For our prompt of “Seal” today, I did a little sketch of a baby harbor seal. There’s just something about those little spots that some of them have that I find rather cute. Indeed, I often struggle with sketching seals and sea lions because I always want to turn them into a dog. I’ve far more familiar with the general anatomy of dogs. So, I watched a video of a little baby harbor seal playing on the beach and it was quite adorable. The little guy was just thrilled with everything around him and kept flopping to one side and the next and rolling around in the sand. It’s this same feeling of excitement that I always want to bottle up and carry around with me each day. I’ve been quite busy lately and it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. Seeing that little seal bounce around with joy and then stop to stare at something with pure wonder was a wonderful reminder to live life in the very same way.

Last night when I went for a walk with Philippe and Phineas, I ended up tripping on a bit of sidewalk that was crumbling. Though I didn’t go flying to the ground, I did mess up my foot a bit and have spent the day with it elevated and on ice. I was so bummed when it happened, as I’m now going to be hobbling around for a few days, but it’s already starting to feel a bit better, at least. It’s actually surprising that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me more as I’m really quite clumsy. As I was watching that little seal today I was reminded of my own impetuous and clunky movements. I would like to think that I’m quite graceful, but the reality is far different. I tend to pay very little attention to where I’m walking as I’m constantly paying attention to everything else around me. I think this time it was a little rabbit that distracted me in that pivotal moment. But, the little thing was just so darn cute.

When I do these clumsy things both Philippe and Phineas stop and stare at me with a certain level of incredulity. I can’t really blame them as one would think someone my age would have somehow mastered the fine art of walking by now. And as much as I’d like to think this will be a little lesson for me, I will resume my joyfully bouncing around in all directions as soon as I’m fully healed. As I was on the couch today with my leg up, Phineas came up and cuddled up next to me. This is quite rare for him to do as he tends to prefer a lot of alone time, so I found it rather sweet. Well, in truth, I was actually using his dog bed to elevate my foot, so he really didn’t have much of a choice. But, I like to believe he really wanted to be there. And Philippe has been quite sweet considering I’ve lost a bit of my usefulness around the house. Indeed, I can’t quite imagine what it must be like for him to actually be married to a baby seal.

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26 thoughts on “Baby Seal

  1. Such an adorable baby seal Charlie! I do hope that you recover quickly from your stumble today! I too can be clumsy. The classes that I have been taking at the YMCA have helped my balance and prevented me from getting hurt so far. Take care!

  2. Oh, Charlie! I’m happy that your injury wasn’t worse, but I’m sorry to hear it happened at all. As fellow clumsy seal, I feel for your dilemna. There are obstacles laying in wait for people like us!

  3. You are not alone my friend..I am just glad it wasn’t worse..I have been known to fall up and down stairs which is an art all to itself LOL
    Your little seal looks quite content and is full of awe and wonder!Very nice painting!

  4. If you play things right, your injury could last through a laundry day. A bit of moaning and groaning and you won’t even have to fold anything. 😂😂

  5. Oh his facial expression is so cute! I once tripped and fell to the sidewalk, cracked a rib. I was more afraid of what the 3 bike riding teenage boys would heckle at me. They actually came back to see if I was okay. I feel your pain, your pain of having to sit still. It’s tougher than the actual injury. Soak it in epsom salt. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  6. Hello Charlie,

    That’s such an adorable totally huggable baby seal! It’ll make anyone smile. 🙂 Im very sorry about you hurting your foot, but like most others have told you, you’re not alone. I hope you’re back on your feet really soon; in the meanwhile you ought to make the most of this by getting Philippe to cook you all your favorite stuff – as that would make your foot hurt less. 😉


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