For our prompt of “Dream” today, I first spent some time daydreaming as I often do, but then my thoughts moved to those nighttime dreams. Many times, I can’t remember what I dreamed about the night before at all, but sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of one. If it’s a bad dream, I feel relieved, but if it’s a wonderful dream, I’m always a bit disappointed. I want to quickly close my eyes again and sail back through that starry sky to the impossible place I had just been visiting. Sometimes, I’m able to return there, but most of the time, I find myself somewhere else, as my imagination leaps to other ideas and sparks new things in my mind. In my dreams, I’ve visited the most incredible places. As a kid, I remember my dreams being so real that they felt as if they had actually happened. Even if I’d just visited a magical kingdom that I’d only ever read about in storybooks. For just a moment, it felt as though even the most amazing and impossible things might actually be possible.

These days, my adult brain immediately tries to tell me about reality as though that’s actually something better. My imagination goes to wild and wonderful places that frankly, I rather enjoy visiting. Indeed, when it comes to making art, this is a wonderful source of ideas. The real world can be captured with a photograph, but a painting has the ability to capture a world of dreams. I love that my animal characters can DO anything I can imagine and go places that I would love to see. Sailing through the sky on a bed, far away from the bright city lights and finally seeing all of those stars that I’ve been missing every night is a fabulous thing to imagine. Somewhere up there is a twinkling world of infinite possibilities and mysteries. That’s the world I like to visit in my mind. It’s a lovely escape to let my inner child take me wherever he wants to go, and helps lead me to ideas I might have otherwise missed.

And, as the weekend creeps to another close, I’m enjoying each little minute. I’ve not done anything terribly productive today, which in itself makes for the perfect break. I spend much of the week rushing to meet deadlines, so this break is always appreciated. The light outside has already started to shorten and the stars appear sooner than usual these days. At least, the handful that I can actually see with all of the bright city lights. There’s a very large orange communication tower at the top of the hill where we live. As Philippe, Phineas and I take our nightly walks this time of year, there are two bright spots in the sky on either side of it. One is Jupiter and the other is Saturn. It’s all we can see in the too-bright city sky, but it’s always a lovely sight. I’m sure that one day we’ll move out of the city and live in a house where we can see a full canopy of stars. Until then, I’m happy just imagining what that might be like as I take a little moment to imagine and paint those beautiful dreams.

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29 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreams

  1. Wonderful Charlie! I can hear that beagle from here. 😉 Day 3 of a 5 day stretch of my husband being home and we are adjusting. Today we did a bit of yard work then cleaned the garage. Dust is not my friend so I am feeling that. I’ve just spent time looking at deck furniture that is on sale as our new deck will not have benches. Time to think about supper.

  2. I tend to dream in stories, but all too often I’ll hit a loop where the story just repeats one scene over and over. Probably my brain trying to tell me something, but instead of figuring that out when I wake, I try to finish the story, no matter how silly it is!

  3. You’ll get there Charlie, your house out of the city. I don’t like cities having lived in two major ones and I don’t like small towns either, two of those too. So now I am in a mid size city and lovin’ it.

  4. Oh, Charlie, that is the sweetest painting. I think it is one of my favorites. I got a little emotional because my gordo used to sit outside with me under the stars as I said my prayers and talked with the Lord. Stars and planets and the night sky have always been something that I am drawn to. Your starry sky is gorgeous, by the way. I always dream about starry nights and space. I dream that I live on a very high mountain top, so high up that all I can see is space. I actually feel like I will fall into space. That’s when I wake up. 🌌🌃 I still go out every night and talk with the Lord and every night, as I walk back into the house, I look up into the night sky one last time. “Good night, my gordo. Mama loves you.”

    1. Forgot….my mother and I were watching animal videos and they had a segment on beagles. I told my mother that if I ever get another p-u-p-p-y, I would get a beagle. I said that I had to spell puppy or a flea will show up. She said, “Yeah, Monster is going to get jealous if he hears you.” haha haha I thought of you. 🌞

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled you enjoyed this one… starry skies are something I’m still just practicing in my sketches. But I adore them in real life. And I’m sure your gordo is looking back down on you from those stars as well!

  5. My first thought upon seeing today’s doodle was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I loved that book when I was a kid and the copy I had had a cover with a flying bed on it with three kids on the bed. This could be their pup!

  6. Obviously the beagle and his little bed are cute (or maybe he’s actually huge and just making the bed look small?) but I love the background!

    I think it’s said that you forget most of your dreams within a few seconds of waking up, but mine are certainly clearer if I wake then fall back asleep. I tend to have repetitive ones which aren’t that imaginative; I’m usually thrown back into school or college in some manner. There’s the odd sexy one, but I seem to spoil those by waking up before anything interesting happens. Sigh! I suppose disappointing dreams are better than hideous nightmares (which I’ll probably have now that I’ve written this). A couple of years ago I started writing them down and trying to decode their meaning. Maybe you could try that for a future Doodlewash month – jot something down and there’s your prompt!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacob! 😃💕 Yeah, I have repetitive dreams as well, but even those seem a bit crazy and imaginative. hehe… too funny on the odd sexy dream as I do the same. I always wake up before the good bits. But yes, dreams that disappoint a bit are still better than nightmares. I’m not sure I’ve had a true nightmare before. They always end up cute and weird in the end! lol Yeah, I totally have thought about starting a dream journal. Even if I remember them at first I sort of forget them entirely moments late. I really should write them down!

      1. I remember only one nightmare; a staircase I was going down collapsed and I fell into some evil mastermind’s lair. He had several hostages tied up and was playing some game to decide who to torture next. I was only little at the time too! I woke up shaking.

        Noting details down did seem to help with remembering them in future; I guess I trained myself to retain them a little longer. But they do easily slip away!

        1. Oh my goodness! Proof you’d grow up an artist since most little kids don’t have quite that vivid imagination! lol Yeah, I know I’ve trained myself to hold onto them longer, but if I don’t right them down they’re gone in the next blink.

  7. Hello Charlie,

    I love the beagle travelling through the universe. 🙂 Dreams are wonderful things and daydreams are even better – specially coz daydreaming is a talent very few peple have. 😉 Your sketch made me feel like you had a glimpse into Phineas’ dream after all… he probably may not dream only about treats but may travel to new places in search of new treats. What say?


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I used to think that everyone daydreamed, and then I realized it wasn’t quite the sport that I thought it was. That’s a touch sad. The world as it comes is wonderful, but with just a touch of imagination it can be truly magical. And yes! Even though Phineas is not a beagle and I’ve blatantly chosen a more well known breed to create a character, this is still Phineas at heart. I’m certain that he dreams of flying through the sky on a bed in search of new treats!! ❤️

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