For our prompt of “Okapi” today, I made a sketch of a little one showing off its stripes. These are such fascinating creatures! They look like they’ve been cobbled together out of other animals. The zebra-like stripes add a look of fashionable flair to the mix, and those stripes are much like our own fingerprints in that no two okapi share the exact same pattern. So, if you’re an okapi attending a party you need never worry that you’re going to show up in the same outfit. That level of uniqueness is quite beautiful. I feel it’s the same with artists. No matter what technique or approach we use, the hand of the artist is always visible and rather inimitable. There’s just that special something that each artist brings. I love seeing the work posted by our community, and it’s fun to know who created it before I even look at the name. I always say that you don’t have to find your style, it’s already found you. And, I think we should all embrace that individual style, and celebrate our own unique okapi stripes!

It was beautiful this weekend! Philippe and I took Elliott on a multi-mile walk through a neighborhood we both enjoy. It felt good to be out and walking long distances again after our winter hibernation. Elliott doesn’t mind the bitter cold temperature, but his dads feel quite differently on that front. Each time we encountered people, they would always look at Elliott and remark on his ears. According to his DNA test, they were supposed to be prick ears, or the kind that point straight up. Instead, they’ve never decided to do that. In fact, it’s as though his ears have a mind of their own, and each one points or flops in different ways. He has one ear that I call the listening ear. It’s the one he cranks in my direction, even when he’s quite pointedly trying to ignore me entirely. Usually, it’s a command I just gave that he doesn’t feel like doing in the moment. It’s impossibly adorable.

I’m not sure I have features like that. I was once told I had beautiful eyes, but that was back when they were far bluer and less gray. Now, I get a lot of compliments on my blue glasses, but that’s not really the same as being complimented on a physical trait. Once the glasses are removed, there’s just a guy with blue-gray eyes and graying hair that should probably be brushed and styled a bit more. But, these days, I just don’t really bother with making much effort there. Yet, I’ve never met anyone quite like me, and that’s true for everyone I’ve ever met. No matter how much I have in common with someone, it’s the differences that will always shine through. That’s my favorite part. It’s wonderful to spot the special qualities in others. And, when I stop and consider myself, I can even spot my own. While there are some things about myself I’ve always wished I could change, I probably wouldn’t if I could. There’s a reason we all turned out the way we did, and I think it’s always better to simply rejoice in that, and appreciate the fabulous feeling of being unique.

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Okapi Young Baby Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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17 thoughts on “Being Unique

  1. Charlie not to worry, your eyes are perfectly lovely. You guys are still freezing there? We are finally enjoying 20s Celsius and even last night was really warm considering we have desert days and desert nights. I was surprised.

  2. The new upgrade looks marvelous! I’m glad you’re getting some nice weather. It’s been so crazy everywhere, so I think you have to make the most of it when it’s nice! I had a doberman once and refused to have his ears cropped. One of them flopped over nicely and the other took a turn to the left and never looked back. People used to stop me and scold me, but neither Beorn or I minded it in the least.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 I have a sparkle in my eyes, but my mom says it’s mischief. lol Glad ya enjoy the new site… I just sped it up a bit so hopefully that helps. So many things to figure out there… just glad it worked!

      Thumbs Up
      • mary-roff
  3. I love your Okapi, Charlie. We had a very spring like weekend. I met up with my daughters and families on Saturday to celebrate what would have been our 45th wedding anniversary. We had a great day at an open air museum. Compliments on the new look website.

  4. Hello Charlie,
    What a deep post! And Thank You for introducing me to a new animal. I had never heard of an Okapi before. But your sketch has made me curious so I will look it up. And whether they blue, blue’gray, gray or any other color, am sure your eyes are always smiling and sparkling and filled with wonder. So it really doesn’t matter… am sure they look on every thing and every one with a good intention. Hugs to you my friend,


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 That’s so sweet of you to say. I looked in the mirror around the time I passed 50 and realized they didn’t quite look like they used to. But yep… the sparkle is still there! hehe Hugs to you my friend and much love! ❤️

  5. Made me laugh so hard! Never heard of an Ocapi before, sweet creature. I also see the similarities and differences of people. We are a fascinating bunch to say the least. Being nearly 100% Irish, my eyes used to possess a mirror-like quality, not they’re just gray.

    I also noticed the changes immediately, Charlie. Love the increase in font!

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