For our prompt of “Tiger’s Eye,” I decided to do a little illustration of a baby tiger. Indeed, tiger’s eye is also a rather lovely gemstone, but I had no idea how to make that look interesting in a sketch. And, when it comes to eyes, I rather adore the ones found on little baby animals. Those eyes filled with infinite wonder and curiosity for the world around them. The kind of eyes I hope to always have as I look at the world. That’s why I constantly talk about sketching along with my inner child. He always seems to know exactly where to put the lines and color and doesn’t ever fret about things. The world is filled with so much beauty and looking at things with fresh eyes is the best way to approach art. And I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful and creative day as well. It’s just a few days until World Watercolor Month returns, and I hope you’ll all be joining us for this amazing global celebration! Let’s paint the world together with wonder, beauty, and hope!

This afternoon I watched videos of little baby tigers before making this sketch. They are quite adorable, and I got completely sidetracked watching an orangutan babysitting several little tiger cubs. It was so sweet! Thankfully, I was able to pull myself away long enough to make my doodlewash for the day. I could sit and watch those videos for hours. I’ve always adored animals, but watching them as they take care of each other, regardless of species, is always so heartwarming and gives me so much hope for this little green planet. Animals can teach us so much. My little dog Phineas has been by my side most of the day today. Granted, he’s just been snoring loudly, but it’s still very sweet. He didn’t want to join Philippe for a walk this afternoon because it’s too hot outside. I had to agree with him there, so we just snuggled up on the couch instead.

While I did manage to get a few things done and be productive today, I was inspired to relax for much of it like Phineas. And though I do feel productive when I’ve made my daily sketch, it’s truly just relaxing play time as well. The sun was shining brightly and streaming through the house, which always puts me in a lovely mood. Philippe is making hamburgers tonight, which is sure to make my inner child giggle with glee. I rarely eat them anymore so I still associate them with childhood. I’m not sure if I can talk him into making fries or not, since he considers the combo to be a bit too much. I’ve tried to tell him time and time again that too much of a good thing is usually always the perfect amount. No matter what happens, though, I’m sure to be overjoyed. That’s just the way I like to live my life. And I’m thrilled for whatever tomorrow brings, and each day after that, as I continue to happily view the world with baby tiger eyes.

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Tiger Cub Baby Sitting Watercolor Painting Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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20 thoughts on “Baby Tiger Eyes

  1. I picked and ate a few handfuls of wild black raspberries from our ditch when I was outside today. Yum!! And I decided that for World Watercolor Month I’m going to paint a pear every day. Easy shape, fast to render, let’s me spend a lot of time outside. Win! And if it rains, I can add a partridge. Win win!

  2. Ah, Charlie! I hate to tell you, but tiger babies never have innocent eyes! They are full of the devil from the moment they’re born, watching for any excuse to hone their hunting skills by sinking their claws and teeth into your tender flesh. Except when you have their food – then they try to act innocent, but they can never hide that evil gleam.

  3. Hello Charlie,

    That is such a sweet tiger cub and his eyes seem to be speaking too! Thanks for yet another lovely sketch and post.


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