This is the final doodlewash of my virtual tour of France. I sketched this yesterday for the final sketch in the #DrawingAugust challenge I was participating in on Twitter. It’s actually a bit sad to see this journey end, but it was a tough challenge to create a full ink sketch each day versus simply a single quick pencil drawing and doodlewash.

For this one, I used a photo I had taken in Paris on yet another rainy day. The rain had actually stopped at this point, but you never know when it will be back so people usually just keep holding their umbrellas up.

I also tried some new colors – Davy’s Gray and Neutral Tint (the latter my first M. Graham tube recommended by Edvin). I had no idea how to create wet pavement reflections, so I just sort of opted out on trying them. Beyond the neutral colors, I used Quinacridone Gold, French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Naples Yellow, and Cobalt Turquoise.

Even though there was a typically French brasserie across the street, I was actually sitting inside a Starbucks for this shot. Philippe said the brasseries were for old people, which made me feel young, and judging from the clientele, he was right. It was our first time in Paris together, and very close to the end of the visit, so this was a special scene for me.

This month of virtual touring has been fun and I really hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! More touring to come and more locations to visit, so stay tuned! Thanks so much to all of you who have travelled with me! And although it’s sad to leave this particular little virtual tour, I take comfort in knowing that one day soon I’ll be back in France, sketchbook in hand, and watercolors at the ready, reporting to you live in doodlewashes! But for now, au revoir et merci!

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48 thoughts on “Au Revoir!

  1. I really like this painting but I’m even MORE excited that you have acquired your first M Graham tube! Give that a try with a stronger color you love and I promise you’ll never go back to WN. (Ooh, that almost sounded like a challenge!) 💛💜💛

          1. I could even recommend some colors lol! Just tell me what color family hehe. Their paint is truly wonderful. I don’t go on and on about anything unless it truly is great. I really have found nothing negative, at all, ever. My palette is probably 90% Graham, and the only time I buy any other paint it’s because I can’t buy M Graham locally! I wish I could. So if I need something today, I’m stuck with WN, which is the only brand the local chains carry. I’m almost always disappointed with it in comparison to Graham. Plus the fact I feel I’m being robbed every time I spend a fortune for a tiny little tube. I always have to use tons more of it to equal just a touch of Graham. I am on a mission to convince more artists to try it. It’s lesser known, but it deserves to be THE paint carried by all of the chains, everywhere! Arches paper deserves it’s reputation (and price tag), but in my opinion, Winsor and Newton just frankly doesn’t. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops!

          2. Hold please…I think I can picture it… you, on a rooftop shouting and it’s AWESOME!! Lol Thanks friend! They actually do carry them at one of the art stores in my city, so I have well…a little too easy access. 😊😊 They were out of Cobalt Teal or I probably would have snuck that one in too immediately for my skies. The good news is, that painting every day makes the paint go faster, so I can justify getting more soon! 😉

          3. I can vouch for Graham’s cobalt teal! It’s wonderful! And every time I use their quinacridone gold, I think of you, Charlie. :)))) I hear you about having art supplies too close at hand. Yes, I will shout from the rooftops, and I will keep shouting. Art supplies are expensive enough. We need to save money where we can, and it’s a no-brainer (at least at Blick’s online prices, which is how I have to mail order them) to pay a lower price for more paint in the tube. And to get vibrant, juicy, never-dries-out or needs to be refreshed paint is just a slam dunk. I do think I could convince P. with this argument alone! I could go on about this forever. You’ve listened to my rants long enough. Have a great day, Charlie!

  2. A lovely painting and a nice sentimental departure, for a short time anyway, from France. Thank you so much for the journey, it has been wonderful and I look forward to traveling back with you via your ‘live’ postings. À bientôt!

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