For our prompt of “Umbrella” today, I did a quick sketch of one and then just started scribbling to see what might appear to go along with it. The umbrella ended up on the beach belonging to a little bunny enjoying a book and a carrot cocktail of some sort. Reading on the beach is a lovely thing indeed, so it’s no wonder that’s what came to my mind. Books that are not terribly complex are known as good “beach reads” and though there’s no beach anywhere near me, those are the sort of books that I’ve been reading lately. There’s something so relaxing about escaping into a story that doesn’t making any serious demands on one’s brain. Though, any well-written story can always be quite enjoyable. What I love about these books is that I can get through them faster so I feel a sense of pride on having completed so many of them. And, it strikes that more things in life should be that fun and easy.

I’m off work this week, so that’s another reason why I have vacation on the brain. I had several projects that I had to get caught up on, but I’m now ready to start being lazy which is the only proper way to spend a vacation if one wants to enjoy a little break. I have a few books cued and ready to go on my Kindle as well as a couple of new games for my Nintendo Switch. I’m sure they’ll be something silly and fun to enjoy on television as well. The other day, I watched the very first episode of The Carol Burnett Show and that was super fun. I wasn’t born yet when the show first started airing, but remember it well from when I was a kid. My family loved comedy shows of all kinds, though my dad loved to watch westerns which I found really dull so I’d just run off and do some sort of craft instead.

I was also very happy earlier to find that Philippe and I got everything we wanted in our grocery order for our Thanksgiving feast. Sometimes the substitutions can get a bit bizarre and so we didn’t know how things might turn out. Thankfully, and this is the week to be thankful, we got all of the ingredients. We were going to cook a small turkey for the first time to be more traditional, but as we were looking at the size, we decided against it. As a kid, I loved all of the side dishes best anyway and nothing has really changed as an adult. Well, the portion size has changed as I only get one scoop of mashed potatoes and don’t get to have any seconds. But, what I adore about this week is that I get to actually relax a bit and enjoy a couple full days of doing nothing much at all. It’s a rare treat and one that always makes me very happy and content, like enjoying a fabulous beach read.

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31 thoughts on “Beach Read

  1. Sweet rabbit, Charlie! Aahh, my dream vacation is to be on a boat anchored in a small lake, with a huge stack of books and enough food to last a week….at least. Of course, I would probably be stir crazy after a few hours…but in my dream…what a wonderful way to spend a week.

  2. We got all of our thanksgiving fixings too. I am making a turkey. I love hot turkey sandwiches with potatoes and gravy! Leftover stuffing is great too! There will be four of us. Our neighbors have been in two weeks of isolation.

  3. Did you know that there is some scientific evidence that reading a favorite book from your childhood can help relieve stress. I suspect the same is true of watching a favorite movie. I have a few favorite books that I pull out every few years to reread. They never take long, and they always take me back to childhood feeling.

  4. Charlie, Dull westerns? I would pretend I was an actress and gunslinger female partner with Matt Dillon et al. We even had an abandoned shack about the size of an apartment bathroom up the road and it did look like the Rifleman’s cabin. There was even an empty tin can on the floor. Having gotten nowhere trying to get me to learn crochet and embroidery las done by proper young ladies of the time, my parents gave me the requested cap gun for Christmas (I still can’t figure out how I managed to get that –?) They never knew I went into an abandoned cabin (no doors or windows but they would have freaked out anyway. I made sure those cowboy shows rocked!

    1. Hi, Linda. I don’t mind solitude. Solitude would be a welcomed change, but I don’t live alone. I live with a very difficult and abusive person. It’s the story of my life. It made the 7 years plus that I was injured that much worse and painful. I can’t go into too much detail here, but my mother’s cruelty and hostility have been extremely punishing all of my life. I was so excited and had such big plans for 2020. I was finally feeling great and ready to get my life back – work, church, gym, maybe new friends, MOVING OUT, but we know how that worked out. I ‘ll be okay. It ‘s not the first time I have gone through this. I heard a pastor say that the Lord is with us even at the bottom and He is the God of justice. 💜 Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, Linda. I am just tired (fed up), but I know that the Lord is with me. He is in control. 😇😇😇

  5. Such a sweet bunny 🐇🐇🐇, Charlie. I like his big bunny feet. 💜 So cute. I hope you enjoy every bit of your vacation. So, does that mean that you are going to take Thanksgiving day off from sketching and painting? Gasp! Is that blasphemous of me to ask? 😀😀😀 I am not doing anything for Thanksgiving. I will probably make myself a burger or something quick. Oh, it’s okay, Charlie. It’s not the first Thanksgiving or holiday that “someone” has ruined for me. I have spent many birthdays and holidays alone. Like I said, it’s okay. Better days are ahead. The covid vaccine is not only hope for safety and protection from the virus. It also means hope for freedom!

    1. Marisela I love alone time. Cuddly time especially if it is rainy and gloomy outside. I never think of solitude as aloneness for it is not. It is revitalizing! That’s when God can best talk with us and we can best listen. Solitude is a blessing. Enjoy it.

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 hehe! Oh, I still sketch and paint on Thanksgiving… Philippe is cooking all day and it keeps me out of his way! lol And yes, there are definitely going to be much better days ahead soon!

  6. Sweet little bunny. Love his carrot cocktail! I have a friend who is in Mexico right now. She keeps sending me pictures of the resident iguana. I don’t like iguanas, but he has some beautiful orange color on him. She said he lounges on the side of the pool in some plants and occasionally goes for a dip. Bam! There’s your next chapter in your book. You’re welcome. Teeheeeeeee!

  7. I adore the sweet bunny under your umbrella! (wonder what he’s reading?). You’re an excellent umbrella creator, Charlie. I vividly recall two lovely blue rainy day paintings you made that were gorgeous. I watched as you made them I was so fascinated by cityscapes and people under “brollies.” (sp?) They were really cool, Charlie. But anyway, your happy little furry bunny seems quite content!

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