor Paintings by Ashwini Rudrakshi

My Inspirations

As a child I remember how inquisitive I was and spent most of my time observing the delighted Nature and its creations. I used to sit and wonder and ask questions to myself… how are rainbow colours magical? How do the shapes of the clouds build new forms each time? How are the patterns in the butterfly so symmetrical? What does the texture of the cactus feel like? What does the taste of fresh fruit feel like? What does it take to climb a tree? How mesmerising it was to smell a fresh flower…

How blissful it is to sit and hear a robin singing… and many more questions led me to new expeditions each time and helped me explore to understand more about myself and my surroundings.

Knowingly and unknowingly these questions were pushing me to discover a connection to myself and kept me going. To me art is about having a deep sense of accepting yourself and embracing life’s paradoxes which is a powerful skill. Knowing all of these perspectives or attitudes helps to build a connection to the cosmos!

The Fun Aspect Shared Personally

Confidence conquers one’s willpower. Being a child from a doctor’s family everyone wanted to see me too with a doctor’s degree. A budding artist existed in me right from my childhood and I did acquire what I desired to do.

Travel is fun and filled with moments to cherish for lifetime. It helps me discover new horizons and infuses me with inspiration and motivation. Going live on social media and taking pride in showcasing my artwork, baking, gardening, and small expeditions fills me with excitement.

My Art Supplies

I am fervent in exploring a variety of brands. Each brand carries its own uniqueness is what I came across and its quality can be discovered over a period of time. The brand of colours which I utilise are Daniel Smith, White Nights, Schmincke and M. Graham.

I am fond of how the watercolour paper sets itself for getting coloured, and my papers of choice are Arches, Fabriano, Baohong and Lanaquarelle.

Brushes are my favourite art supplies. I possess a wide range of brushes which I pick up from places I visit while I voyage. Escoda, Sumi brushes, Japanese calligraphy brushes and Chinese mop brushes are few to mention.

I Am Occupied With…

Having a hands-on with colours as a regular practice leads to a creative indulgence. Sharing my experiences with my students via online classes makes my day content.

Sunrise Watercolor Painting by Ashwini Rudrakshi

Offering a wide range by investigating with watercolours via the workshops I organise enriches my students along with me as I trust that learning is an exciting process and the journey continues….

Ashwini Rudrakshi

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30 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Give An Ear To Your Inner Voice… It Ushers You!” by Ashwini Rudrakshi

  1. Ashwini, I’m enchanted by the beauty of your work. I especially love the way you respect watercolor media by allowing bits of the paper to remain untouched and with a playful, spontaneous application of paint. Every piece is complete but not overdone. It takes masterful observation to know when to apply paint – and when to stop. Your artwork is a joy to see.

  2. Hello Ashwini, Thanks for sharing a nice little story about you and your art journey. Your art is fresh and beautiful. I like the portraits done in watercolor. Wish you all the best for your journey. It was nice to know about you.

  3. Ashwini, thanks for sharing your lovely story about you and your art journey. Your art is beautiful and fresh, showing what passion you have. .Thank you for expressing your art through different mediums and what a stunning IG page.

  4. Un bonjour de France, c’est bien de recevoir ainsi des mails, d’autres artistes, que Charlie, en attendant d’en avoir de lui, çà apporte beaucoup, des nouvelles techniques, des découvertes, j’aime vos oeuvres et explications, je vais vous suivre sur Facebook, je vous souhaite une belle année 2021 !

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