DO make one - A doodlewash is a watercolor painting or sketch

Our mission at is to spread the love of watercolor painting and sketching to inspire as many people as possible to create art! I originally started this site by posting only my own doodlewashes, but quickly realized that it’s even more fun to share the work of talented artists around the world (we’ve featured over 200 artists who are sketching and painting on all 7 continents!). I love meeting artists and learning about their art journey, so I want to share those stories here as well. Together we can inspire others to create something beautiful!

So do YOU want to be the next Guest Doodlewash post and have your lovely watercolors featured here?! That’s awesome! Let’s DO it! Just click here to send me a note and I can give you the details of what I need to make a post. 

We all know making lovely water washes in sketching and painting is addictive and fun, so help me spread the word by contacting me today, and you too can say… 

I've Been Doodlewashed Graphic for Guest Doodlewashers of

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