For our prompt of “Fabric,” I chose to sketch a cozy blanket, as that’s one of my favorite everyday things when heading into fall. This particular blanket is one we purchased last year, and though I thought that I might be the one to curl up in it, my dog Phineas had other plans. He immediately adopted it when we brought it home, and when I went to shoo him off of it, he looked at me with those sad brown eyes and I just didn’t have the heart to follow through. Seeing him curled up on this blanket, I knew just how comfortable he felt and that’s a feeling every creature should get to experience. The blanket itself is nothing fancy and cost nothing at all, but it reminded of one I had when I was a kid. It might be totally different, but in my imagination, it reminded me of evenings curled up in front of the fireplace. So, these days, I’m happy that my own “kid” gets to curl up in front of the fireplace with a blanket like this as well. I’ve no idea if Phineas cares one way or the other about the plaid colors. Indeed, red and green are not colors he can actually see. But, judging from the look on his contented face, he understands exactly why I love these blankets.

What I loved about this particular blanket is that it felt like it belonged in a cabin in the woods. Indeed, when I was a kid, our recreation room had so much wood paneling that it was equally like being in a cabin in the woods. Some of the walls of the room had shingles like you might find on a roof, which added to the rustic effect. I loved this part of the house most as a kid. I’m quite sure whoever owns the place now has removed all signs of this environment and converted it into something more tastefully modern. Part of me would be curious to visit the house I grew up in again. But, the other part of me would feel a bit robbed of good memories to find all of the quirky bits missing. Like the downstairs toilet that was wallpapered with newspapers from the early 1900’s. It’s bizarre to consider now, but equally functional when you imagine having all of the reading material you need for a bathroom session hanging all around you. And there wasn’t a proper door on this particular bathroom. It was, instead, a vinyl accordion door with a magnetic latch. Perfectly functional most of the time when the latch caught correctly, and definitely unique.

I would spend hours in this downstairs room, creating things out of anything I could find and playing one of the two pianos that were there. Player pianos that no longer functioned as such, but went well with the theme of the bathroom wallpaper, at least. Only one was ever tuned, so that’s the one I usually favored, but playing the other piano had its own unexpected charm. The middle of the room stayed empty most of the year, until the holidays arrived and the Christmas tree took its rightful place. And a fireplace would glow in the evening, burning with the smell of real wood. I used to stare into the flame as my imagination sailed to different places. I imagined what I would do when I was older and what exciting things lay in store for me. And then I’d grow too tired to imagine any more in the moment and drift off to sleep. And though many of the memories have faded over time, I still recall always being surrounded by happiness and warmth. I loved the feeling of being in this cozy, perhaps off-kilter, sort of place, where nothing more was needed than love, art and autumn blankets.

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Fall Blanket Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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39 thoughts on “Autumn Blankets

  1. Goodness me, is it blanket season already? Saying that, the temperature has dipped here over the last few days, and the nights are really pulling in (I’m sure that catches me off guard every year, though!) Indeed, lazing around with a warm blanket is one of the best things about the autumn, and winter. Phineas has the right idea!

    1. Yes! hehe… it’s here! 😃💕Well, here at least as our seasons aren’t perfectly coordinated. Yeah, I’lll definitely start complaining when it gets too bitter cold, but a chill that requires a blanket is the best thing ever.

  2. Love, love, love this blanket! It does look so real! I can totally picture your downstairs rec room- paneling and shake shingles included. What memories you stir up! I laughed with your description of the newspapered wall covering in the bathroom- 😄 made me think of our bathroom in our first house. Why did I do the things I did?! Anyway, I hope Phineas appreciates that colorful blanket 👍😁

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Yeah, I adored that bathroom! I loved that style was more insistent back then. These days seems like a blend of everything that turns into nothing at all in the end. I miss that wallpaper!

  3. I’ve spent much of the last week going through old photos, many of which were taken in my childhood home. I only live a few miles away from it (both of them, actually) and there have been so many changes to the exterior that I have no desire to see what has been done inside. I much prefer visiting in my memory where everything stays as it was – well, probably cleaner, and brighter and larger than it really was, lol.

    1. I can so relate to this. Had to move out of state after I sold my farm and saw the new owners tearing down what I had worked so hard to build. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for art from those old photos!

    2. Yay to that Sandra! 😃💕 I agree! I think our memories hold the most beautiful bits of our childhood. Reality could never compete! And certainly not if that childhood has been “updated”… who wants that? 😉 hehe

  4. Wpnderful blanket and I can see Phineas claiming it; one of our dogs has done the same thing with a soft dark plaid blanket. She likes to scrunch it up before flopping on it, so it never stays folded, but that’s ok. We had a sunporch on the side of our house with a similar ambiance, no piano but a working fireplace and a place for the Christmas tree. Great memories.

  5. Sometime and somewhere, my dad rescued an old brown wool army blanket. It was huge and had an orange stain on it as if it had a bit of bleach spilled on it. I used to take it to the beach because it was so big. It would soak up the sun because it was such a dark color and when you threw yourself on it after being in the cold lake water, it was heavenly like a warm hug. It was also prickly because it was wool, but I remember that as a good thing. Hmm? Anyway, I still have that blanket in a dresser in my spare room. I wonder if it still smells like the beach?

  6. I bet Phineas loves this blanket because you touched it first and he can smell you when he lounges on it. Most dogs have a sense of smell far more advanced than we humans, and Phineas knows the scent of love. It is a pretty blanket – maybe he’ll let you borrow it once in a while.

  7. So cozy looking and what wonderful memories it created. I would love to snuggle under a cozy blanket right now, but unfortunately, it is going to be 85 today. It is still summer. 🙁

  8. Charlie says, “I loved the feeling of being in this cozy, perhaps off-kilter, sort of place, where nothing more was needed than love, art and autumn blankets.”

    It sounds like paradise, and not the least bit off kilter.

    I love the colors of the blanket. It reminds me of one I used to wrap up in on late September evenings when we lit a bonfire and even then the air was cool on the skin. What a beautiful time. Autumn is my time of year!

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