For our prompt of “Bloom” today, I decided to sketch a single rose blooming. There’s a rose bush next to our neighbor’s house and I always love seeing that first rose appear. It’s been a rainy and gray day here. It’s one of those days that’s lovely in its own right, but sort of makes me wish I could just curl up and read a book. Thankfully, the weekend is coming up next, so perhaps I’ll find a little time to do just that. Though there’s sun promised for tomorrow and so I definitely want to get out of the house and walk around and enjoy all of the new flowers that are beginning to appear. There are many well-tended garden areas in our neighborhood and so this time of year makes for a lovely walk indeed. Beyond the perfectly manicured areas, though, I also adore seeing all of the little wildflowers that pop up as well. Even if the world finds itself in a state of uncertainty at the moment, nature always knows just what to do next.

Philippe and I snuck outside for just a bit the very moment we saw a break in the rain. Our dog Phineas was with us, but the blowing trees were causing it to feel like it was still raining in spots. This is the exact moment where Phineas always decides he’s ready to go right back home again. Even after we got him out from under the trees, he spread his back paws out and tried to stop in his tracks. Philippe pulled him up in his harness and got him to move forward, but then he stopped again and tried to turn toward home. Next, I saw him floating in the air a bit as Philippe coaxed him across the street and away from the trees. Phineas finally acquiesced and we managed to have a little walk before the tantrum started again and we simply had to bring him back home. He’s a bossy little dog when he sets his mind to something.

I love walking after the rain. There was a bed of clover with fresh water drops that made it look like it was covered in diamonds. For a brief moment I saw Phineas stop and stare at the same scene and it looked like he was stopping to appreciate it as well. Then I realized he’d just discovered the perfect spot to do his business and wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by what was happening there. He was mostly impatient to get back home so he could enjoy his dinner. That was at least something we could both agree on. Tonight is finally the pizza night that I’ve been looking forward to all week, so I’m rather excited about that. Life’s little pleasures have been keeping me smiling during this difficult time in the world. Tomorrow will be much the same as today, but I’ll look forward to that new little surprises nature has to offer me next, as I find another natural wonder beginning to bloom.

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29 thoughts on “Beginning To Bloom

  1. Beautiful rose Charlie! We have wild Rose’s in our yard that will be in bloom soon. I saw my first big bumblebees today as they were seeking the first cherry blossoms that are just beginning to open. The rain ended early and the sun peeked out a bit. Tomorrow we hope to get out in the yard a bit. Enjoy your pizza!

  2. Phineas reminds me of my daughter’s little dog, Red. He hates all things wet. Refuses to go outside in rain, so they hold an umbrella over him the yard so he can poop. Also, he’s mad for days after a bath.

  3. Dogs do have a much more practical outlook on life than we do, lol. I suspect their appreciation of the world lies in the sense of smell, and possibly sound, since most dogs do sing. Enjoy your pizza!

  4. I looked ahead at the weather forecast because it’s been pretty cold and gray here. Unfortunately, the forecast has cloudy damp days predicted for at least the next nine days. I’m sick of it. I want to get out on the trail by our house and look for warblers. I made a giant pork roast today for tacos, and the leftovers will last at least three days, so I don’t have to cook for a bit. That makes me happy. As much ask I like to cook, it gets old when you do it every day. Hubs is happy though. Whatever I make is better than we can get carry out. Except maybe pizza. I haven’t learned to make a great crust yet.

    1. Yes, these days are not met with many options. But the thought of pork roast tacos has distracted me! Yum! And yeah, we’ve only gotten pizza carryout.. Philippe did perfect a crust, but sadly moved on! 😉

  5. What a lovely rose. I do love roses and inheriited several when we bought our house 30 years ago. Over the years they have run their course and started reverting back to their wild side. That is when I know it is time to send them to the plant graveyard. Luckily a few of the most fragrant ones are still around. One would think the dark red ones would be the most fragrant, nope my varieated pink ones are the best. Just like in your picture. Right now I am enjoying my lilacs and will bring a big bouquet in today to enjoy!

    1. Some days Charlie, do you think….”Why doesn’t this woman get her own blog to write on?” Geez, motor mouth!” Tee hee, I am a born midwesterner……I talk a lot. 🙂

        1. That’s why I love ya Charlie. You let us ramblers, ramble! My large bouquet of Lilacs are filling the house with their lovely smell!

  6. Beautiful rose, Charlie! They are my favorite and you have captured this one perfectly. I also love the Phineas story – poor little guy!

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